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  • Elegant Design 

  • Adaptable Features 

  • Brilliant Sound 

  • Exceptional Value 

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Captivate sound for your captivated customers.

 Discover Adapt 30 lifestyle

We’ve all been there. Working in an office and being distracted by unwanted room noise. That can be really annoying, but that’s a thing of the past with the noise reducing microphone on the Adapt 30.

You see, the Adapt 30 has technology built into the microphone that helps to electronically filter out unwanted noise. The result? You get a distraction free, fantastic sounding call with your customers, and they hear you, not what’s going on around you. 

Single ear. Double ear. No need to choose. 

Both are included, 1 year is good, 2 might be better. Both headbands are included.

discover adapt 30

Deciding which of the two most popular wearing styles to choose just got easier because the Discover Adapt 30 comes with both. 

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind design that gives you a single ear speaker wearing style, but also a double. When you wear the single ear headband, one ear is covered which leaves your other ear free to hear what’s going on around you. If the office gets noisy, simply snap on the dual speaker headband and you’ll get refocused. 

The Discover Adapt 30 is the only brand that offers this unique, adaptable dual wearing option. Other headsets offer a single ear option, or dual, but not both. The Discover Adapt 30 is a better value.

Wireless freedom to talk on your phone or computer. Either way, the Adapt 30 has your back.

adapt 30

Whether you need a great sounding wireless headset for your office desk phone, or for zoom video calls, the Discover Adapt 30 is with you every step of the way. Our unique communication adapter gives you the versatility to adapt the headset to your changing needs. No more replacing outdated headsets, and you avoid those costly expenses too. 


A Longer Warranty Is Always Better

warranty adapt 30

Other wireless headset brands limit their warranty to 1-year. The Discover Adapt 30 not only matches that, but goes for an additional 2-years. This means you get a first class warranty and peace of mind for a full 3-years. That’s 2-years longer than other brands. 

The Adapt 30 gives you a longer warranty, longer peace of mind, and you avoid costly repair or replacement expenses. 

Longer truly is better 


Wireless Freedom To Get More Done

The Discover Adapt 30 gives you up to 350 feet of wireless freedom. Need to grab that much needed first cup of morning coffee, but don’t want to miss a call? Maybe you need to run over to the printer to grab a document. Whatever takes you away from your desk, step away with confidence knowing you won’t miss an important call. 

If away from your desk and a call comes in, you’ll hear a quiet beep tone in your headset earpiece. Simply press the call control button on the side of the headset and your call is connected. It’s that easy. 

  • No more missed phone calls
  • No more voice messages to listen to 
  • No more return phone calls or voicemail tag 

Your customers get better service and you get more done. 

Opinions Matter. Here's what others are saying.

customer reviews adapt 30

The Discover Adapt 30 is good, real good, but, don’t take our word for it. Have a look at some recent reviews to see what others have to say. 

Read More Reviews from Amazon 

"I am using it with an AT&T Bluetooth office phone. I love that I can answer both the landline and my cell phone with this headset and keep working hands free! It works great and I switch between the single & the double headset band depending on how I am wearing my hair that day. (it makes a difference in how well it stays on my head).

I will recommend it to anyone who asks me about headsets. I work from home now, and with the range that this headset works in, I can go anywhere in my home and still be connected, (main floor or basement, where my office is, even outside if I don't go too far).
I Love it, Thank You"


"Wow! That is all I can say about this headset. I don't think I could ever switch back to the Plantronics I was using before.

This makes work so much easier. If I need to zone in and focus I use the dual ear headband, and if I need to talk to patients then I use the single ear. Plus, I don't have to worry about anything with the 3 year warranty. This was well worth the money. Plus, you can't beat the customer service!

I will be recommending this headset to everyone I know who works with phones.

PS: Josh in Customer Service got me up and running in a jiffy, if you need help, ask for him!!"


"Everything the ad says it is! Clear and crisp communications. IF you have the need for a hands-free phone - this is your answer."



Having a great wireless headset is great, but it’s not the whole picture. What about the guarantees behind it? A good product that lacks a good guarantee puts you at risk. 

When you buy a Discover Adapt 30, you get the best warranty of any wireless headset offered today.. 

  • A full 3-year guarantee for longer peace of mind 
  • 60 day returns which eliminates risk
  • Free shipping both ways to save you money 
  • And, a full 110% money back guarantee If you’re not satisfied. You have no risk when you buy the Discover Adapt 30. 

Saving money never goes out of style!

Headset Trade-In

If you have old headsets gathering dust in a closet, why not trade them in for cash or credit? Turn that old box of headsets from a cost to dispose of, to a way to lower the price of your new Discover Adapt 30 headsets.  

Headset Rental

office headset rental

Interested in the Discover Adapt 30, but the budget is tight? This isn’t uncommon. Why not rent your Adapt 30 headsets instead? 

  • Warranty never expires - ongoing peace of mind and conserves your cash

● Includes replacement accessories - saves money and convenient

● Upgrade or downgrade when you like - ultimate flexibility and adaptability

● Free shipping both ways - convenient and saves on shipping costs

● Add headsets, subtract or cancel at any time - you keep flexible 


3 times the warranty 

3 times the peace of mind 

discover adapt 30 warranty

Long range wireless freedom up to 350 feet

Allowing you to get more done. 

long range wireless headset

Remote call answering accessory 

so you don’t miss important calls 

adapt 30 wireless range

Fast, free shipping. 110% money back guarantee Free set up assistance

110% guarantee

and 60-day returns means zero risk to you and lifetime service support


Do you have questions before making a decision?

Contact us today and an Advisor will be available to answer any questions you may have over email, live chat or on the phone. Whichever method you prefer, we're here to answer your questions! 

Adapt 30Discover adapt 30

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