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Let’s face it, we all don’t have boatloads of money to throw around. Whether it’s limited funds on a business budget, or a personal bank account that could stand a little propping up, you want a good value for your money. 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about three office wired headset models that will have you sounding like the professional you are, while at the same time, not breaking the bank.

But, before I get started, I wanted to let you know that we made a video that covers this subject. This video not only shows the office headsets, but does a sound and noise cancellation test. So, if you’re more interested in watching the video over reading this blog, you can watch below. 

If you’re still reading then come along with me as I showcase three office wired headsets well worth your time to consider. 

The three models of headsets that I’ll highlight are the type that connect to a computer via USB. Specifically, the Discover D712, Discover D713 and the Discover D722U. Let’s get started. 

Two of the three models here are worn over the head and cover both ears. So to begin, I’ll start by going over the model that’s worn over the ear, the Discover D713U. 

Discover D713U

lifestyle image of discover d713u headset

What is it? This is a wired, USB office headset that’s worn over the ear rather than over the head like most other headsets. 

Today, it’s hard to find many options to consider for an over the ear model headset. The vast majority of office headsets come in a mono, or single ear or duo, double ear over the head style headsets.

Not everyone can wear this style of headset. Some people who have sensitivities to things worn over their head can end up with migraine

headaches if they wear this kind of headset. For these individuals, a headset worn over the ear rather than over the head is a must. The Discover D713U is one of those few options available today.

Others might not enjoy that new hairdo that wearing a headset with a headband gives. You spend time in the morning doing your hair, only to have it altered after wearing a headset. For you who can identify with this, give the Discover D713U a shot and you might just end up being our next happy customer. 

Ear Loop

The Discover D713U is worn over the ear, and has a unique feature called a lobe hinge. This pivoting piece that’s attached to the ear loop swivels so that it helps to fasten the lower end of the ear loop snugly to the bottom of your ear lobe.

One of the common complaints about an on ear headset is that it isn’t stable on the ear and can even fall off. The value of the lobe hinge is it helps to stabilize the headset giving the wearer a more secure fit.

This is a feature you won’t find anywhere else, and yes, it does make a difference in providing you with a more comfortable and stable headset wearing experience. 

Ear gels 

The Discover D713U comes with a variety of sizes of ear gels. These slide on to the headset at the point that inserts into your ear. Having a few sizes to choose from allows you to find the size that’s most comfortable for you. When it comes to ear sizes and headsets, one thing is for sure and that is one size most certainly does not fit all. 


This wired office headset comes with a noise cancelling microphone that helps to remove unwanted background noise. If you’d like to hear how well it does, check out the video we did where the D713U mic is tested. 

Sound Quality 

Sound is one of those things that’s subjective. What sounds good to one person might not sound good to someone else. I think the D713U has a good microphone that not only picks up a voice loud and clear, but the noise cancelling feature helps your callers to have a better listening experience too. Overall, I’d say that the microphone on the Discover D713U is solid and it’s doubtful you’d be disappointed in the sound quality. 


Most wired office headsets carry a 2-year warranty. Some, might even stop at offering a 1-year. The Discover line of headsets all come with a 3-year warranty which is tops in the industry. This means that you won’t be shelling out money for repairs or replacements for a full 3-years. That’s peace of mind X’s 3 (years that is). 

Discover D712U

lifestyle image of d712u headset

Unlike the Discover D713U that’s worn over the ear, the Discover D712U is worn over the head and covers two ears (binaural design). If you prefer to cover one ear instead, there’s the Discover D711U. 

What makes the D712U a good value? 


This headset sits well on the head and is comfortable to the point you could wear it all day without any problem. The headband features neoprene padding so you don’t have any hard surfaces pressing against the top of your head. Add to that, the Discover D712U has pillow soft padded ear cushions and you’re well on your way to a pleasant headset wearing experience. The weight won’t cause you pain and suffering either. Made out of strong, lightweight materials, the D712U keeps you communicating and not looking for that bottle of Tylenol. 

When it comes to selecting a new headset, comfort for sure plays a part, and the D712U scores well in this area. 


Having a comfortable headset is important without a doubt. However a comfortable, but crappy sounding headset simply won’t cut it. You need both comfort and sound. When you experience the sound on the Discover D712U, you won’t be disappointed. Sound, in and of itself, is broken down into two areas; the sound you hear, and the sound your callers hear. 

The sound you hear is enhanced by the quality of the speakers used in the headset. If you start with poor quality speakers, you cannot expect to get good quality sound. The Discover D712U uses good quality speakers that deliver a sound that’s crisp and clear.

This is aided by the soft, doughnut shaped ear cushions that help to capture sound. In the end, you’re able to hear well. Speaking of ear cushions, the Discover D712U comes

with two pairs of spare ear cushions; two foam and two leatherette. This is a small thing, but surprisingly, more uncommon than common. When the time comes that your ear cushions need replacing, you’ll have two pairs on hand to make the quick, and free, exchange. 

The microphone features noise cancellation. This means the background noise you hear will be reduced if not fully eliminated. Though you can hear the sound that’s going on around you, your callers won’t, and that’s exactly what you want. The Discover D712U microphone does a great job to pick up voice volume clearly and block out that unwanted noise. 


Like with other Discover headsets, the Discover D712U comes with a full 3-year warranty which is longer than most all other brands available today. For you, this means longer peace of mind and cost avoidance for any repairs or exchanges. 



The Discover D712U comes with a hard shell carry case. Having this case included makes it nice if you plan on taking your headset with you. It allows the headset to be safely stowed and transported. 

Discover D722U 

lifestyle photo of d722u headset

Like the Discover D713U, and D712U, the D722U is designed for use with a computer and connects via a USB connector. This headset is best suited for those who work from home, in an office environment that has bothersome noise, or someone who wants to listen to music while they work. 

This headset looks far heavier than it actually wears. The materials are strong, but lightweight which makes it perfect for wearing it all day long. 

Here are a few of the features that make this a great headset to consider.

Oversize Ear Cups 

If your intention is to reduce that unwanted background noise, you’re going to need more than your everyday run of the mill ear cups. By ear cups I’m referring to the plastic housing that supports the ear speakers. Your typical office headset has earpieces that rest against the ear. The Discover D722U has oversize ear speaker housings that fully encircle the ear. This is an advantage in two ways; 

  1. It helps to capture more sound thereby enabling you to hear better 2. It helps to prevent unwanted background noise from distracting you 

The exterior portion of the ear cups are made of a hard plastic material. This serves as a sound barrier that prevents sound from entering the ear canal. Instead, you hear what’s coming in through the speaker and not what’s going on around you. 

Research suggests that distractive sounds in a work environment is the leading cause of lower productivity in the workplace. Further, it suggests that it can take as much as twenty minutes to regain your focus and concentration once distracted. With this in mind, it makes sense to take this noise seriously, and lower it if at all possible. The Discover D722U helps to accomplish this. 

Oversize ear cushions

Matched up to the oversize ear cups are larger than normal sized ear cushions. Rather than being a cushion that extends all across the location where the ear is positioned (which results in a material barrier that sound must penetrate), it’s more doughnut shaped which gives your ears a direct path to the sound emanating from the headset ear speaker. The result is you hear better. 


The D722U has a very nice, rich sound. This makes it ideal for those wanting to listen to music while they work. If on a phone call, you can expect to hear your callers with a solid sound as well. In our tests, we found that the D722U was much better sounding when compared to a lot of other models. 

Noise Cancelling Microphone 

The Discover D722U comes with an excellent microphone. This microphone projects your voice to your callers crystal clear. It also does a very good job to eliminate unwanted background noise. Your callers will appreciate hearing you well, and not your coworkers, landscapers, fans or your office equipment humming along. Good sound is what you want, and the Discover D722U delivers.

Stay put Flex Boom 

Where your microphone is positioned makes a world of difference how you’re heard. Most headsets have a microphone boom that is flexible to allow you to position the microphone properly. However, there’s this thing called microphone drift which means that the microphone can go out of adjustment due to the mic boom not holding in place. 

The Discover D722U has a stay put boom that once you set it, you can forget it. It’s made from a high quality material that holds its place once set so you won’t need to realign it periodically. 

The proper place to locate a headset microphone is approximately two fingers width from the corner of your mouth, and just below your lower lip. This allows the microphone to be close enough to your mouth to pick up your voice well, but not so close that you get distorted sound. Having the microphone located below your lower lip slightly, allows you to talk over the microphone, rather than into it. This provides a better sound. 


This is one of those minor details that seems silly to even bring up, but it does have value and surprisingly, many headsets do not come with it. I’m speaking about a foam cover that goes over the microphone. This item is called a windscreen.

Most of us have seen TV reports covering a story in the field while holding a microphone in their hand. In all cases the microphone has a foam cover over it. Why? Because they’re reporting from outdoors where the weather conditions might include wind.

Wind blowing over a microphone doesn’t provide the best audio experience. The good news is it’s easily resolved by simply sliding over the microphone a foam windscreen. This helps to eliminate the wind sound. 

As this relates to office headsets, you might be working in an office that has a fan blowing nearby.Or, you might be someone who tends to breath a bit louder than most people.

Some people also are a little heavy on the S sound when they talk, or P’s or T’s. A microphone windscreen can help to smooth these sounds helping you to be heard better. The Discover D722U comes with a microphone windscreen. 


At first glance, the Discover D722U has a bulky, maybe even heavy appearance. As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. That rings true with the Discover D722U. When you put it on, you’ll quickly notice that it’s much lighter than it appears. It’s made of durable lightweight materials making it a headset you could wear all day without fatigue. 


Wired office headsets typically come with a 1-year warranty, while others offer a 2-year. The Discover D722U comes with a full 3-year warranty making it one of the longest warranties in the industry. What does a long warranty mean to you? Longer peace of mind because you’re covered longer and you won’t need to shell out money for a repair or replacement headset. When it comes to warranties, longer is better, and the D722U warranty is among the best. 


Do you have choices for wired USB headsets at, or below the $100.00 price range? Absolutely. But, I feel that the three models I’ve discussed in this blog are ones that you should seriously consider.

You not only get a comfortable, great sounding headset, but you’ll have one that carries an industry leading warranty which makes this line of headsets worth considering.

Not only are these headsets reasonably priced, but you have the option of renting rather than buying. You can save your funds for other projects and pay a low, pay as you go price. This alone is a unique program you won’t find anywhere else.

Add it all up, and chances are,you’ll arrive at the conclusion that the Discover line of wired headsets represent a great value, one that’s hard to ignore.

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