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Recently, we saw a new, high end, Bluetooth wireless headset make its debut in the form of the Bose 700 and Bose 700 UC

Without a doubt there are a lot of Bose fans around the world, and for those fans who have a need for a double ear, high quality Bluetooth headset for their work, the Bose 700 might be the ticket.

Being that there are two variants of this technology rich wireless headset, the 700 and the 700 UC, you might wonder, what’s the difference between them?

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In this blog, I’ll attempt to point out what they have in common and what makes them different. But, before I do, you might be one of the many people who prefer to watch a video rather than read text.

If so, you should hop over to watch the video we made on this very subject in the beginning.

If you’re still reading, then let’s go through some of the things these headsets have in common and those they don’t. 

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Things that the Bose 700 and 700 UC have in common

Dual ear design

Both models are binaural, or double ear wireless headsets. If you want the best hearing experience for both voice, video and music, a double ear model is a must. 


The Bose 700 and Bose 700 UC both utilize the adaptive 8 microphone system. Having 8 microphones is more uncommon than common, so with the Bose 700 series, you have more technology built in. This is designed to allow your callers to hear you loud and clear, and not what’s going on around you. 

Noise Cancellation

Both models benefit from the 11 levels of noise cancellation. Is this a common feature found on most Bluetooth enabled wireless headsets? Not at all. Again, this helps to separate the Bose 700 series from others this model competes with.

Having this level of technology shows that Bose not only cares about what you hear, but what your callers hear. Or, in this case, what they don’t hear. 


The Bose 700 and Bose 700 UC come with a battery that’s rated to last up to 20 hours with a full charge. The recharge time for this battery is 2.5 hours, and if you place your Bose 700 on a charger for 15 minutes, it will provide you with a surprising 3.5 hours of available battery life. Again, both models benefit from this battery. 


The 700 and 700 UC both have a built in equalizer that’s designed to deliver the ultimate listening experience. Bose is well known for high end audio quality, and they didn’t overlook this when they designed the 700 series. 

Conversation mode

Both models have what’s referred to as conversation mode. This feature allows you to keep your headset on, but still be able to hear others around you.

This solves the problem for anyone who’s ever worn a double ear headset where having both ears covered prevents you from hearing sound in your work environment.

Rather than having to remove your headset to hear what’s going on around you, you simply activate the conversation mode and keep your headset on. 

So what makes the Bose 700 different from the Bose 700 UC?

In a nutshell, the Bose 700 UC comes with the Bose USB Link which gives you a much better connectivity and audio experience when connecting to your computer.

The USB Link gives you one touch answer/end of your calls, and the 700 UC is optimized for use with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

You won’t have to run back to your desk to take a call with the UC version, which is nice. While away from your desk you can take a call and terminate the call with the touch of a button.

It’s very convenient and it helps to eliminate the risk that you’ll trip on an office cord and end up launching yourself across the room. Hazard avoided. 

Call quality is enhanced when using the USB Link too. When you compare call quality using the dongle and the call quality without, you’ll hear the difference.

Given a choice, I’m pretty sure we all want to sound as good as possible, and having the USB Link helps to achieve that. 

Either model you choose you’re still getting that famous Bose quality. It could be that the 700 model is perfect for your situation If so, I’m sure you aren’t going to be displeased.

However, if you have a lot of meetings using Teams, Meet or Zoom, then you might be better served using the 700 UC model. In our view, you simply can’t go wrong no matter which way you go.

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Benno Kuhl

Benno Kuhl

If the Bose 700 with UC adaptor is so good why are you using a different headset to make this presentation. And what headset to you use for business meetings on a computer that can also be used for great Bluetooth music when not working


Jim Barden

Jim Barden

I have a question regarding the Bose700. Can I buy a Bose 700 and then buy the uc usb to make it ab700 uc? There are price promos out the save some money if that is the case. Also is the QC 45 any better? Range of BT those same?

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