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Before getting started, keep in mind the Logitech H600 is discontinued so at some point there won't be any stock left to purchase. 

The replacemen to the Logitech H600 is the Logitech H800 for your reference. 

Anyone looking to buy a new car understands that they have the option to consider a premium model, models priced in the middle, or they can look at a car that doesn’t require taking out a second mortgage in order to get behind the wheel. Along these same lines, you have the same choices when it comes to buying a wireless USB headset

Wireless USB headsets can come with a premium price, and have a lot of great features. You can also get a wireless USB headset that scales back the features, and the price too.

Or, you can opt to search out the most affordable model that sacrifices many of those premium features in exchange for acceptable sound and acceptable comfort. Life’s about choices, right? 

In this blog, I’m going to focus on one wireless USB headset. This being the Logitech H600

logitech h600 

I’ll provide you with my thoughts on this model, and give it my ratings in a variety of areas. Lastly, I’ll include a video that I made on this exact subject. One benefit in watching the video is you can hear the sound quality and hear how it does to eliminate unwanted background noise. In this case, the noise I’m referring to is a blender set on high.

Yes, I know, a blender isn’t something that you’re going to have in the workplace. Well, if you do have one, I’d imagine your boss is planning on having a conversation with you. In any case, the blender is used in order to create loud, obnoxious, unwanted noise, and the objective is to see how well the Logitech H600 does to minimize, or eliminate that unwanted noise. 

So, let’s get things started! 

Up front, I have to say that this wireless USB headset is, by design, intended to be an entry level, budget friendly wireless USB headset. You’re not going to be impressed by the wide assortment of features. You might not even be impressed with the look, sound

or feel of it. But, for what it’s designed to deliver, it does. That is, an affordable, under $100.00 USD, wireless USB headset for use with your computer based applications. 

Watch the H600 video review 

What it connects to (and what it doesn’t) 

This wireless headset connects to a computer via the included USB dongle, and as a point worth mentioning, it doesn’t connect to your mobile devices like many other headsets in this space will. It’s a USB computer headset only. 

What comes in the box? 

  • Micro USB cable 
  • Logitech H600 wireless headset 
  • USB dongle/adapter 
  • Quick start guide 

Design - fit and finish 

As you would expect for a sub $100.00 USD USB wireless headset, it lacks in the quality of the overall finish. You’re not paying for a premium headset, and in the H600 you’re not getting one, and that includes the quality of the materials, and the overall finish.

It has a bit of a cheap look and feel to it, which is partly due to the shiny finish. But, you have to keep in mind that this is a wireless USB headset that’s priced less than a lot of wired models. It’s impressive enough that a decent headset is available at this price point. 


The microphone that comes with the Logitech H600 is noise cancelling. This helps to remove unwanted background noise. Though that feature is part of the package, it doesn’t do a stellar job to cut out unwanted noise. As far as voice sound quality goes though, it does a decent job for an inexpensive headset. Something to keep in mind if this headset is on your radar. 

One nice feature about the microphone boom on the H600 is it can be raised up, and moved out of the way during those times when you don’t need it. That’s handy because sometimes microphone booms can get in the way, or are just not needed. 


Like microphones, ear speakers play their role in providing you with the sound you need. The Logitech H600 ear speakers are good enough, though not great. You might say they get the job done, but in a no frills fashion.

Wireless talk range 

The Logitech H600 provides up to 33 feet of wireless talk range. That places this model in the lower segment when compared to other models that offer longer wireless range. Still, with that said, the wireless range you get with this headset should work for a good 

percentage of those who would buy it. Longer wireless range is always preferable, but at the price of the H600, you simply can’t go wrong. 


The talk time on the H600 is stated to provide up to 6 hours. Though this is notably less than many other wireless USB headsets out there, it’s actually sufficient for most people. The stated talk time is 6 hours of continuous talking, which practically none of us do. If you were to estimate the number of actual talking hours most of us do all day, 6 hours would normally cover it. If not, you always have the option to charge the headset during breaks or over the lunch hour. 


All in all, I’d say that the H600 is lightweight, and comfortable mostly for short periods of time. The lack of thick padding on the ear cushions, and headband, in my opinion, would make this uncomfortable for long stretches of time.

That said, what you get on the H600 is really what you should expect based on the selling price. Can you wear it for long periods of time? Of course, but it won’t be the most comfortable option out there. Then again, people do have variations on the amount of pain they can withstand, so those with high pain thresholds might find the H600 to be the most comfortable headset they’ve ever used. 


One of the biggest selling points of the Logitech H600 is the selling price. The MSRP for this model is $69.99 USD, which is surprising. Many wired USB headsets cost more than this, and some, like the Poly Blackwire 8225 sell for over $200.00 USD. So, for a wireless USB headset to be priced this low is a real bargain for those not wanting to deal with cords. 

Ease of use 

Some wireless USB headsets can be complicated or confusing to set up. Not so with the H600. Plug in the USB adapter after charging the battery in the headset, and everything pairs up automatically. Charge it, plug it in, and start using it. It’s that simple! 

One thing to be aware of is the H600 isn’t optimized for applications such as Microsoft Teams, RingCentral and others. This means if you’re using the H600 for Softphone calls, you’ll need to activate those calls via the computer, rather than being able to

activate the call via the headset. Something to be aware of if Softphone calls are a big part of your day. 


With good reason this should be a concern for anyone looking to buy the Logitech H600 and keep it for many years. It’s very evident that the headset could easily be classified as a cheap feeling headset, and as such, might not be the best for anyone looking for a long term headset relationship.

This one seems more like a short term affair, with a replacement in the not too distant future. Then again, much of that depends on how well it’s treated. A little abuse with this puppy and you’ll likely find yourself back in the market looking for a new wireless USB headset. 


The overall design I’d say is average. It’s not a headset that will impress you, but at the same time, it’s not so bad that you don’t want to use it. It just falls somewhere in the middle. It’s clever how the mic boom can tuck inside the headband so it can be moved out of the way.

The controls on the side of the headset are simple, and easy to use. The headband is modestly padded and adjustable, as are the ear cushions. The shiny finish gives it a cheap look, but the truth is, it’s a cheap headset, so it all seems to work. 


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, and best score, here’s how I score the Logitech H600: 

Design 5 

Comfort 6 

Ease of use 9 

Battery 7 

Price 10 

Speaker quality 6 

Wireless range 5 

Durability 5 

Voice quality 7 

Noise cancelling 1 

Final Thoughts 

Without question, the Logitech H600 isn’t a sophisticated, fully featured wireless USB headset. In fact, it doesn’t profess to be. This model is targeting those who want or need a USB headset for Zoom calls, Team meetings or Softphone calls, but don’t like wires,

and high price tags. The buyer of this headset is willing to accept sound quality that is a pinch below average, and comfort that’s not the best, but for daily use, good enough.

In my opinion, this is a great little headset for the price, and to help put your mind at ease, it comes with a manufacturer's 2-year warranty. 

Yes, you can get a better wireless headset, but you’re going to pay more for it.

You can get a more comfortable headset, but you’ll pay more for that too. You can get a wireless USB headset that connects to more devices, and to keep with the theme, you’ll pay more for that. 

If you want a very inexpensive wireless headset for use with a computer for yourself, or your team, the H600 should be at the top of your list.

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