2 Best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication technology, the shift from traditional desk phones to softphones has become a prevailing trend. However, despite this migration, many workplaces still rely on desk phones, with some equipped with a USB port. 

This blog will explore why the Orosound Tilde Pro, accompanied by its USB dongle, stands out as an excellent choice for voice and video calls, particularly in environments where Softphones and video meetings are prevalent.

You’ll also find out why the Discover Adapt 30 stands out as a solid choice for anyone looking for an affordable, fully featured, professional sounding wireless headset for calls.

The Migration to Softphones

The prevailing use of Softphones, and video applications have gained widespread adoption in the workplace in recent years. This steady migration was fueled even more by the Covid pandemic that saw a mass exodus away from the office to working remotely.

Both technologies (Softphone and video) offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and integration with other communication tools, contributing to the decline of desk phones in some settings.

The Desk Phone Dilemma

Despite the popularity of softphones, many workplaces still rely on desk phones for various reasons, such as established infrastructure, familiarity, or specific industry requirements. For those using desk phones with a USB port, the Orosound Tilde Pro is a top-tier headset, providing seamless integration and enhanced communication capabilities. And though your deskphone may be Bluetooth compatible, it’s our recommendation that the connection to these devices be through the use of a USB Adapter rather than using a Bluetooth wireless connection.  Here’s why:

Connecting via Bluetooth has some drawbacks:

  1. Your connection will be less stable, and reliable
  2. The voice audio quality won’t be as good, and steady
  3. You will have less wireless talk range
  4. And, you won’t be able to answer calls when you step away from the desk

Instead, use the included USB Adapter and those problems will fade away. If you’re using a Bluetooth headset and it doesn’t have a USB Adapter, you’d  be well-advised to find one that does if you plan on using it with a computer.

Let's take a look at the Tilde Pro, and a few of its features and benefits.

Orosound Tilde Pro: A Premium Wireless Headset

Orosound Tilde Pro wireless headsets

Bluetooth Connectivity:

The Orosound Tilde Pro is a premium Bluetooth wireless headset, delivering exceptional sound quality and clarity during voice and video calls. Its Bluetooth capability ensures compatibility with a range of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and as mentioned earlier, desk phones with USB ports.

    USB Dongle Compatibility:

    USB Dongle

    The headset's USB dongle enhances its versatility, making it an ideal choice for desk phones equipped with a USB port. This feature allows users to experience the Tilde Pro's superior performance across different communication platforms. And speaking of platforms, when using the Orosound Tilde Pro on your computer, rest assured that it’s compatible with all the leading applications such as:


      UC providers logos


      If the Softphone, or video conferencing application you use, isn’t on this list, no need for concern because the Orosound Tilde Pro will work with whatever you’re using as it’s universally compatible and offers remote call answering for specific applications.

      Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

      With Active Noise Cancellation technology, the Tilde Pro excels in eliminating background noise, providing a distraction-free environment for the user.This is particularly valuable in busy workplaces or remote settings where noise can be disruptive.

      To get a good explanation of Active Noise Cancellation, and how it differs from noise cancelation, here's a very informative video you'll want to check out.

      ANC gives the headset wearer control over the noise around them with five different filtering settings. So rather than having just an ANC on/off, or ANC hi/low setting, you can regulate the amount of sound you let in from your surroundings. 

      The noise canceling microphone on the Tilde Pro is exceptional at removing distracting background noise so your callers hear you, and not the sounds going on around you. And when you’re wanting to get things done, the last thing you need is for your callers to become distracted by noise, or struggle to hear you clearly.

      So, a noise canceling microphone gives your callers a quieter call, while the Active Noise Canceling feature gives the headset wearer control over the noise they hear.

      Aware + Mode:

      The Aware + mode enables users to engage in face-to-face conversations without the need to remove the headset. This is a feature that also goes by other names such as Transparency, or HearThrough.

      Aware + is a convenience feature. And if you’ve ever worn a headset for extended periods, you know how frustrating it can be to have to continuously remove the headset to have a conversation with a coworker. That annoyance is solved by the Aware+ mode on the Tilde Pro. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our annoyances could be eliminated by the simple press of a button?

        Removable Microphone Boom:

        The Tilde Pro features a magnetically attached microphone boom that can be effortlessly removed. When precision and optimum sound quality is paramount, attach the boom for professional sound during calls. For leisure, detach the microphone, transforming the headset into high-quality headphones with pleasing sounding 40mm speakers for an immersive audio experience.

        Woman sitting while wearing Orosound Tilde Pro headset with eyes closed, and soothing look on face with animated sound bars in the background

          Battery that keeps you talking

          When you have things to get done, and a busy day planned, you need a battery that can keep pace with your busy schedule. The Orosound Tilde Pro dishes out 28 hours of talk time so you won’t be left in the middle of a call with a battery that needs recharging. And if you did, you can plug in the included USB cable and continue using the Tilde Pro while the battery recharges. So you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery, or being on a call without the use of the headset. 

          Peace of mind comes in different forms,  and when it comes to continuing the conversation without interruption, this is one feature that does give you that.

          Ear cups your way

          When using the Orosound Tilde Pro, you have the choice to configure the ear cups to meet your personal preferences. You can opt to use those that go against the ear, or, you can choose those that fully encircle them.

          Orosound Tilde Pro ear cups; one large, and one small

          You may be someone who prefers to silence as much of the background noise as possible, and if you are, the cushions that go around the ear, like on the left above, would be ideal.

          For those that don’t want the experience of fully encircling ear cushions, they’d side with the ones that go against the ear that leave them feeling less isolated, and perhaps more connected to their environment.

          Either way, you have the choice, and we all like choices. And switching from one ear cup style to another is simple. Just twist and the ear cup comes off. Twist on the other, and you’re ready to go. Couldn’t be easier.

          Don't Take Our Word For It

          Having a bit of skepticism isn't all bad. It's good to question things. With that in mind, see what Forbes has to say about the Orosound Tilde Pro.

          You might also like to read the review of the Orosound Tilde Pro by Lex Strickland of the Gageteer.

          The point is, there are a lot of independent opinions about the Orosound Tilde Pro that say it's a premium headset with desireable features, and sound quality. 


          What if the budget’s tight?

          twenty dollar bills wrapped in a measuring tape to show tight budget

          Every business faces budget challenges, and when you’re in need of some updated headsets, but need affordability, where do you turn? Here’s a solid suggestion:

          Discover Adapt 30: A Versatile DECT Headset

          The Discover Adapt 30 checks a lot of boxes for those who are looking for a budget friendly headset that doesn’t compromise on sound quality, and features. Have a look at why we think the Discover Adapt 30 is a wireless headset well worth your time to consider, and a very good headset for phone calls.

          Switchable Mono or Duo Configuration:

          Discover Adapt 30 shown as single, and also double ear configuration

          The Discover Adapt 30 offers a unique switchable mono or duo headset configuration, providing users with the flexibility to choose between single-ear or dual-ear coverage. This adaptability caters to individual preferences and work scenarios. So if you work in a noisy environment, the double ear configuration would be ideal. Then, when things quiet down, or if you’d like to hear more of your surroundings, snap off the double ear headband, and snap on the single. It takes only a few seconds, and it’s exceptionally convenient. 

          This switching feature isn’t something you’ll find on other headsets. If you want to change from one style to another, that would require buying a complete headset, rather than just an inexpensive headband, as is the case with the Adpat 30.

          The Discover Adapt 30 will simplify your headset deployments, and save you money if you redeploy them. Deploying a headset that can be adapted to changing needs helps to simplify things, And if you redeploy headsets, you can purchase headbands for the redeployments, if needed, rather than having to spend the money on new headsets. And if this involves a lot of headsets, the savings can really add up.

            DECT Wireless Technology:

            Utilizing DECT wireless technology, the Adapt 30 delivers an extended wireless range, surpassing Bluetooth headsets. With a rating of up to 350 feet, users can enjoy mobility without compromising call quality. When you have more wireless range, you can get more done, and provide better customer service.  DECT may also allow you to place a greater number of headsets in a confined space when compared to Bluetooth headsets. This helps to avoid call quality issues, and diminished wireless range.

            If you'd like to watch a video on the differences between DECT and Bluetooth technology, then make sure to check out our video where David gives you the details.

            Wireless or Wired - Your Choice

            The battery talk time on the Discover Adapt 30 is 8 hours. So if you have a busy day planned, rest assured that the headset will keep pace, and not leave you with a dead battery.

            But in those situations where you work extended hours, or you forgot to recharge the headset, you can continue using the Adapt 30 even when it's plugged in for a battery recharge. So you have unlimited talk time. Though this may sound like a feature common to most headsets, you may be surprised to learn that it actually isn't. Many wireless headsets, even those in the premium category, don't provide this versatility. One more reason to give the Adapt 30 a serious look.

            Dual Connectivity

            image of Discover Adapt 30 in base, next to computer and desk phone


            Out of the box, the Adapt 30 gives you the ability to use it with corded desk phones, and computers.

            So if you use desk phones for your routine voice communications, such as Cisco, Avaya, or others, and video applications such as Zoom for your video meetings, then the Adapt 30 is a great choice. Having dual connectivity also makes you futureproof. Because if you're using desk phones now, but plan on migrating to Softphones later, you won't need to buy new headsets when that happens, which saves you money. It's also less disruptive to your daily workflow because there's no interruption while you exchange out headsets, and orient yourself to new ones.

              Noise Canceling Microphone:

              The noise-canceling microphone on the Discover Adapt 30 ensures that users sound professional and clear, contributing to effective communication in various work environments. You don’t want anyone on your voice or video calls to hear the sounds in your background like the sounds of coworkers, children or dogs if you work from home, or any of the other invasive sounds common to our work environments.

              The Adapt 30 noise canceling microphone will suppress the noise so you’re heard, and not the noise. That helps to keep the conversation moving, and eliminates the frustration and drag on productivity that noise can cause. So when noise is a problem, look to the Discover Adapt 30 to help solve it.

                Compatibility with UC Providers:

                Both the Orosound Tilde Pro and Discover Adapt 30 are compatible with the leading Unified Communications (UC) providers, ensuring seamless integration with popular communication platforms. No need to wonder if either of these headsets are compatible, because they will be. No matter what UC platform you’re using, rest assured that the Discover Adapt 30, and Tilde Pro will work perfectly whether you're using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral and others.

                  Remote Call Answering:

                  With the Adapt 30 you have the convenience of remote call answering, enabling users to manage calls efficiently, whether they are at their desk or on the move. Who likes to miss important calls and when back at the desk, see missed calls, voice messages, and several calls to return? Not you I'm guessing.

                  The Adapt 30, and Tilde Pro allow you to answer calls when away from your desk with compatible applications. Contact us  to see if your system allows you to take advantage of this useful feature.

                    Longer Warranty - A Full 3-Years:

                    badge with the number 3 to reflect a 3 year warranty

                    The Discover Adapt 30, and Tilde Pro provide users with longer warranties lasting 3-years which is a better warranty than you’ll get with competing brands. So if having your equipment last longer, and longer peace of mind appeals to you, then these headsets should be on your short list. Warranties are like wireless range, longer is always better.

                      Expert Assistance from Headset Advisor

                      Banner that shows a man wearing a headset along with text that provides informatiion on Headset Advisor service details

                      For three decades, Headset Advisor has been dedicated to assisting customers in finding the optimal communication solutions. If you have questions or need guidance on selecting the right headset for your specific needs, our knowledgeable Advisors are here to help.

                      Summing Things Up

                      profile of a woman pondering with animated symbols in the background

                      Whether you’re in the market for a premium, professional grade Bluetooth wireless headset for your voice and video calls, or a budget friendly, versatile wireless headset, the Tilde Pro and Adapt 30 are two excellent choices with both offering unique, and distinctive features.

                      The Case For The Tilde Pro

                      The made in France Orosound Tilde Pro gives you features you can’t get in any other headset such as the removable magnetic microphone boom, and the ability to change from on-ear, to around the ear speakers. The 40mm speakers deliver impressive sound, and the microphone is professional grade that also removes unwanted noise at a high level. And when you add the five steps of Active Noise Cancellation, and the Aware+ features, and remote call answering, you come away with a fully featured, profressional caliber headset for work and play. And the longer 3-year warranty is frosting on the cake

                      So if you're looking for a better option to help improve the quality of your voice and video calls, check out the Orosound Tilde Pro.

                      The Case For the Discover Adapt 30

                      The Discover Adapt 30 lets you switch between a single, and double ear headset on the fly, which is a unique feature you won’t find anywhere else. And though the price is friendly to the budget, don’t let that price fool you into believing that it compromises on quality and comfort. You get a great sounding noise canceling microphone, up to 350 feet of wireless range, connectivity to your desk phone, and computer, remote call answering and a headsets that’s comfortable and easier to deploy, and redeploy.

                      So whether you choose the Tilde Pro, or the Discover Adapt 30, you’re in good hands and on your way to better sounding calls.

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                      Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

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