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With more and more people working from home due to the Pandemic of 2020, there’s been a spike in demand for webcams. More and more collaboration is being done from home or from smaller than normal groups.

There’s also been rising demand for applications such as Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Hangouts and more. All these different applications require that you use some form of audio video equipment. 

In this blog I’ll do a review of the new Konftel Cam20 personal, and small group video conferencing camera. 

I’ll let you know what comes in the box when you buy one, and I’ll go over the specifications. Lastly, I’ll do a demo of this camera and then compare it to a higher end model, the Sony A6000 and a second comparison to the Logitech C920

In order to see the picture quality, you’ll need to watch the video I recorded. A lot of people prefer to watch video content over reading it, so if you’re one of the many who do, I’ll insert the video below for easy access. 

Still reading? If so, then let’s dive into this new Konftel Cam20 video conferencing camera to see what it’s all about. 

What comes in the box? 

  • Of course you get the Cam20 conference camera
  • USB 3.0 type B cable that’s nice and long. Very handy when hooking up in a conference room. 
  • Remote control - comes with batteries and a ton of things you can adjust with it ● Documentation 

Most webcams are visually challenged 

Most of the webcams you see today, are small and are only really suited for personal use. When you attempt to use a typical webcam for a small group, the limitations of the camera don’t end up giving you the kind of image and sound you need. That’s been changed with the Konftel Cam20. 

Bigger size for bigger groups 

When you place the Konftel Cam20 side by side to a typical webcam, as we did with the Logitech C920, you can see a huge difference in the size alone. That’s not to say that the Cam20 is big to the point of being bulky and awkward to use. Quite the opposite.

It’s size is perfect for accommodating individuals as well as small groups. But, the Cam20 goes far beyond just being bigger and more accommodating. 

Image matters 

When you get a Konftel Cam20, you get a 4K capable device that can deliver ultra HD at a full 30 frames per second. Image quality is exceptional and like being there. There’s a feature that adapts to low light or excessive light conditions too. Another way that the Cam20 is working to present you in the sharpest, clearest way possible. 

Super versatility 

When you gather several people to join up on a conference call, the Cam20 has an impressive 123 degrees field of vision. Additionally, you have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera to get everyone framed up perfectly.

The zoom is a 8X digital zoom that gives you a lot of flexibility even when you need a close or wide view. The Cam20 gives you a lot of versatility with the wide field of view and PTZ capabilities. 

The sound is up to you 

When it comes to the audio portion of the Cam20, you can use the built in microphones, which are disabled as a default, or you can use a conference phone in tandem with it. Konftel even offers preconfigured bundles that include the Konftel Ego speakerphone, or the Konftel 55 model if you have a bigger group. 

There’s also an available option called the OCC Hub. This is a hub where you’d plug your components into that in turn via a single USB cable, plugs into your computer. This is Konftel’s item number 900102149. This optional device helps to keep the various cords organized and makes connecting things quick and easy. 

konftel occ hub connection

Image and lighting tests 

The build quality looks great on the Cam20. When you pick it up, it doesn’t have a cheap feel to it. It feels like a quality piece of technology which is exactly what it is. 

I tested the Cam20 against the high end Sony A6000 and the Cam20 picture quality looked just as good. I also compared it to the lower end Logitech C920 and found it to give a sharper image. 

I did another test where I reduced the amount of light to test the low light image quality. One thing that the Cam20 has is a low light enhancement feature that did seem to prop up the image quality in this low light situation.

I think that feature will prove useful to many people who have limited control over their environmental lighting as it helps to brighten up the image when an insufficient amount of light is present. 

Overall impression 

The Konftel Cam20, for the money, is hard to beat. It retails at $329.00 and comes with a full 2-year warranty. You can use the built in microphones, or you can use a separate conference phone to connect to it. It’s nice having the option which puts you in control of the audio quality. 

You have a lot of versatility with the 123 degree field of vision and the pan, tilt and zoom will give you a lot of ways you can use the Cam20. Zoom in for a tight shot, or pan out to get everyone in the frame. The 4K HD, 30 frames per second picture is very nice as well. 

You can mount the camera over your monitor, or you can set it on a table top. There’s a screw mount on the bottom which allows you the ability to attach it to a stand or tripod. 

The remote that comes with the Cam20 isn’t one of those small, minimalistic remotes either. When you see all the things you can adjust with it, you can’t help but be impressed. A mini command center. 

konftel cam20 remote

All things considered, you get a lot of things packed into a $329.00 package that’s hard to beat. So, if you’re in the market for a webcam for your use, or for you and a team,

you’ll want to check out the Konftel Cam20 before making your final purchase decision. It will truly be worth your time to take a close look. 

Still have questions? 

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