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Meet the new Poly Voyager 4300 UC series of wireless headsets.

The Voyager 4200 UC series is being discontinued and replaced by the new Voyager 4300 UC series in this article.

Poly Voyager 4320 Lifestyle

Whose the Voyager 4300 UC series made for?

Anyone whose a professional that wants hands free wireless freedom for quality calls and meetings. 


Voyager 4320 to mobile phone and computer

The Poly Voyager 4300 UC series allows you to seamlessly connect to your mobile phones and PC/Mac with the included BT700. Add the Voyager Office base and you'll be able to connect with your corded desk phone as well.

Whether you're using Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, Avaya One-X, RingCentral, Five9, Zoom, GoToMeeting and many others, the Voyager 4300 series is compatible. 

Charging base for desk phone connectivity sold separate

Keep in mind, if you have a corded desk phone and want to connect the Voyager 4300 UC series, you'll need to purchase the desk phone compatible charging base separate. 

Voyager Office base


Before knowing which model you want to choose, you need to ask yourself if you want a single or dual speaker wearing style.

4320 UC (Dual Speaker)

4310 UC (Single Speaker)


Class 1 Bluetooth v5.2 and the BT700 USB dongle will connect to two devives at the same time and give you up to 164 feet of wireless freedom to talk and talk. 

Wired Mode

Voyager 4200 wired mode

If you prefer to use the Voyager 4300 UC as a wired headset, simply connect the USB-C cord to your computer, Bluetooth turns off and you don't have to worry about the battery any longer. 

This feature will also come in handy if you forget to charge your headset and realize the batteries dead. Connect the cord and you're good to go.

Long battery and plenty of wireless range

Battery talk time is rated up to 24 hours on a single charge, or listening time up to 47 hours. You'll also have about 164 feet of wireless range to walk and talk hands free. 


The Poly Voyager 4300 UC (4310 and 4320) both have a flexible noise canceling microphone with dual microphones and Acoustic Fence technology.

What's most important is making sure you can be heard crystal clear without the background distractions. Callers don't want to hear kids in the background, dogs barking or background chatter going on.

With dual mics and Acoustic Fence technology, the Voyager 4300 UC will help ensure you're heard clear without the background noise.

Headset controls

Like most wireless headsets today, you'll be able to adjust the hearing volume, mute/unmute the microphone and turn it on or off. 

With compatible softphones, you'll be able to answer/end calls from the headset when away from your computer. 

Meaning, if you're away from your computer and you're using apps like Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Avaya, Cisco and many others, you'll be able to answer from the headaset. Rather then having to run back to the computer to answer a call.

This is a feature many customers prefer to avoid missed calls, returning voicemails and overall you'll have happier customers and be more productive.


Voyager 4310 lifestyle

You can be the judge for yourself on how the new Voyager 4300 UC series looks, but most people that see this headset will know from the fit, finish and comfort it's a quality wireless headset 


Q: What is the BT700 USB adapter and why is it needed rather than pairing directly to your computer?

A: The BT700 is highly recommend for a better audio experience, improved wireless range and additional features like remote call answering on compatible softphone apps, battery level status and more that aren't available if you connect to your computer Bluetooth without the BT700.

Q: Does the Voyager 4300 UC series replace the Voyager 4200 UC?

A: Yes

Q: Is the Voyager 4300 Bluetooth?

A: Yes

Q: How many devices does the Voyager 4300 UC connect to

A: Up to 2 devices simultaneous and will be remembed by 8 devices

Q: does the Voyager 4320 have ANC in the speakers?

A: No. You'll have two speakers to cover both ears but there's no ANC switch. If that's a requirement, we recommend getting the Voyager Focus UC 2

Q: Is Amazon Alexa or Tile supported?

A: No, but native voice assistants are supported on your mobile phone (Siri etc.). 


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