How To Sync Two Poly Sync 60 Speakerphones Together | Headset Advisor

You're able to daisy chain two Poly Sync 60 Speakerphones for larger meetings.

Daisy chain your Poly Sync 60 

poly sync 60 daisy chain

  1. Power on both Sync 60 speakerphones
  2. Make sure both are unplugged from the computer
  3. Press and hold both link buttons for 2 seconds until you hear "connecting" and the LEDs flash white
  4. Once both Sync 60's are paired together, you can control the system from either speakerphone for calls or audio. 
  5. To end pairing mode, press both link buttons again for 2 seconds until you hear "device disconnected"

Note: Pairing mode can be done when both speakersphones are inactive (not on a call or streaming audio). 

Also, you can pair your mobile phone before or after pairing speakerphones togethether. 

Pair 2 poly sync 60Poly sync 60 daisy chainPoly sync 60 syncing

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