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Stop the ringing already! If you deal with Tinnitus or other hearing impairments, then you know the frustration that comes with it.

It can cause a number of problems in your life like stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, trouble concentrating and much more.

Mayo Clinics overview says "Tinnitus is when you experience ringing or other noises in one or both of your ears"

If Tinnitus or your hearing impariment is causing you problems in your daily work life when on calls or meetings, we're going to show you a bone conduction headset that may provide you relief and allow you to focus on calls and meetings again. 

What is a bone conduction headset?

Shokz (Bone conduction headset manufacture) says...

"Bone conduction headphones work by transmitting sound vibrations along your cheekbones instead of through the air. It’s the same technique that sea mammals use underwater and composer Beethoven used to make music when he lost his hearing. It all comes down to sound vibrations."

bone conduction headset illustration

If other headphones haven't helped with your Tinnitus then lets talk about the best Bone conduction headset we've tested for Tinnitus.

Shokz Opencomm Bone Conduction Headset

shokz opencomm bone conduction headset


This is the Shokz Opencomm Bluetooth headset that we'd recommend you consider for helping with your Tinnitus.

Other headsets typically are worn over the head resting on the ears, over the ears or come in an earpiece wearing style that rests in one of your ears.

The Shokz Opencomm is one of a kind and is helping people with all different types of hearing impairments hear audio like they once did. 

You have two speakers that rest on the outside of your ears without anything actually going in your ears! 

One of our customers Kevin Young had this to say.

shokz opencomm customer review

"I can listen to Zeppelin again!

I had a minor stroke after ten years, and I have mild amusia.

Here is from a medicine article "The cognitive processing of music involves high-order neural processing, and it has been claimed that an accurate perception of the melodic and temporal aspects of music requires both "local" and "global" auditory information processing"

I am not a doctor but the stroke damaged a path in my brain for music. Bands like Zep or other electric guitars were flat like background elevator music.

The bone conduction headset appears to pass a different path in my brain, and those bands now sound like they used to! I am currently looking to buy a Bluetooth connection to my TV to see if it also makes a difference.
If you have some issues with hearing clearly on a headset, I strongly suggest you at least try this."

Read more reviews from other customers here

Now lets look into what we really like about this headset. If you prefer to watch a video check out the in depth review + mic test video below or continue reading along.


Have you ever worn a pair of headphones that caused you a headache or your ears to sweat? The Opencomm is entirely different because nothing rests on or inside of your ears.

Both ears stay free so you're aware of your environment, even when listening to music or on a call. It's a very unique experience if you haven't tried a bone conduction headset!


The microphone on the Opencomm is noise canceling and extremely flexible. Meaning, when you're on a call your voice will be heard loud and clear while reducing the distractions going on around you.

This helps you sound as professional as possible wherever you are. Try getting on a phone call in a coffee shop with your built in computer microphone or a headset without a noise canceling microphone and quickly you'll have the caller on the other end asking you to go somewhere more quiet.

Sound Quality

7th generation Bone Conduction technology gives you better sound quality. Allowing for mids and highs to be heard crystal clear on your calls or meetings.

Whether you're a driver, warehouse operator, Real Estate agent, work from home or in the office, the Opencomm works for a number of different applications to hear while still being safe by being aware of your surroundings.

If you've ever put on a pair of noise canceling headphones and went on a walk, it puts you in a concentration zone but doesn't allow you to be aware of your surroundings.

Especially when driving, you should probably avoid noise canceling headphones. 😄

Battery Talk Time

Rated up to 16 hours of talk time on a single charge and 14 ay standby time, you won't need to worry about your battery running low during a call or meeting. Most people don't talk on the phone 8 hours a day so you'll get many days of use without needing to recharge your battery.

In comparison, other headsets that are considered low profile or discreet typically give you 4-7 hours of battery on a single charge, and aren't best made for your business calls.


Included is a magnetic charger to easily connect your headset, and there's a quick charge feature that gives you 2 hours of battery with only 5 minutes of charging!

This helps when you forgot to charge your headset and need a quick fix to stay hands free. 


The Opencomm has Bluetooth V5.1 with multipoint pairing. You can connect with just about any Bluetooth enabled device like an iPhone, Samsung, PC, Laptop, Mac or Tablet.

That being said, if calls and meetings are most important to you on your computer, make sure to get the Opencomm UC variant for the best audio experience when being used on apps like Zoom, Teams, RingCentral and many more. 


Built with a titanium frame, the Opencomm bone conduction headset is the only headset in the world at this time with a titanium mic boom. 

Shokz did TEN THOUSAND bend and shake tests to ensure the durability of this headset will keep up with your use. 

You can pretty much store the headset wherever you want without worrying about it breaking. I've personally stored this headset in my pocket, backpack and travel case without feeling any worry of it breaking.

I have to say it's very impressive how durable and flexible this headset is to take with you on the go.

Make sure to choose the right variant


There's VERY little I don't like about the Opencomm headset. The only thing that comes to mind is for those that are in an extremely loud environment where the noises around you are extremely distracting, this headset by nature keeps both ears open.

In applications where you're trying to block out the noises you hear around you, this wouldn't be the best fit.

Another thing a customer may look at as a con is the headset uses it's own propreitary charging cable, so if you lose yours you can't use a micro USB or USB-C cord you have for other electronics.

Aside from that I can't think of anything else at this time. 


Whether you have a hearing impairment or not and you like the idea of a low profile headset designed for business use, the Opencomm or Opencomm UC is going to give you a much better audio experience for your calls and meetings in comparison to typical earbuds you're use to like Bose, Apple, Sony and many others. 

Best work headsetBone conductionBone conduction headsetHeadset for tinnitusTinnitus

Unheard of Noise Cancellation

The best-selling Orosound Tilde Pro is made in France, has an innovative magnetic noise cancelling microphone and ANC speakers to allow maximum concentration.

Learn More


Need help finding the best headset for your situation?

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