3 Step Plantronics D100 USB Pairing Guide With Savi W440 Wireless Headset (Video) | Headset Advisor

If your Plantronics D100 USB adapter and Savi W440 wireless headset come unpaired from each other, follow this quick step by step process.

Step 1

Press and hold the volume down control on your Savi W440 wireless headset until a white LED appears, then release. 

d100 pairing


Step 2

Double press the Plantronics D100 USB adapter and it will start flashing red and green. 

d100 pairing-2


Step 3

When the Plantronics D100 USB adapter goes solid green and the white LED light turns off on your Savi W440 earpiece, the two are now paired. 

D100 pairing-3


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neil Roberts

neil Roberts

Thanks. That worked and I connected a new dongle to my headset without any problems.

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