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If you find yourself in the market for a wireless headset for use with your computer and mobile devices, you’ll quickly discover that there are no shortages of models to choose from. 

You have choices from Plantronics, now called Poly, as well as models from Jabra and many others. This blog will take a side by side look at two models that compete with each other in the wireless Bluetooth space designed to work with computers and mobile devices. Specifically, we’ll be comparing: 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 to the Logitech Zone Wireless 

But, before we dive into the details, I wanted to make you aware that we created a video comparison of these two models, including a microphone and ear speaker test.

If you’d prefer to watch that video over reading this blog, you can watch the video below!

For everyone else, let’s take a look at how these two Bluetooth wireless office headsets compare. 

As with any product comparison, one model will have features not found on the other. A single unique feature generally isn’t enough reason to select it over another.

There are exceptions to this, but overall, you need reasons (plural) for selecting one model over another in most cases.

In this blog, you may learn of a feature or two found on one of these wireless headsets that will convince you that it’s the best for your situation. 

Let’s get started. 

Wireless range

Both the Jabra Evolve2 65 and the Logitech Zone wireless are stated to deliver up to 100 feet of wireless talk range. Though these claims are typically based on laboratory type conditions with no obstructions, real world situations don’t resemble that. You have walls made of metal, concrete, brick, sheetrock and more.

You also have many other types of obstructions such as partitions, glass windows, elevators etc. that can degrade your signal and cause the wireless range to be less than what you might read. Still, both models should provide about the same wireless talk range. 

Version of Bluetooth Technology

Once again, both the Jabra Evolve2 65 and the Logitech Zone Wireless utilize Bluetooth version 5.0 which is the latest version. 


The Jabra Evolve2 65 and the Logitech Zone Wireless headsets are both designed to connect to a computer using the included USB dongle, as well as to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth. In this sense, these two wireless headsets are the same. 

Weight of the headset 

If these two wireless headsets were prizefighters, they might be introduced this way; fighting out of the blue corner, hailing from Copenhagen Denmark and weighing in at 6.2 ounces, the Jaaaaaaabra Evolve2 sixty fiiiiiiiiiive. And the challenger, fighting out of the red corner, from Lausanne, Switzerland, weighing in at 6.8 ounces, the Logitech Zooooooooone Wireless.

Ok, silly I know, but suffice it to say that the Logitech Zone Wireless is a little heavier, but this is splitting hairs really as the weight difference isn’t really perceptible. 

Battery Talk Time 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 provides up to 35 hours of available talk time unless you’re using a busy light. In this case, it would reduce the talk time to 24 hours. In either case, that’s a lot of battery life and for an office wireless headset, that’s impressive. 

The Logitech Zone Wireless provides up to 15 hours of talk time. Though either of these two headset models give you more than enough battery strength to get you through even the busiest of days, it then comes down to how often you’d need to recharge.

In that case, the Jabra Evolve2 65 outperforms the Logitech Zone Wireless. So, if battery life is an important factor to you, then you’ll want to make note of this. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) 

This is a piece of technology that aids in electronically reducing unwanted background noise. This is designed to allow the wearer of the headset to not be distracted by the

noise in their workplace. ANC is commonly found on wireless headsets deemed premium. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 doesn’t have Active Noise Cancellation. This means that the Evolve2 65 might not be your best option if your work environment is noisy. 

The Logitech Zone Wireless does have ANC. In our view, this feature does give it an advantage over the Jabra Evolve2 65. Without question, ANC is a premium feature and does provide the headset wearer with an improved listening experience.

You aren’t distracted by noise around you, and you’re able to not only stay focused on your work, but you’re able to hear your callers better as well. 


The industry standard is for an office wireless headset to include a noise cancelling microphone. Both the Jabra Evolve2 65 and the Logitech Zone Wireless have a noise cancelling microphone which helps to remove unwanted background noise. This feature gives your callers a better listening experience without the distractions of what’s going on around you. 

The video that we made comparing these two wireless headsets includes a live microphone test and comparison. If you’re interested in hearing how they sound as well as how they compare, give it a watch below.


Sorry Logitech, we’ve got to give the nod to Jabra on this one. 

We felt that the ear cushions on the Logitech lacked sufficient padding for a very comfortable feel. Further, due to this lack of padding, we felt the hard plastic ear speaker housing as we wore the headset. That’s not something you want to feel. Instead, you want a pillow soft feel to give that comfortable all day wearing possibility. 

The ear speakers on the Logitech Zone Wireless don’t really move all that much. As a result, you can easily find yourself trying to adapt the size and shape of your head to fit the wireless headset rather than the other way around.

Our advice to Logitech would be to address this issue by making the ear speakers more moveable and while they’re at it, beef up the ear cushions. In doing so, this issue would be fully resolved. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 ear speakers rotate a lot more than the Logitech Zone Wireless. As a result, the Evolve2 65 conforms to the shape of your head which makes it far easier to find a comfortable position over the Logitech.

Your experience may be different than ours as everyone has their own unique sensitivities, likes and dislikes. 

The weight of both headsets isn’t different enough to give an advantage to either. Though the Logitech weighs a bit more, when wearing it, you really can’t feel any weight difference from the Jabra. Overall, we found both models to be comfortable. 


The Jabra Evolve2 65 includes these controls: 

  • Call Control 
  • Microphone mute 
  • Hearing volume up 
  • Hearing volume down 
  • Power 
  • Bluetooth on/off 

The Logitech Zone Wireless controls include: 

  • Power 
  • Microphone mute 
  • Hearing volume up 
  • Hearing volume down 
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on/off 


Both models offer a 2-year warranty. Many wireless headsets come with a 1-year, so these are solid warranties for sure. In order to determine which might have an advantage, we’d have to drill down into the finer details of both manufacturers warranties which we aren’t going to do in this blog.

Suffice it to say that you’ll get a very good warranty no matter which model you choose. 


The Jabra Evolve2 65 comes in two variants; 

With the charging base 

$299.00 MSRP 

Without the charging base 

$249.00 MSPR

The Logitech Zone Wireless 

$229.99 MSRP 

Though these are suggested selling prices, you can get them for less as with most things. 


One feature that may appeal to those of you who travel a lot is found on the Logitech Zone Wireless. It folds down where the Jabra Evolve2 65 does not. This could be convenient if traveling where space is always a consideration.

So rather than your headset being a bit bulky and occupying precious space, the folding feature on the Logitech Zone Wireless can help to keep things neat, tidy and compact. 


In the end, the choice is up to you and what features are most important.

If you like the folding feature and the Active Noise Cancellation, then the Logitech may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you like the idea of having a battery that gives you a massive amount of talk time, then the Jabra Evolve2 65 may be your ticket. 

This blog was intended to simply point out the features that they both have in common, and features that differ between them. Additionally, we wanted you to have the opportunity to hear what they sound like through our video.

Hopefully you found value in this content and that it helped to give you a little more fuel for thought as you decide on the best Bluetooth office wireless headset for you.

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