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Before setting up your Plantronics CS510, C052 or CS520 wireless headset, you need to identify what phone you have. This will help you go through the proper setup. Click either link below based on the criteria below.


Setup WITHOUT headset port

Follow this setup as well when using the Handset Lifter.


Setup WITH headset port


Setup With Electronic Hook Switch Cables

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Anthony Lopez

Anthony Lopez

The A/C adapter for my C052 blinks green when plugged in, not sending power to the port. Is the cable the issue or the port ?

Glenn Carter

Glenn Carter

It’s the long grey button, below the button that you turn the unit on with.

Maria Zamora

Maria Zamora

How to I put my headset on mute. I’m not sure which button of the headset mutes mine. I have the Plantronics C052.

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