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With the pandemic of 2020, more and more people have been required to work from home. The home office has become the new normal in an era when working from a busy office was the norm. 

Working from home has posed many challenges that differ from those in a traditional office. And, to help meet these challenges, work from home professionals need the appropriate tools in order to keep up that all important professional first impression. 

At the heart of the tool kit is the computer. This remains the hub of operations for accessing critical information and staying in touch with customers and coworkers alike. 

Having a good quality headset is very important as well. A comfortable, great sounding headset helps to keep you connected to your customers and sounding great on your Zoom video calls. 

Many people today are using their Smartphones as a base platform for communicating. This communication can be in the form of customer phone calls, Zoom video calls or many other business oriented applications. 

If you plan on using your Smartphone for business, you owe it to yourself to consider getting a high quality audio speakerphone. There are several to choose from, but this blog will narrowly focus on the new Poly Sync 20, Sync 40 and Sync 60 personal speakerphones. 

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Why get a speakerphone for your Smartphone?

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The short answer is professional sound quality and customer impression. Using your device speakerphone will leave you lacking in quality and as a result, lacking in a professional impression with your valued customers. You want to sound professional, right?

If so, ditch the idea of using your Smartphone speakerphone. They’re not engineered with the same degree of features and technology found in the Poly Sync 20, Sync 40 and Sync 60. With these products you get these embedded sound enhancing features: 

  • Echo cancellation - no feedback nor any of that “in a tunnel” echo sound ● Background noise suppression - eliminates unwanted background noise
  • Full duplex audio - for a natural two-way conversation 
  • Multiple microphones - picks up your voice loud and clear 

So what does all this mean? 

The Poly Sync 20, sync 40 and Sync 60 will crush the sound you’re now getting out of your Smartphone speakerphone. So if you want to sound good while on that phone call or video call, consider one of these exceptional products to enhance your sound and image. 

There are differences between the different models in the Poly Sync family of speakerphones. Below is a brief snapshot of how they compare. 

Sync Series models explained

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When you look at all the different variations of each model, you may QUICKLY get confused. No fault of your own. I'll try to explain as best as possible here, but in the case you still need clarification, feel free to contact us.

Poly Sync 20- Microsoft USB-A

Out of the box this variant will be optimized for apps like MS Teams for example. Meaning, you won't have to download Plantronics Hub for certain features.

Some companies IT departments restrict you from downloads, so if you use MS Teams, this is the variant you want. IF you don't use MS Team, don't get this variant. 

Poly Sync 20 Standard (USB-A and USB-C)

This will be the most popular variant ordered. You need to determine if you have USB-A or USB-C ports on your computer. This will help you know which variant to get. Everything else is identical.

If you order the wrong variant on accident, you can always get a converting cord from USB-A to USB-C for example.

usb types

Poly Sync 20+ (USB-A and USB-C)

The + means this includes the BT600 USB adapter so your speakerphone is optimized to work seamlessly between your computer and mobile phone. If you plan on conferencing from your computer a lot, this is the variant you want. 

The included BT600 ensures you have seamless connection, better audio, longer range and overall will give you a better experience. 

Number of microphones 

Poly Sync 20 - 3 

Poly Sync 40 - 3 

Poly Sync 60 - 6 

Voice pickup range 

Poly Sync 20 - 7 feet 

Poly Sync 40 - 8 feet 

Poly Sync 60 - 10 feet 

Talk Time 

Poly Sync 20 - up to 20 hours 

Poly Sync 40 - up to 30 hours 

Poly Sync 60 - Unlimited (AC power mode only) 

Battery recharge time 

Poly Sync 20 - approximately 4 hours 

Poly Sync 40 - approximately 4 hours (estimated) 

Poly Sync 60 - N/A - operates off AC power 

Sound enhancements 

Poly Sync 20 - echo cancellation, noise suppression, full duplex, multiple microphones

Poly Sync 40 - echo cancellation, noise suppression, full duplex, multiple microphones

Poly Sync 60 - echo cancellation, noise suppression, full duplex, multiple microphones


Poly Sync 20 - Windows, Mac, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (with Sync Microsoft version)

Poly Sync 40 - Windows, Mac, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (with Sync Microsoft version)

Poly Sync 60 - Windows, Mac, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (with Sync Microsoft version) 

Wireless daisy chain 

Poly Sync 20 - No, single, base unit only 

Poly Sync 40 - Yes, up to a total of 2 (base plus one additional unit can be connected)

Poly Sync 60 - Yes, up to a total of 2 (base plus one additional unit can be connected) 

Number of USB ports 

Poly Sync 20 - One with Smartphone charging 

Poly Sync 40 - One with Smartphone charging 

Poly Sync 60 - Two with Smartphone charging + one USB Video camera pass through Note: USB Cable length is 28 inches 

Available versions 

Poly Sync 20 - Standard, Microsoft Teams, USB A, USB C, Bluetooth Adapter Poly Sync 40 - Standard, Microsoft Teams, USB A, USB C, Bluetooth Adapter Poly Sync 60 - Standard, Microsoft Teams, USB A, USB C, Bluetooth Adapter 


Poly Sync 20 - 12.7 ounces 

Poly Sync 40 - 21.5 ounces 

Poly Sync 60 - 35 ounces 

Available optional accessories 

Poly Sync 20 - None - comes with carrying case and lanyard 

Poly Sync 40 - Charge stand, secure desk mount, Bluetooth adapter for PC

Poly Sync 60 - Bluetooth adapter for PC connectivity 


Poly Sync 20 - MSRP ranges between $169.99 to $239.99 depending on the model Poly Sync 40 - TBA 

Poly Sync 60 - TBA 

BT600 Bluetooth Adapter - $98.00 

Not only will the Poly Sync speakerphone help out with your business communications, but it will also give you a lot of joy when it comes time to switch things up and turn on some music. The Poly Sync comes with a high performance speaker and bass reflect

with dual passive radiators for a sound that leaves your mobile phone speaker sounding like a limp load of laundry. Better sound is just a Sync away. 

The Poly Sync 20, Sync 40 or Sync 60 will help you to stay connected while keeping any unwanted noise to a minimum so you can stay focused. 

There truly are unique challenges when working from home. You might hear the doorbell ring for a delivery you’re expecting. The neighbor might decide it’s time to mow the yard just as you get onto an important phone call.

Maybe it’s time for your daily Zoom call and the kids just got home from school. No matter what the challenge, the Poly Sync speakerphone will help to cut that unwanted noise and keep your conversation moving forward.

Which Headset Is Best for Office Work?

We’ve understood the features of some of the best speakerphones such as the Poly Sync 20, Poly Sync 40, and Poly Sync 60 along with the key differences of Poly Sync 20 vs. 40 vs. 60. But for those of you who need to find the greatest headset for office work, there are other excellent options too, such as the Evolve2 85. It offers a ton of benefits, allowing busy executives and professionals to connect with partners, clients, and colleagues across the globe with superb ease, clarity, and professionalism.

First and foremost, the Evolve2 85’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature offers cutting-edge noise isolation so you can focus solely on that most important business deal. Moreover, going several notches above the Jabra Evolve Series, the Evolve2 85 is equipped with not one, two, or three but as many as 10 microphones, all of which are powered with an advanced digital chipset. 

Apart from enhanced focus and concentration, the Evolve2 85 also offers outstanding collaboration and audio clarity. Even in noisy and high-pressure office environments, it facilitates seamless business conversations powered by impeccable call quality, with its advanced digital signal processing. Hear and be heard with amazing clarity using this high-tech headset. 

Its 37-hour battery life — the highest in the industry — is the result of a state-of-the-art battery efficiency technology. It can get you through the week with uninterrupted use. Plus, there’s the handy charging stand for those times when you have to use the Evolve2 85 for longer hours.

Hopefully our article explaining the distinction of the Poly Sync 40 speakerphone with others such as the Poly Sync 20 and 60 was helpful. Buy your Poly Sync headset today!

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