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Confusion can easily set in if you’re actively searching for a wireless headset for your business communications. Unlike in years past, the options available to us today is extensive.Among the devices we’re able to use today includes: 

  • Analog desk phones 
  • Digital desk phones 
  • Voice over iP desk phones 
  • Desk phones with USB ports 
  • Computer based Softphones 
  • Video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype for Business and more
    ● Personal high quality speakerphones 
  • Mobile phones 

Even further, what you’re using today may not be what you’ll be using in the very near future. All of this helps to complicate the headset buying process.

Which brand to choose?

Which model?

Will it meet my current and future needs?

Is it comfortable?

Is it reliable?

Does it have a good warranty?

Is the battery replaceable?

Does it provide different wearing options?

Well, you get the idea. The further you go, the easier it can be to develop more questions. 

Though this blog isn’t designed to answer all these questions, it is designed to help bring to light four wireless headsets that are worth considering. These are wireless headsets that are referred to as convertible.

Convertible, as it relates to headsets, means that it can convert from one wearing style to another. This means that you aren’t stuck with a headset that can only be worn one way. 

The other thing about these four headsets that I’ll reviewis they have the ability to connect to more than one device.

This means that you’ll have the ability to use the headset with different devices such as phones, computers and mobile phones.

Each model has its own capabilities, and there are variations. I’ll do my best to bring up the differences and why you might buy one over the other. 

Before I get started, I wanted to let you know that I recorded a video that covers this exact topic. If you prefer to watch the video over reading this blog, then you’ll have the opportunity to not only see the products, but you’ll be able to hear how each of them sound as well.

A lot of people prefer to watch their content over reading it. If this sounds like you, then make sure to watch the video. I’ll post it below for easy access. 

If you’re still reading then join me here as I compare these four different convertible, multi-connection wireless headsets 


Each of these models are offered by reputable companies, and the products have achieved popularity in the marketplace. Any of them should be able to do a good job for as long as the model you select is matched to your needs. Hopefully this blog can help you along in that way. 

Let’s see how each model specifications compare. 

Wireless Signal 

Jabra Engage 75 connects via Dect 6.0 

Yealink WH67 connects via Dect 6.0 

Poly Savi 8240 connects via Dect 6.0 

Discover D904 also connects via Dect 6.0

Dect 6.0 is the industry standard for wireless connectivity to phones.All these models use the same wireless signaling to interact with phones, so no difference exists between them. 


The Jabra Engage 75 connects to 2 Bluetooth devices, 2 USB and 1 analog desk phone The YeaLink WH67 connects to Bluetooth, Softphone, Desk Phone (Yealink or Polycom) 

The Poly Savi 8240 connects to Mobile phone, computer (softphone etc), desk phone The Discover D904 connectors to Desk Phone or computer (softphone etc) 

There’s some variation on how each of these models connect. The Jabra appears very flexible in the devices it connects to. 

The Yealink connects to a number of devices but be aware it connects only to YeaLink desk phones or select models of Polycom phones. 

The Poly Savi 8240 connects to mobile phones, desk phones and computers. Versatile. The Discover D904 is designed to work with desk phones and computers. 

Depending on what you want and need to connect to, the connection capabilities of each model should help guide you to what you need most. Generally speaking, the more connections you have, the more you will pay for it. Another good reason to understand your needs well. 

Talk Time 

The Jabra Engage 75 provides 9 hours of talk time. 

The Yealink WH67 offers 8 hours. 

The Poly Savi 8240 is rated at 7 hours.

The Discover D904 offers unlimited talk time. 

The advantage here is clearly with the Discover D904. It comes standard with two batteries. One battery is inserted into the headset earpiece, while the second battery is stowed and charged in the built-in charger that’s found in the headset base station. The spare battery can be swapped out mid conversation too without dropping the call. 

Replaceable battery? 

Jabra Engage 75 - No 

Yealink WH677 - No

Poly Savi 8240 - yes 

Discover D904 - yes 

The disadvantage of not having a replaceable battery is when the battery no longer holds a charge, you’re required to replace the headset itself. Even if the headset works perfectly, it must still be replaced. This isn’t ideal for these reasons: 

  1. It’s costly to replace the headset especially if you compare that cost to the cost to replace a battery only. 
  2. It’s one more thing that will potentially end up in our landfills. 
  3. It’s even more expensive to replace if your model is no longer available. 


All the models come standard with a noise cancelling microphone. This means that all are designed to remove much of the unwanted background noise in your work environment. This can be things like people talking, office machinery noise, typing sounds etc. 

When I conducted some microphone tests with these models, they all performed quite well. I’d say overall that the Jabra Engage 75 microphone sounded the loudest to me, and they all did a good job to remove the office sounds I played. This is important, especially if you work in an office environment that’s known to have noise.

Wireless talk range 

Jabra Engage 75 - up to 490 feet 

Yealink WH67 - 394 feet 

Poly Savi 8240 - Line of sight up to 590 feet 

Discover D904 - up to 300 feet 

It’s interesting that all models use the same Dect 6.0 signal, yet there’s a notable difference between them in wireless talk range. Poly Savi 8240 notes “line of sight” in their wireless range estimate. Line of sight means from the base unit to the headset there are no obstructions.

Another common reference is in an “open field” test. As the name suggests, an open field would also not have any obstructions. 

In an actual office environment, you have a lot of obstructions. You have sheetrock walls, concrete or brick walls. You have partitions, elevators, people, desks and the list goes on.

In real world situations, obstructions must be accounted for. In this context, that means that the stated wireless range is surely more generous than what you should rightfully expect.

We use a rule of thumb as taking the stated range and dividing it in half. By doing this, you should be closer to a real world wireless talk range estimate.

In our extensive experience, we see most wireless headsets providing around 150 feet of wireless range, regardless of what the product datasheet states. 


Jabra Engage 75 - 1 year 

Yealink WH67 - 2 years 

Poly Savi 8240 - 1 year 

Discover D904 - 3 years 

When it comes to warranties, longer is always better. With that in mind, the Discover D904 shines.

A 1-year warranty on a wireless headset is common.

The top two names in headsets; Poly and Jabra both offer that 1-year warranty. Yealink and Discover up the game by adding an extra year, or in the case of the Discover, 2 years to the standard industry warranty. 

Longer warranties translate to longer peace of mind and less out of pocket expenses. 

Final thoughts 

Which is best? That’s a question only you can answer. Which model is best will be the model that has the right features based on your exact needs. 

The Jabra is a solid choice because it offers a lot of ways to connect. But, it doesn’t have a replaceable battery which might leave you with financial concerns. The earpiece is larger and a bit bulky compared to the other models. It does have a cool display screen which gives it appeal. 

The Yealink is a new and modern headset. It has the largest display screen among all products. The touch screen works beautifully, and allows you to easily navigate through the different menu options. It too doesn’t have a replaceable battery like the Jabra model.

And, the WH67 connects only to YeaLink and select Polycom desk phones. So, if you like this headset, and you’d be using it with, say, a Cisco phone, it won’t work. Something to be aware of. 

The Poly Savi 8240 is an update of a model that’s been around awhile. The Savi series has been a solid headset in the Poly line and no doubt the 8240 will carry on with that tradition.

Compared to the Jabra and the Yealink, it’s simpler in the design, but if your intent is to have a simple, easy to use headset that gives you a lot of connection options, and a replaceable battery, then this might be the model for you.

The Discover D904 is limited in what it connects to. It’s designed to be used with a desk phone and a computer, with the ability to seamlessly switch between them.

Having two batteries and two chargers is a big plus for this model as is the unrivaled 3-year warranty. If your needs don’t justify additional connectivity, then you’ll be money ahead, a lot of money ahead, by going with the Discover D904. 

Have headset questions, or need some help? 

If you have questions about headsets, and you’re not sure where to turn to get answers, look no further than to Headset Advisor. We’ve been consulting with customers since 1994, and we can be a great resource for you. 

Call us, email us, text us or chat live with us. We’re here to help you find the perfect headset that’s comfortable, sounds great, compatible with your system and within your budget. We even have a trade-in program for old headsets, and we offer a monthly headset rental plan too. 

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