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Since the new release of the Poly Voyager Focus UC 2, it will be common to ask what's the difference between the new and old version.

Well let's take a look!

Release date

The Poly (Plantronics at the time) Focus UC was released in 2015, whereas the Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 was released in 2021.

Going from an older to newer version of most anything, there will be improvements.

Improved ANC

The Voyager Focus UC has an on/off switch for ANC.

The Voyager Focus UC 2 lets you adjust the level of ANC for high, low and off. Sometimes ANC can be to strong or weak, so being able to adjust it is a nice addition for a more personalized experience.

Better microphone

Acoustic Fence Technology was added to the microphones of the Focus UC 2 for better microphone noise cancellation. 

Supersized battery

The Voyager Focus UC 2015 edition was only rated up to 12 hours of battery. Whereas the Voyager Focus UC 2 is now rated up to 19 hours of battery on a single charge, which is a nice improvement.

Longer wireless range

Voyager Focus UC range- Up to 100 feet

Voyager Focus UC 2 range- Up to 164 feet (new and improved BT700 USB Dongle gives you increased range)

Choose between wired or wireless mode

You can now use the Voyager Focus UC 2 as a wireless headset, or plug it in to be used as a wired headset while it charges. This is nice because if the battery was dead or you forgot to charge the headset, simply plug in the cord and you won't have to wait for the battery to charge.

Added smart sensors

The Voyager Focus UC has smart sensors but the Focus UC 2 is even smarter. Things like Dynamic Mute Alert lets you know if you're talking while on mute. This will help those of you who are always being told you're on mute!

Also, there's an improved on call busy light added to the outside of the speaker that flashes red letting others around you know not to disturb.

Another nice touch we really liked that Poly added to the Focus UC 2 is the smart microphone mute. Meaning, when you place your headset towards your headset it will auto mute the mic for you. 

More connectivity options

Like the Focus UC 2015 edition you'll be able to choose between a variant with or without a charging base. The Voyager Focus UC 2 took it a step further and added the Voyager Focus Office edition as well so you'll be able to connect with desk phone, mobile phone and computer if needed. 

Learn more about the Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 here.

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