#1 Most wired office phone headsets require a cord to be ordered with the headset

With the many different office phones you could purchase that creates a challenge for headset manufactures. Most office phone headsets require a cord called a direct connect cable to go with the headset in order to work on your phone. The tricky part is they all look the same but have different model numbers, so it's important to know the compatible cable before purchasing.


#2 Wireless headsets or an office phone require an accessory to answer/end calls away from the phone

Most people think of a wireless headset and being able to answer/end calls as they're walking around the home or office. I agree that does make sense but with the amount of desk phones available, the headset manufactures can't integrate with all of them. The solution required is an accessory called a handset lifer or EHS cable to go with your wireless headset. Then you'll be able to answer/end calls away from your phone.


#3 Wireless headsets for an office phone 99% of the time don't operate on Bluetooth

When we think of a wireless headset, we think Bluetooth. Wireless headsets for office phones operate a bit different. Bluetooth headsets are usually designed for mobile phones or computers. Whereas office phone headsets operate on a technology called DECT and use a charging base to physically connect to the phone.


#4 Echo, static or your headset not turning on can be fixed

Often times when a customer gets a headset and has an echo, static or the headset doesn't turned on, the headset either doesn''t get used or gets thrown out. This is common and can be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps.


#5 Some wireless office phone headsets have a built in conference feature

Many times customers don't realize the headset they ordered has a wireless conference feature built in. So, say there is a new employee and there's a supervisor who wants to listen in on the calls, you can easily sync your headset to the new employees phone and listen in for coaching.


#6 Most headset manufactures claim they have the best noise canceling microphone

When you invest in a professional grade wired or wireless headset for your office phone, no matter which brand you choose they're all going to be very comparable when it comes to the microphone and what it cancels out in your background.


#7 Softphones are the new way most of us will communicate. Not all headsets allow remote answering.

If you're not familiar with the term "softphone" this is the new phone system that many people are using which allows you to use a headset on a desk phone, computer or mobile phone. When you use a wired or wireless headset on your computer for phone calls, it's not guaranteed the remote answering feature will be available with your phone carrier. You would want to reach out to your phone system provider to see if that feature is available. 


#8 Replace your battery rather than your headset

Often times we talk to customers and they don't realize there's a battery in their wireless headset that can be replaced. So, rather than going to replace the battery when the office phone headset doesn't hold a charge, they replace the headset. Save yourself some money and see if the battery is replaceable in your headset before buying a new one :)


#9 Most headsets will cover you with a minimum 1 year warranty

I've seen plenty of customers have a box of headsets deemed broken that they pay to send to e-waste rather than have them replaced for free within the warranty period! It's worth double checking to see if your headset is within warranty to help you reduce costs. 


#10 Don't throw your headset away it may be worth something

Rather than throwing your headset away check with your vendor to see if they have a buy back program that will help you get money back for your office phone headsets. If they don't, contact us and we can get you a quote.

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