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Can I see a quick show of hands of how many people found themselves on more video conference calls in 2020, and into 2021? I’d imagine a lot of you. Words that have found their way into our normal conversations have included ones such as Zoom, Team, Meet, RingCentral and the list goes on. 

Thanks to the pandemic of 2020, we’ve had to adjust or modify our normal business routines. Working from home (WFH) has become the new normal for many, and video conferencing serves as our lifeline to our coworkers and supervisors as well as to many of our customers. 

Video conferencing is a far reaching subject that, among other things, includes full blown, custom configured systems for conference rooms of varying sizes, to smaller, portable models for quick meetings for you and your team.

Finally, there’s the highly popular personal webcam that mounts onto your laptop or desktop computer monitor. And that’s what this blog will cover; a new webcam that’s just been introduced by Poly. 

 Poly Studio P5 video review

Before I jump into the details, above you can watch a video review of the Poly P5 Webcam in action. In it, I not only cover the main points of this new product, but as an added bonus, I show you how it looks, and then compare that look to another popular webcam.

This video review also allows you to hear how it sounds as the new Studio P5 has a built-in microphone. 

So, if you’re like me and countless others who prefer to watch video content over reading it, make sure to check out my Youtube video below. If you find the content valuable, make sure to hit the like and/or subscribe button. It really makes a difference, and we appreciate it. 

Some might argue saying...

They don’t need a webcam because they already have one built into their laptop for example. Personally, I’m not a big fan of using built-in cameras and microphones. To me, they just don’t give that high level of image quality, and the audio portion is typically lacking too.

A better option is to get a good webcam that provides HD quality, and if you want to put a little frosting on that cake, get yourself a good quality wireless headset like the new Orosound Tilde Pro for example. 

model wearing tilde pro premium headphones

As for the webcam, let’s see what features are found on the Poly Studio P5.

Mounting it 

The Poly Studio P5 mounts onto a monitor like many other webcams. It has an adjustable monitor clamp that allows you to mount it easily. I had zero issues mounting it to my laptop, and it took only a moment. 

The Studio P5 is also tripod ready, so if you prefer to mount the webcam onto a tripod rather than on your monitor, you’ll be all set. 

Video characteristics 

  • The Poly Studio P5 is full HD at 1080P 
  • It has auto focus with a 4x zoom / EPTZ 
  • 80 degrees field of vision 
  • Auto low light compensation 

In short, this Studio P5 webcam will give you some clear and super sharp images. You can perform additional adjustments by accessing the Poly Lens software.

There, you can not only make fine adjustments, but you can manage and track devices which would prove useful for IT professionals who are responsible for managing technology products. 

You’ll find a privacy shutter on the Studio P5 as well. Simply rotate the dial on the camera housing and the shutter closes off the camera. In doing so, it also will display red so you can easily see that you have the shutter closed.

Dial in the opposite direction and the color changes from red to green indicating that the shutter isn’t activated. This is a small detail, but clearly a useful one. 


The Poly Studio P5 has a built-in, directional microphone that Poly indicates is optimized for personal workspaces. Compared to what you might expect from a

microphone that comes with your computer, I believe you’ll get better performance from the one housed in the P5. 

I tested the sound quality in my video, and it picked up my voice perfectly fine, and the clarity was good too. 


The Poly Studio P5 is certified for Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It will also work great with many other applications that support USB/UVC standards. In short, this webcam works with a lot of different programs making it not only easy to get up and running, but a device that’s universally compatible. 

How much does it cost? 

The P5 webcam carries a suggested selling price of $129.00, and comes with a 2-year warranty. This puts it in line with many of the other good quality webcams out there such as Logitech and others. For the quality, I’d say that this is a fair and reasonable price. 

Why I think it’s worth the money 

First, you get a full HD, 1080P image, which is nice and sharp. That’s a big first step in justifying paying the price for it. After all, we are talking about video conferencing here where image quality truly matters. If you’re on an important business call, you no doubt 

want to look your best, or at least present yourself in the best possible light. The Poly Studio P5 delivers in that way. And, the 80 degrees field of vision and 4x zoom features help to further explain why the P5 is a great value. 

The simple privacy shutter is nice too because it allows you to turn the camera off without the need to unplug it. This is a simple feature, but it does help eliminate the possibility of someone tapping into your computer and accessing your camera to grab images or video from it. Peace of mind, and security come to mind. 

Having the auto low light compensation feature is nice too. Anyone who’s used a webcam knows that light conditions vary, and having a webcam that can auto correct for low light conditions is a nice feature to have. 

Zoom and Teams certification is nice too as these are highly used, highly popular applications. Not to say that the P5 won’t work with other apps, because it will.

With a truly plug and play setup, you’ll be up and running with your video app in no time flat. 

Finally, a full 2-year warranty is nice too. You’re not limited to a 90-day, or 1-year warranty. Instead, you’re treated to a full 2-year warranty for longer peace of mind. Poly, formerly Plantronics, is a reputable company that’s been around, helping customers since the 1960’s. 

So, if you want a webcam that’s easy to set up, easy to use, affordable, that has some great features, optics and sound, with the ability to be accessed through Poly application software, and a nice 2-year warranty, then this may be the best webcam for you. 

I think it’s a great value and a product you should take a good close look at if you’re in the market for a webcam for yourself or your team.

Download the Poly P5 Studio Webcam Data Sheet

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