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Do you find yourself in the market for a headset for use with your computer?

Doing some Zoom video calls, Softphone calls, Microsoft Team meetings or just want to listen to some music while you crank your day’s work?

You don’t have a lot of money to spend, but you want a headset that has decent quality.

So what’s the best headset to get for say, under $100.00? 

Choosing the right headset is somewhat of a personal thing. By this I mean, what’s perfect for one person might not be perfect for another.

The best thing you can do is to start out by determining how much money you have available to spend for a new headset.

From there, drill down as to what your needs and wants are. Once you have this list established, prioritize it ranking the most important feature first and so on. 

Once you have your budget and list together, it’s time to go shopping. In this blog, I’m going to compare two decent headsets priced under $100.00. Both are designed to be used with a computer. Specifically, I’ll be comparing the Logitech H390, double ear, wired USB headset and the new Discover D312U double ear, wired USB headset. 

Before I begin my comparison, I did want to let you know that I recorded a Youtube video where I compare these two headsets, and in this video, I do a microphone and speaker sound test.

If you’re like a lot of people who prefer to watch video content over reading it, why not jump over to the video and have a look? You’ll be able to listen to both models to hear how they sound too. If that’s something you’re interested in, I’ll put the video below. 

Right out of the gates I want to say that either of these models should serve most people’s needs when an affordable, wired USB headset is needed.

That said, there are some differences between these two products and I’ll attempt to bring some of them to light. If you’re shopping for a new headset, hopefully this information will be helpful to you. 


The Logitech H390 connects to a computer via a USB A plug 

The Discover D312U connects to a computer via a USB A plug, but it can also connect to a mobile phone, tablet or laptops that have a 3.5mm jack. 

Based on this information, the Discover D312U is your better choice. It connects to computers like the H390, but it goes further and gives you additional devices you can use your headset with.

The cord from the headset contains a male 3.5mm pin connector. This pin connector plugs into the inline control box that’s located in the middle of the headset cord.

This is where you control the volume and mute the microphone. Besides giving you additional devices to connect to, you can also use this 3.5mm pin plug arrangement to serve as a quick disconnect.

This means if you want to step away from your desk, you don’t need to take your headset off. Instead, you just unplug the 3.5mm pin plug connector and walk away.

Yes, you could unplug it at the computer via the USB, but you’d be dragging along far more cord, and over time you may find that your computer USB port has failed. 


The Logitech H390 has a noise cancelling microphone 

The Discover D312U has a noise cancelling microphone 

What’s the value in having this feature? It helps to remove unwanted background noise for your callers. In other words, they hear you better, and they hear what’s going on around you less.

In projecting a professional image, having a good noise cancelling microphone is an important feature, especially if you work in an environment that has noise throughout the day, or periodic spikes. 

If you’d like to hear how both of these headsets sound, as well as how they both did to remove unwanted background noise, check out the video I made so you can hear them for yourself. Once you do, you can make the call as to which you felt sounded better. Here’s the video once again in case you’d like to have a listen.

Microphone Boom Arm 

The Logitech H390 has a microphone boom arm that’s a bit bulky, and stiff. Also, it doesn’t really bend all that much, if at all. This boom arm can only be used on the left side of the face of the person wearing it. In other words, it doesn’t rotate to allow it to be placed on the right or left side of the face. 

Between the bulky appearance, stiffness, lack of flexibility combined with left side only boom placement, I found this to be one of the shortcomings of this USB headset.

Having the ability to move the microphone freely allows the person wearing the headset to position the microphone in the exact place for optimizing sound quality. Mic placement is very important. 

The Discover D312U, on the other hand, has a microphone boom arm that’s completely flexible. It allows you to move it, bend it and get it right where it’s needed so you can be heard clearly at all times.

The microphone boom on the Discover D312U is made like those on more expensive headsets, where the boom on the H390 is more like those found on lesser expensive models. 

Ear Speakers 

The ear speakers on the Logitech H390 do not rotate like you’d find on most USB wired or wireless headsets. This means that the person wearing this headset will need to conform to the very limited ear speaker movement.

If the size and shape of someone’s head is outside of this headset’s ability to move and adjust, then the wearer will find discomfort, especially if wearing the headset for long periods of time. 

On the other hand, the Discover D312U ear speakers have a wide range of movement which is designed to conform to the shape of a variety of head sizes and shapes.

In the short term and long term, this headset will provide a more tailored fit that will clearly result in a more comfortable wearing experience. Without question, the Discover D312U is the better of the two designs. 

Ear Speaker Cushions 

The Logitech H390 ear speakers are a bit small and they’re also a bit firm to the feel. When you wear a headset, especially all day long, you want one that is as soft and comfortable as can be. Anyone who’s had an uncomfortable headset knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The ear speaker cushions are made of a leather like material and are doughnut shaped. Generally speaking, doughnut shaped ear cushions allow for better hearing vs. those that are made with the material going completely across the cushion. That can result in sound inhibiting, rather than a sound aid. 

The Discover D312U has larger ear cushions, and without a doubt, they’re softer and more comfortable.I might even say there’s a bit of a plush feeling. Putting on both of these headsets will quickly alert you to this difference.

The D312U ear cushions, like the Logitech H390, are made in a doughnut shape. These cushions are bigger, softer, doughnut shaped and due to their larger size, help to filter out more of the background sound compared to the H390. 


The headband on the Logitech H390 is adjustable and is padded. Being adjustable is pretty much expected with just about any office headset, but padded, not so much.

It’s nice that this headset comes with the padding because that helps to make the headset more comfortable, particularly during those long busy days. 

The headband on the Discover D312U is also adjustable and is generously padded. It also has numeric references so you can note which number is sized best for you.

Going forward, all you need to do is set it at your personal number, and you know the headset will be sized perfectly for you. One other thing the Discover D312U headband does that the H390 doesn’t is it folds down.

This is particularly helpful if you travel and want to stow it away. A nice bonus on this model. 

In line controls 

Both models have inline controls to regulate the hearing volume and mute the microphone. No real difference here. 

Weight of the headset 

The Logitech H390 weighs in at 6.9 ounces 

The Discover D312U weighs in at 4.4 ounces. 

When it comes to headset comfort, many things all play their part. One of those things is the weight of the office headset. This is magnified for those models worn over the ear. Though there is a weight advantage for the Discover D312U, I’d say both headsets feel similar from a weight standpoint.

If properly designed, headsets that are worn over the head can distribute weight well across the headband which can make a heavier headset feel just as comfortable as one that weighs less. My first impression was that both felt similar in weight (not comfort), but weight. 


The warranty on the Logitech H390 is 2 years. 

The warranty on the Discover D312U is 1 year.

The advantage here goes to the Logitech H390. It has a warranty that’s twice as long as the Discover D312U. When it comes to warranties, longer is always better. Longer peace of mind, and less risk of an unexpected expense. 

Final thoughts 

If you’re looking for a double ear headset for use with your computer, and your plan is to spend less than $100.00, or maybe even less than $80.00, you have a lot of choices out there. However, in this blog, I’ve covered two reputable models that are inexpensive, but offer several attractive features. 

The Logitech H390 is a great choice if you’re looking for a USB headset that’s very inexpensive to buy and has a good warranty. 

The Discover D312U is a great choice if you want a more comfortable wearing experience, more flexibility in how you can use the headset, foldable tor traveling and a decent warranty. 

In the end, it comes down to you, your budget and what your wants and needs are. Hopefully this comparison has helped you to learn a little more about both of these USB headset models. If you still have questions, or just want some knowledgeable advice by people who’ve specialized in headsets since 1994, reach out. 


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