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If you’re in the market for a new headset for yourself, or your team, and you plan on using it with your computer, the Jabra Evolve2 65 and the Evolve2 75 might be two headsets on your list. 

Jabra headsets are among the very best you can buy, and they have an excellent reputation, and loyal customers worldwide. What helps Jabra headsets to be popular is they’re well made, and they’re typically feature rich. So in this blog, I’d like to do a side-by-side comparison of two of their newer models, in the Evolve2 65, and 75 to see what makes them alike, and how they’re different. 

So with that said, let’s see how they match up. 

Connectivity & compatibility 

Both of these headsets are designed to be used with computers, and with mobile devices. They both come with the Jabra Link 380 USB adapters that are pre-paired to the headset. Simply insert the USB adapter, charge the headset, and it's ready for use. 

You can pair either headset to a mobile phone or tablet through a wireless Bluetooth connection. The Jabra Evolve2 65 uses Bluetooth version 5.0, whereas the Evolve2 75 uses the next newer version of 5.2. So whether you’re using Android, or iOS, the Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 75 can be seamlessly paired and used with both. 

Both headsets can be paired up to a total of eight devices with two of those eight connections being simultaneous. That gives you the ability to easily toggle from a computer to a mobile device for example. 

Ear Speakers 

Both of these headsets use the same 40mm ear speakers. So it stands to reason that you should expect to receive the same sound quality from both.

And though you shouldn’t expect to get the highest audio fidelity from these ear speakers, such as those found in brands like Bose for example, you can expect to have a surprisingly good audio quality experience, especially coming from a business grade headset. 

When you listen to music you’ll have a pleasant experience, and you won’t have a hard time hearing your callers either. So all things considered, both models do a very respectable job at providing you with a sharp, clear sound. 


The Jabra Evolve2 65 comes with 3 digital MEMS microphones. The Evolve2 75 model comes with 4 analog and 4 digital MEMS microphones. So as you can see, there is quite a bit of difference between them in terms of the microphones, and how many they both have. 

On the surface it could easily appear as though the Evolve2 75 would sound far better. After all, it has 8 microphones whereas the Evolve2 65 has only 3. As you’ll find out shortly, there’s a reason why the 75 model has those extra microphones, and in spite of it having more mics, that doesn’t mean it sounds better. We tested both headsets, and to me, I much preferred the sound from the Evolve2 65. But sound is subjective, so what sounds good to me, might not sound good to you. Suffice it to say, they both sound loud, clear and professional. 

Hearing protection 

The Evolve2 65 comes with the Jabra SafeTone hearing protection. 

The Evolve2 75 comes with Jabra SafeTone, PeakStop, EU Noise At Work and G616 hearing protection. 

So if hearing protection is a high concern, then the model you’ll want, if you’re deciding between these two, is the Evolve2 75.

Battery Details 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 has a battery that provides the following: 

Up to 37 hours of listening time 

Up to 35 hours ot talk time (without the busy light on) 

Up to 24 hours of talk time (with the busy light on) 

Recharging the battery takes around 90 minutes, and you get 40% charge after 30 minutes, and 80% charge after 60 minutes. And, you can use the headset in a wired configuration even when it’s plugged in for recharging. 

Battery on the Evolve2 75 

Up to 36 hours of listening time (without Active Noise Cancellation on) Up to 33 hours of listening time (with Active Noise Cancellation on) 

Up to 24 hours of talk time (without busy light on) 

Up to 18 hours of talk time (with busy light on) 

Recharge time is 160 minutes, and you get 30% battery life after 35 minutes on the charger, and 60% battery after 70 minutes. 

And like the Evolve2 65, the 75 can be used as a wired headset when it’s plugged in for recharging. 

Wireless range 

You won’t find a difference in the wireless range between these two headsets. That’s because they’re both rated at up to 30 meters or 100 feet. This wireless range is pretty typical to most Bluetooth headsets. There are some in the Class 1 category that are designed to provide up to 300 feet, but those are Unicorns, and not common to the business Bluetooth headset space.

Wireless range is one of those things that can’t really be nailed down. That’s because the range you’ll get will probably be different from someone else. Wireless range depends on a few things. Among them includes: 

  • The Bluetooth version you’re using 
  • Whether you’re connecting via Bluetooth, or via a USB Adapter 
  • And last but not least, how many obstructions stand between your computer, and your headset. Hand in hand with this, is the type of obstructions (brick wall, or glass window for example). The thicker the density, the more the signal is degraded which will result in less wireless range. 

If you’d like learn more about Bluetooth wireless range, click here to get more information. 


Though weight might seem a bit pointless, or at the very least, unimportant, it actually is worth knowing about. 

If you spend your day talking on voice or video calls, you need every advantage you can get that can help to give you the most comfort. After all, when you have a headset resting on your head, and speakers pressing against your ears all day, you want to avoid any pain that might come from that. And the weight of a headset does play its part. 

The Evolve2 65 mono (single ear) version weighs 99.2 grams, or 3.49 ounces. The duo (double ear) model weighs 176.49 grams, or 6.22 ounces. Both of these weights are pretty typical for mono, and duo headsets. So let’s see how the Evolve2 75 compares. 

The Evolve2 75 is available in the dual ear speaker configuration only. This is due to it having a feature called Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which I’ll cover in a moment.

The weight of the Evolve2 75 is 197.9 grams, or 6.9 ounces. Based on this weight, there’s no surprises. That weight is about what I’d expect from most double ear headsets. Not overly heavy, not overly light, but about right. 


It’s always nice to know what a headset is compatible with, and optimized for. Here’s what you need to know about these two Jabra wireless headsets. 

The Evolve2 65, and 75 are compatible with these applications: 

  • Microsoft Teams, Amazon Chime, Cisco, Google Meet, Unify, Zoom 

The 65 also meets Microsoft’s open office requirements, and it’s compatible with Alcatel-Lucent, and Mitel 

Besides the six applications noted above, the Evolve2 75 is also compatible with MFI, Amazon Alexa and Google Fast Pair (Android only) 

Compatible Software 

With the Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 75, you have some software applications you can download and take advantage of. Here’s a list of what both are compatible with: 

All of these software applications give you the ability to enhance, and optimize your headset, and manage an entire population of headsets straight from the desktop. 

So if you want to modify your sound so it better meets your preferred listening experience, customize ring tones, update your firmware or personalize your call management, this, and a lot more can all be done easily. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) & HearThrough. 

If you’re not familiar with the term Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short, this is an electronic feature that’s found on the Evolve2 75, and not on the Evolve2 65. It’s a feature that counteracts room noise, so the person wearing the headset can avoid being distracted, and can better keep their concentration. Some refer to ANC as “anti-noise”. Essentially, the Evolve2 75 utilizes four of the available eight microphones to counteract incoming noise with the remaining four dedicated to voice. 

Another feature that’s found on the Evolve2 75, and not on the 65 is what’s called “HearThrough”. In short, this feature eliminates the need for you to remove your headset whenever someone approaches you, and wants to have a face-to-face conversation. HearThrough utilizes microphones to pick up the sound and that sound is relayed to the headset ear speakers. 

Without HearThrough, you’ll be removing your headset repeatedly throughout the day anytime you want to talk with someone. Some estimates suggest that this happens about eleven times per day. That’s over 2,500 times a year. And truthfully, having to take the headset off a lot to simply talk to someone is something that frustrates a lot of people. Needless to say, the HearThrough feature is useful, and it helps to remove one of life’s little frustrations. 

Pricing & Warranty 

Everybody wants to know about pricing, and warranties, so here’s the 411 on that.

The Evolve2 65 Mono: $263.00 

The Evolve2 65 Duo: $274.00 

The Evolve2 75 Duo: $384.00 

Note: The Evolve2 75 isn’t available in a mono version due to the ANC feature. A mono style design would render ANC ineffective. 

The 65 and 75 models come with a 2-year warranty. 


Deciding between the Jabra Evolve2 65, and the Evolve2 75 really comes down to what you need. For example, do you work in an environment where there’s a lot of background noise? And, do you experience frequent interruptions where coworkers or family members want to talk to you? If that sounds like your situation, then the Evolve2 75 with ANC and HearThrough would be valuable features to have on your headset. 

On the other hand, if you’d like the option to select a single ear, or double ear wearing style, and noise isn’t all that distracting, then the Evolve2 65 would be a great choice. 

Both headsets give you professional sound, as you’d expect from a Jabra product. But as I stated earlier, I prefer the microphone sound quality on the Evolve2 65, though you might have a different opinion. Either way, you’ll sound great, and you’ll be getting a professional grade headset that’s perfect for use in any business setting. 

Evolve2 65 vs evolve2 75JabraJabra evolve2 65Jabra evolve2 65 vs evolve2 75Jabra evolve2 75

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