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If you’re currently using a Jabra Pro 9450 wireless headset, you might be in the market for an upgrade. If so, do you look at Jabra products only, or do you venture out into the open headset waters and consider other brands? 

One brand that’s on most people’s radar is Plantronics, now called Poly. And, one model within the Poly line that’s been popular for a long time is the Savi W740, which was updated recently and renamed the Savi 8240.

If this model is one you’re considering, this blog may be of interest to you. I’ll do a side-by-side comparison of the Jabra Pro 9450 and the new Savi 8240. 

Before I begin, I did want to let you know that I recorded a video that compares these two wireless headsets. A lot of people prefer to watch a video review more than reading one. If you’re one of those people then you’ll want to check out this video. 

Ok, let’s get started on comparing these two Dect wireless headsets. 

First off, the Jabra Pro 9450 is a discontinued model that’s been replaced by the Jabra Engage 65 or 75 models. With that in mind, this blog isn’t intended to compare two models of the same vintage both having the same functionality.

Instead, it’s designed to show how they compare in case the Poly 8240 is a model you, as a Jabra Pro 9450 user is considering. 

That said, how do they compare? 

Weight of the headset 

Poly Savi 8240 weighs .75 ounces

Jabra Pro 9450 weighs .99 ounces

Honestly, not a lot of weight difference when you look at it on paper.

However, when you wear the 8240 on the ear, and compare it to the earpiece on the Jabra, you will notice a pretty big difference in the weight.

The Poly 8240 feels light and secure on the ear, where the Jabra Pro 9450 feels heavy and not secure on the ear at all. I think this is more due to the design of the earpiece on the Jabra being more bulky, where the design of the Poly 8240 is quite a bit different.

If you intend on wearing the headset over the ear, then without question, the Poly 8240 is your better choice. 


The Jabra Pro 9450 has a battery that’s rated up to 10 hours of talk time. 

The Poly 8240 has a battery that’s rated up to 7 hours of talk time.

The battery in each model is able to be replaced directly by the customer. 

Most people don’t spend a full 8 hours talking on calls which means that for the majority of people, a 7 hour battery, like the one on the Poly 8240 would be fine for all day use. 

The Jabra Pro 9450 battery does provide longer talk time and better assurance if you have an unusually heavy day, say on a few long conference calls. In situations like that, the advantage would be with the Jabra Pro 9450. 

As for the ease of replacing the battery, well that one goes to the Poly 8240. Much easier than the Jabra. 

Worth mentioning here is both of these headsets allow you to use them in wideband or narrowband mode. If using the device in wideband, it will consume more battery power and reduce the available talk time.

For example, the Poly 8240 model that has a battery rated up to 7 hours of talk time, will be reduced to about 4 hours if used in wideband mode.

If you want to squeeze the most life out of a single charge, make sure you’re operating in the narrowband mode. 


The Poly 8240 comes with Bluetooth version 4.2 for using the headset with a mobile phone. 

The Jabra Pro 9450 doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity, as it wasn’t designed for it.

In this sense, the advantage would rest with the Poly 8240 because it gives you more connection options; phone, computer, mobile phone, where the Jabra provides connectivity to a desk phone and to a computer. 


The Poly 8240 comes with a noise cancelling microphone 

The Jabra Pro 9450 comes with a noise cancelling microphone. 

What is a noise cancelling microphone? It’s a feature built into the microphone that helps to eliminate unwanted background noise, so your callers hear you, and not the sound going on around you. This feature truly makes for a higher quality phone call for those you’re speaking with. This is particularly true if you work from home and there’s sounds going on like children, dogs, doorbells, landscapers etc. 

While on the subject of the microphone, the video I made comparing these two office headsets includes a microphone and speaker test. Make sure you watch that video so you can hear how both of these headsets sound, and also how well they both did to remove annoying background noise.

In this video, I also compare the speaker sound and compare both at maximum volume. In terms of the speaker test, the Jabra tested louder than the Poly 8240. But again, watch the video and decide for yourself. 

Wireless Talk Range 

The Poly 8240 model claims a wireless talk range of up to 590 feet

The Jabra Pro 9450 claims a wireless talk range of up to 490 feet. 

Though we didn’t do a range test for this blog and video, we have about three decades of headset experience that tells us to expect approximately half of the stated wireless range you see in product literature.


Because those statistics are normally produced in an open area that’s void of any obstructions. Obstructions are real world and include things like walls, elevators, cubicles, partitions and the list goes on.

These obstructions weaken the wireless signal that exists between the base unit and the wireless headset top. A weaker signal results in diminished wireless range, plain and simple. So, figure about half of what you read. 

The Poly 8240 is claiming to provide about one hundred feet more wireless range compared to the Jabra Pro 9450. It’s honestly hard to say if that’s how a side-by-side test would play out. Maybe, but maybe not.

On the surface though, it would seem as though the Poly 8240 would out distance the Jabra.


The Poly 8240 connects to: 

  • Desk Phone 
  • Computer 
  • Mobile Phone 

The Jabra Pro 9450 connects to: 

  • Desk Phone 
  • Computer 

The Poly 8240 does give you more ways you can use the headset with the added bluetooth connectivity. If that is something that’s important to you, then hands down, the 8240 is your baby.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want, nor need, to connect to a mobile device, then this added feature becomes unimportant and not worth the extra investment. 


The Poly 8240 comes with a 1-year warranty 

The Jabra Pro 9450 also comes with a 1-year warranty 

Both manufacturers offer the same warranty coverage, so no real difference here in terms of the length. As a footnote on the subject of warranty, not all are created the same. In order to find out if they are truly the same or not, you really need to dig into the details to know for sure. Things like: 

  • Who pays for the shipping each way if an in-warranty exchange is needed?
  • Will a replacement be shipped out in advance of the defective being received?
  • What method of shipment is used, and how long does it take to get it replaced?
  • Is the process easy, or are there multiple steps needed before a replacement can be sent? 
  • How does an exchange affect my warranty? 

These are a few things that you can compare in order to help determine if the warranties are truly the same or not. Differences do exist. 

Wireless Frequency 

The Poly 8240 operates off of Dect wireless technology 

The Jabra Pro 9450 also works off of Dect wireless technology

In this sense, they’re the same. Several years ago, Dect was chosen as the go to wireless frequency for a number of reasons, one of which was less interference from other wireless devices.

Today, Dect is the industry standard, and in this product comparison, both models operate using this frequency. 

Wearing options 

The Poly 8240 comes with a mono headband, ear loops (small, medium and large) with ear gels and a behind the neck neckband. This gives you three uniquely different ways to wear the headset. 

The Jabra Pro 9450 comes with a single, flexible rubberized ear loop that’s placed into the earpiece allowing it to be worn over the ear. This headset also comes with a mono headband, with an optional neckband available. 

If your intent is to wear a headset over the ear, hands down, the Poly 8240 will be your best choice. The Jabra earpiece is large, bulky and leaves you with a feeling of instability. That same experience isn’t shared with the 8240.

On the other hand, if your plan is to wear the headset over the head using the included headband, then either model should feel equally comfortable. 

Final thoughts 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, this isn’t a fair comparison from the point of view as to which is better. One model, the Jabra, is an older, discontinued model. The Poly 8240 is a newer model. That aside, each model has its own strong points. 

Poly 8240 

Lightweight and comfortable, especially when worn over the ear 

Bluetooth connectivity included for more ways to use your headset Slightly more wireless range according to the specifications 

Easier battery replacement 

Jabra Pro 9450 

A more robust battery with up to 10 hours of talk time compared to 7 with the 8240 A louder ear speaker 

Touch sensitive control (slide your finger to make an adjustment) 

In the end, it comes down to what’s most important to you. Both of these headsets are made by the two leading manufacturers in the world. This means that it’s hard to go wrong no matter which model you choose.

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