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Yealink, a relative newcomer to the business headset space, recently introduced a new business grade wireless headset. I’m referring to the new Yealink BH72. 

yealink bh72 lite

In this blog, I’ll go over the new BH72 Lite model that includes providing the 411 on the comfort features, buttons and adjustments as well as the all important sound quality. 

But, before I get into the nitty gritty of this new wireless headset, I need to tell you that we recorded a Youtube video review of the BH72.

So, if you’re like a lot of people who enjoy consuming their content via video rather than laboring through the written word, then make sure to check out this video. 

Yealink BH72 Lite Review Video + Mic Test

Today, in business, it’s very common to switch between computer and mobile devices. Most models have the ability to do that, with some being more fluid over others.

Further, some models require computer connectivity via Bluetooth rather than through the use of a USB Adapter (often called a “dongle”).

The Yealink BH72 comes with a USB Adapter which is advantageous over using Bluetooth for connecting to your computer.

Here are some of the advantages: 

  1. A better, more steady wireless connection 
  2. Better, more consistent audio 
  3. Enhanced wireless range 
  4. Remote answering and ending of calls 

The USB Adapter that comes with the BH72 Lite allows you to take a call when away from your desk, up to 100 feet away when using applications such as Microsoft Teams,

Zoom, Broadsoft, Google and Avaya. The alternative is less attractive because it will have you sprinting back to your desk to catch a call, and that can be deadly with all of the typical office hazards that are common such as cords being in your path, other people, opening doors and more.

So, avoid the hazards, preserve your health and give your customers more direct access to you by using a headset such as the BH72 that incorporates a USB Adapter. It’s truly a better way to go. 


The Yealink BH72 comes with an impressive battery. You can listen to your favorite tunes for up to a whopping 40 hours (now that’s a lot of foot tapping). If being on business calls is your thing, then you’re treated to up to 35 hours of continuous talk time.

Just imagine talking that long. Bottom line the BH72 gives you a lot of battery to power your way through the busiest of days, or kick back for hours on end listening to your favorite music, podcasts and more. 

As batteries in business wireless headsets go, the one that comes with the BH72 is on the higher end of the battery scale. Gone are the days that you have to recharge your headset everyday, and that’s not a bad thing. 


As with many headsets today, the BH72 comes with very soft, and comfortable ear cushions. Over the years, it’s apparent that the headset manufacturers have paid closer attention to the level of comfort afforded by ear cushions.

We’ve seen the use of higher quality materials such as memory foam finding their way into headsets. In the end, it improves the comfort which is meaningful for those who need to wear a headset for long periods of time. 

The headband across the top, and along the sides is nicely padded. Any parts of the headset that comes in contact with you will have cushioning. Compared to headsets of years past, this is a vast improvement. 

Finally, in the realm of comfort, you can’t overlook, nor underestimate the importance of the weight of the headset itself. The Yealink BH72 weighs in at 6.9 ounces. That’s about right for a binaural headset.

So when you take into consideration the weight of this headset, combined with the comfort of the ear cushions, and the padded headband, you end up with a headset that’s comfortable for short or long periods of time wearing it. And in the end, that’s the true measure of a headset’s comfort.

Wireless range 

There isn’t anything uniquely different about this headset when compared to other models it competes with. It’s rated up to 100 feet (30 meters), and the actual usable talk range depends on the types of obstructions you have in your work environment.

For example, if you have a lot of walls, that can weaken the wireless signal, which in turn can reduce the amount of wireless talk range you’ll get. And, if those walls are brick, concrete or other hard surfaces, then the range will be lowered even further. 

Wireless range estimates are normally based on line of sight, or open field tests where no obstructions are present. In a typical work environment, there are many obstructions as we all know, which means you should expect less range than what the manufacturers state.

This applies to the BH72, as well as any other wireless headset. On a headset rated at 100 feet of range, such as this one, it would be reasonable to expect about 50-75 feet instead. A manufacturer may take exception with this claim, but that’s been our experience based on testing countless headsets of all makes and models. 

Buttons on the headset 

When you get a wireless headset, you’ll have some features that are controllable by buttons. The Yealink BH72 has most of these buttons located on the right side and on that side the buttons include: 

  • Mute and unmute 
  • Power on/off 
  • Hearing volume up/down 
  • Call answer/end 
  • Pairing 

On the left side of the headset you’ll find the Microsoft Teams button if you select the MS Teams version of this headset. 


This is perhaps one of the most unique features of this headset, and for good reason. First, the microphone on the BH72 Lite is retractable. That alone makes it unique.

So, for those times when you’re doing business, you’ll want the microphone boom extended so you can take advantage of the excellent audio that it provides.

But when you’re not in business mode, and listening to your favorite music or Podcast for example, simply push in on the microphone boom arm and it slides out of sight.

Though this is a unique and interesting feature, the true measure is how any headset is, how it sounds, and how well it eliminates unwanted background noise.

To that point I have to say that this headset performed extremely well. We tested the voice sound quality when no external noise was present and it sounded great. Very professional with crisp, clear audio. Then we put it up against these sounds: 

  • Office noise 
  • Dogs barking 
  • And of course our signature, annoying Vitamix blender test 

I should add that the volume on these various sounds were set pretty high which makes these tests a challenge for any headset. I have to admit that the Yealink BH72 Lite did an excellent job. In these tests, there are two things we look for; 

  1. How well the headset removes the unwanted background noise
  2. The sound quality of the person talking with the noise going on in the background 

In both cases, the BH72 performed exceedingly well. In some Yealink headsets we’ve tested in the past that scored very well in noise reduction, they lacked in voice audio quality. In other words, they performed well in one area, and not so good in the other.

The BH72 did a good job in both; noise reduction while maintaining good voice audio quality. So if you’re an at home worker that deals with the typical home noises such as dogs barking, children noises, lawn equipment sounds etc., or if you work in an office with coworkers noise, then this is a headset you should consider if noise reduction is important to you. 

Yealink incorporates a technology into the BH72 called Acoustic Shield. This is a technology that’s designed to eliminate noise. Clearly this is effective based on our test results. I’d invite you to watch our sound test, and hear for yourself how well this headset did. If you do, just fast forward to the 4:00 mark on the video to watch the tests. 

Wired or Wireless, your choice 

Another nice feature of this headset is it allows you to use it in wireless, or wired mode. Most of the time this headset would be used wirelessly as that’s the main reason why someone would purchase this headset.

However, when the battery needs recharging, you can continue using it. Not all wireless headsets offer this versatility because when charging, a lot of headsets can’t be used.

This is particularly useful if you’re in the middle of an important call and you discover that the battery is dying. Simply plug it in and continue your conversation.


While speaking of battery, you might be wondering how much talk time the Yealink BH72 Lite provides. Here’s the 411 on that: 

-40 hours for personal use (music etc) 

-35 hours of talk time 

-Recharge time via the cable - 2 hours 

-Recharge time via the optional Qi wireless charger - 3 hours 

There’s an optional wireless charger available if you prefer to recharge your headset wirelessly and without cables. This charger can also recharge your other wireless devices such as smartphones which gives you added versatility and convenience. 

NOTE: The BH72 Lite model doesn’t support wireless charging, only the BH72 

Busy light 

The Yealink BH72 comes with busy lights on each side of the headset. This helps to eliminate unwanted interruptions by alerting those around you when you’re on a call. Interruptions are minimized, and your productivity is enhanced. 

Software Download 

Yealink offers a software download called USB Connect. This software allows you the ability to make adjustments to your headset for personalization as well as updating your headset firmware. You can adjust sidetone, audio settings and more. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, I really like this headset. It’s comfortable, and comes in two available color choices; light gray or black. It has a top notch microphone that absolutely destroys background noise so your callers hear you, and not all the noise going on around you. 

The retractable microphone is not only unique, but it’s a useful feature. Use the extended microphone when you’re on a business call where professional sound quality is needed, or retract the microphone so it’s out of sight when you’re using the headset for personal use. 

The BH72 Lite comes with a USB Adapter for better audio quality, longer range and remote call answering for many of the leading communications platforms. This not only provides you more convenience, but it gives your callers more immediate access to you.

The Yealink software is nice because you can make a lot of adjustments to the headset, and keep it updated through firmware updates. But like any other headset, the BH72 Lite isn’t perfect. One thing that I would have liked to see on this headset is Active Noise Cancellation.

The microphone is without question excellent, which means your callers won’t hear the noise around you. But what about you, the headset wearer? Will you be distracted by those same sounds?

I think yes, which suggests to me that as good of a headset as this is, it could be even better if it came with ANC. But, at a price point of around $200.00 U.S That's a feature more common to headset models that are priced higher. 

Overall I’d give this headset two thumbs up. It’s comfortable, it sounds great, it has a cool retractable microphone boom, it comes with a USB Adapter (which is a big deal as these headsets go), you have software to adjust and update, built in busy light, a long, robust battery, the ability to use it as a wired or wireless, all for around $200.00 which in my book is a great value. 

Bh72 liteYealinkYealink bh72Yealink bh72 liteYealink wireless headset

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