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Let’s be honest. When you’re on an important business call, you want great sound quality. 

You want to be heard clearly, and you want to hear clearly too. 

So what stands in the way of accomplishing this goal? Several things really. Among them include: 

- Physical things such as hearing loss and speech limitations 

- Poor audio equipment - phones, Softphones, headsets 

- Noisy environment 

Within the scope of this blog, I can’t help with the first item on the list above, but I can with the second and third. 

The last thing you want to experience is being in the middle of an important business call and you can’t hear or be heard well. This typically results in both parties asking the other to repeat themselves.

Not exactly the ideal call wouldn’t you agree? Both parties are frustrated as they struggle to grasp the critical points of the conversation. 

There’s good news and there’s bad news. 

First, the bad news

This blog isn’t going to give you a magic potion that will keep Sparkie the wonder dog from exercising his vocal chords. Managing unwanted background noise is personal to every situation. So, keeping the volume down on these undesired and unwanted distractions is something you’ll need to tackle on your own. 

Now for the good news

Though we can’t help you manage your unwanted noise directly, we can help you manage it indirectly. This might sound confusing, but allow me to elaborate.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely communicating through your computer via a Softphone application. If so, this means you’re also likely using a headset to communicate with. How am I doing so far?

Headsets are all not created equal. Some are comfortable, some aren’t. Some are worn over the ear, while others are worn over the head. Some cover one ear, while others cover two. Well, you get the idea. 

If background noise exists in your work environment, and it’s distracting you and your callers, then it seems safe to say that this might be a good time for you to consider updating to a new noise cancelling office headset that helps tame that noise. 

Let’s cover a few things that are important when searching for an office phone headset or noise cancelling office headset as your first headset, or as a replacement for your current one. 

Wearing style

If your work environment is noisy, and you can’t control lowering it, then you need a headset style that gives you the best shot at dealing with this noise. 

Should you get an on-ear wearing style? Probably not. These headsets leave your ears exposed to the sounds going on around you. 

How about a model that’s worn over the head, but covers one ear? Nope, that’s not going to do it either. Though you have one ear covered, is that one ear FULLY covered or encased by the ear speaker? Likely not.

Oh, and what about your second ear? That’s exposed to take in all that glorious sound blasting all around you. That’s not going to cut it when you’re trying to close that big deal. 

That pretty much leads you to the final choice, the binaural, or double ear model that’s worn over the head. This wearing style will give you the best chance of knocking down that unwanted background noise. 

If you’re serious about noise reduction, your search for a noise cancelling office headset should start with a search for a binaural, over the head headset. 

Ear covers

The padded covers that cushion your ear(s), aren’t all the same. They vary not only in size, but in the material they’re made of. 

Foam ear cushions are common among most every brand. However, foam, when looked at closely under, say a microscope, reveals a lot of holes. In practical use, these

holes, albeit small, allow sound to penetrate the ear cushions and enter your ear canal. Comfortable for some, but inefficient for reducing noise for all. 

Other cushions are made from a leather like material. Performing the same microscope test as with the foam, you’ll see a far denser material with far fewer entry points for noise to penetrate.

The result? Less sound is allowed to penetrate your ear, and consequently, less distracting sound to disturb you. Leatherette ear cushions are your go to ear cushion material. 

Size matters

Now that you’ve locked in on ear cushions that are made from a leather like material, you need to be mindful of how large the ear covers are. In other words, how big is the ear cushion and the housing it’s connected to. 

If you use an office headset that has smaller ear covers/cushions, your ear is partly exposed. This can lead to sound bypassing the ear cushion and finding its way into your ear canal, and ultimately, on to your important phone call. 

Bigger the better. What you should strive for is an ear cover that fully encloses your ear. This provides a hard plastic barrier all around your ear which helps reflect sound away from your ear. The result is you have less sound entering your ear, and less sound to distract you. 


Active Noise Cancellation. This is a feature that you’ll find on expensive headsets. This is an electronic feature that acts as a countermeasure to noise. Not many headsets have this feature, but it is available for a premium price, and it generally works well. 

Microphone. Having a microphone that helps in filtering out unwanted room noise is also an important, must have feature. Why? Because ear covers and cushions help improve sound quality for what YOU hear. A noise cancelling microphone helps remove the noise that your customers hear. 

Some headsets don’t have noise cancelling microphones.This is something you want to steer clear of if your environment is as unruly as a wild jungle. 

Make sure to have a noise cancelling microphone. 

Cord length

Though a small consideration, not all cords are equal in length. If you have more cord length available, you’ll have a longer reach so you can more freely move around your work area. This isn’t something that should be high on your wants or needs list, but it is something to keep in mind.


What good is a headset if you have to hit up that bottle of Advil at the end of your work day? A headset needs to be comfortable. Period. 


Typically, warranties are looked at as being pretty much the same across the board. Truthfully, they do vary. They vary in their length, and they also vary in other ways like who pays the shipping, and does the vendor offer advance replacements or must you wait for a defective unit to be received back before a replacement can be sent? Warranties vary, so ask a few questions about this so you know what to expect. 


If there were an elephant in this room, it would be price. Price is relative. What most people look for is the best value for a product that meets their needs. 

When you weigh the features, the warranty, the reputation of the vendor and price, you want the best value for your hard earned money. 

Don’t let price be your main driver, but do let price be part of the equation when searching for a new office phone headset. 

With these points as the backdrop, what headset is best for a noisy environment? This is when you’d insert a discreet drum roll….Maestro, can I get a drum roll please? 

Discover D722U- Top Rated Computer Headset For A Noisy Environment

In our nearly 30 years of dedicated office headset experience, we feel that the Discover D722U is the best computer headset for noisy environments. 

Why have we come to this conclusion? Why is this the best solution for you?

Reason #1 

Oversized ear speakers. The Discover D722U features ear cups that fully enclose the ears. This prevents unwanted sound from entering your ear. You hear less of what’s going on around you and you remain focused and not distracted. 

Reason #2 

Oversize Leatherette ear cushions. The Discover D722U comes with oversized leatherette ear cushions. As noted earlier, this is the preferred material to aid in filtering out unwanted room noise.

Reason #3 

Noise Cancelling Microphone. The Discover D722U has an excellent microphone that does a great job to reduce background noise. You can use this headset with confidence knowing that you’ll put noise in its place, off your call. 

Reason #4 

Stay Put Microphone Boom. In order to have optimum sound quality, one element is to position the microphone in the proper position. This is approximately two fingers width from the corner of your mouth. The Discover D722U has a superb microphone boom that’s made of material that keeps your microphone in place. 

Some microphone booms aren’t adjustable, while others are made of a material that allows the microphone to drift. That’s not the case with the Discover D722U stay put mic boom. You can set it and forget it. 

Reason #5 

Comfort. The Discover D722U is very lightweight and features a padded headband so you can wear it all day without experiencing headset fatigue. No need to search for that bottle of Advil at the end of the day either. 

Reason #6 

Longer cord length. The D722U has a cord that measures 8 feet. Other headsets stop short at 5, 6 and 7 feet. Having a longer cord means you can move around your work area further without the need to remove your headset. More convenience and more flexibility. 

Reason #7 

Longer Warranty. Other headsets offer a 1-year warranty. Others may offer a 2-year. The Discover D722U comes with a full 3-year warranty. This means you have longer peace of mind and you stand to save money due to having a longer warranty. 

The D722U also comes with an advance replacement warranty. This means that should you need a replacement, you won’t have to wait for us to receive the defective unit before a replacement is shipped out to you. This shortens the amount of time needed

for you to receive a replacement. Less downtime, less waiting, more convenience and customer service. 

Reason #8 

Price. The Discover D722U is value priced at $99.99 which shrinks the elephant in the room to a manageable size. Now that you’re taking that baby elephant for a walk, you can apply your savings towards a D722U headset for your favorite co-worker. 

The Discover D722U is priced right, sounds great, very comfortable, reliable, helps to tame unwanted noise and comes with an industry leading warranty. 

So there you have it, the 8 reasons why the Discover D722U is the best computer headset for a noisy environment. 

Have questions or need some help? Whether you’re our customer or not, contact us and we will do our best to assist. 


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