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There are no shortages of office wired headsets to choose from. The question that many people ask is which is best? That’s a hard question to answer because what’s best for someone isn’t the best for someone else. 

So how do you wade through all the available options, and narrow it down to what’s best for you? 

In this blog, we’re not going to attempt to answer what’s the best office wired headset from any perspective. Instead, we’re going to answer the question of what's the best wired headset for speaking and hearing. 

In this, we’ll cover the following points: 

  • Comfort 
  • Speaking sound quality 
  • Hearing sound quality 
  • Warranty 
  • Overall value 

Let’s dive right in. 


Ok, to get things started, we all want a headset that’s comfortable. Wearing a headset that’s uncomfortable can wear on you throughout the day, and in some cases, have you leaving work with a splitting headache. Why encourage that experience when you can avoid it by simply selecting a wired office headset model that’s known to be comfortable. Three good ways to gain some insights into the comfort question is to: 

  1. Read the available literature or articles that features the headset you’re interested in. Typically, there’s no shortage of information on just about anything you might want to know something about.
  2. Read online reviews. Reviews from verified buyers can be a great way to know what you can expect from your wired headset purchase. Keep a special eye open for comments about their wearing experience and level of comfort. 
  3. Request a demo from a vendor. No better way to know if a product is comfortable or not, than by trying one out in your home or office under your exact work situation. If you’re pretty sure of the model, you can always make the purchase and use the company 30 day return policy to return it for a refund if you find it doesn’t meet your comfort standards. And, if your vendor offers neither of these options, it’s time for you to find a new vendor who does. 

Sound quality

Though comfort is one of the highest things on a wired headset purchase list, sound quality matters every bit as much. After all, if you have a comfortable office wired headset but you sound awful to your customers, you really don’t have much of a headset. 

Sound quality is important in two key areas: 

  • The sound your callers hear 
  • The sound you hear 

Sound your callers hear 

If you work in a place that has noise, it’s important for you to have an office wired headset that can reduce background noise so your callers don’t hear it. 

A wired headset that has a good quality noise cancelling microphone will go a long way towards keeping the call loud and clear. This will help to assure that your callers hear you, and not that noise in your background. Your customers won’t have to ask you to repeat yourself either. This helps to keep your conversations flowing. 

Sound you hear. 

Equally important is the sound you hear. Studies have shown that office distractions are the leading cause of lower productivity. Further, it’s been shown that it can take as long as 20 minutes to regain focus once distracted. Clearly, you don’t want to be distracted. 

How can you help to avoid being distracted? By having an office wired headset that helps to reduce room noise. 

Wired headsets can cover one ear or two. Having one ear covered allows your free ear to hear what’s going on around you. This isn’t particularly helpful if you’re trying to eliminate unwanted noise. It’s better to have both ears covered so the noise going on

around you doesn’t interfere with your ability to concentrate and stay focused. When it comes to hearing better, a double ear model is superior over a single ear. 

Additionally, ear speakers come in different sizes. The best for removing room noise is an oversize ear cushion that fully covers the ear. 


Warranties do matter, and it’s safe to say that the longer the better. So, when shopping for a new office wired headset, don’t overlook this seemingly small detail. Pay special attention to things like, length of warranty, who pays for the shipping, and whether the vendor offers advance replacements or not. Though warranties might appear to be all the same on the surface, when you drill down a bit, you can quickly see that there truly are differences. 

Overall Value

As with any product or service, there will always be those that are the most expensive, and those the most inexpensive. The savvy purchaser looks for the best overall value. This might mean a middle of the road price, for an above middle of the road product and warranty. Value is out there, but you have to do a little homework to recognize it when you see it. 

Having said this, what is the best wired headset mic for speaking 2021?

Here’s our pick 

Discover D722U 

 discover d722u lifestyle image

What makes this our favorite wired headset Mic for Speaking for 2021? Here’s why: 

  1. Superb Noise Cancelling Microphone. The Discover D722U removes an above average amount of background noise. This means that your calls will sound loud, clear and without distraction from the sounds around you. Even if you’re dictating using a speech recognition software program like Dragon, you’ll have a high recognition rate. The Discover D722U will work well on your Zoom video calls, or Microsoft Teams meetings as well. 

  2. Flexible Microphone boom. Believe it or not, where you locate your office wired headset microphone, makes a difference in how you sound to others. The correct position is two fingers width from the corner of your mouth, and a pinch beneath your lower lip so you talk over the microphone rather than directly into it. The

Discover D722U has an exceptional microphone boom that stays put where you place it without the microphone drifting out of adjustment. 

  1. Lightweight & Comfortable. As noted earlier, having a comfortable headset is important. The Discover D722U is one of the lightest, most comfortable double ear headsets available today. 
  2. Oversize Ear Speakers & Cushions. The Discover D722U has oversize ear speakers and nicely padded oversize ear cushions. Together, these two features help to fully cover your ears so that the noise around you is far less distracting. This means that you hear less of what’s going on around you, and more of what you’re focused on. Most other makes and models of double ear headsets don’t offer this feature. 

If you’re like a lot of people who like to listen to music while working, the Discover D722U should put a smile on your face. You’ll appreciate the rich sound and nice bass tones as you listen while you work. An added bonus to the great voice audio. 

  1. Longer Warranty. The Discover D722U comes with a full 3-year advance replacement warranty. Other models offer a 1 or 2-year warranty. This means you have more coverage and longer peace of mind.

    The frosting on this cake is that it also includes advance replacements. Meaning you won’t be sitting idle waiting for your replacement headset to arrive. Other companies require that they receive the defective unit before a replacement will be shipped.

    Oh, and the Discover D722U shipping is paid both ways so you won’t have to dip into your pocket to ship it to us. Another reason why the Discover D722U is an office wired headset that’s well worth your consideration. 
  2. Highly Rated. The Discover D722U is a popular office headset. This wired headset scores well across the board including things like comfort, sound quality, design, durability, and price. When you get this headset, you can be assured that you’re getting the best value for your money in a wired office headset. 
  3. Best Value. This takes into account the key measurement areas for an office wired headset including comfort, sound quality, durability, warranty and price. The Discover D722U scores high in this way, which means you’ll have a headset that will serve your needs for years to come while giving you great sound and comfort in the process. 


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