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What's in this blog?

    • The new Jabra Speak2 speakerphones and the models they're replacing
    • Features you'll find on the new Speak2 40, 55 and 75 models
    • Pricing, where to buy, and a discount coupon code
    • Why using your Laptop microphone and speakers is a bad idea, and why using one of the new Speak2's is so much better.
    • Whether or not the Speak2 speakerphones sound better than the models they're replacing - audio sound test included
    • How well the Speak2 speakerphones do at removing background noise - hit or a miss?
    • How to pair a Speak2 speakerphone to your mobile phone
    • 19 FAQ's.

If you'd rather watch our review video instead of reading this blog, here you go

I’m not sure what’s in the water over there at Jabra, because they keep rolling out new products one right after another in what seems to be rapid fire succession. Whether it’s a new headset, or something new in video or audio, there’s no shortage of new things to see from Jabra these days..

This blog is about one of Jabra's latest products that's designed to update their very popular speakerphone models, Speak 410, 510, and 710/750.

As you might know, the Speak line of personal conferencing phones have been enormously popular, and collectively they have thousands of great online reviews. For example, the Speak 710 itself has over eleven thousand reviews with a 4.7 star rating on Amazon alone.

Man's finger pointing at 5 star rating with ghost image of Jabra Speak 710, and writing that says 11K + 4.7 stars

I doubt that this product line achieved that degree of popularity by some stroke of luck, because the truth is, luck has nothing to do with it. Jabra knows how to produce the products businesses need as evidenced by the global popularity of their products.

Computer audio as an alternative

As an alternative to using a Jabra speakerphone for your audio or video calls, you could use your computer speaker and microphone. No harm in that, right? If that's your thinking, you might want to put the brakes on those thoughts. Using your integrated Laptop mic and speakers for your important business calls really isn't your best choice.

  1. You don't get HD, wideband, or super wideband audio
  2. You won't have noise reduction
  3. No echo cancellation
  4. No full duplex audio
  5. You'll have very limited microphone range

and the sound quality from those built-in speakers, if your computer even has any, will probably have you looking like David who's struggling to hear his caller.

Image of a man sitting at office desk with ear pointing  down to better hear sound from Laptop

And if that doesn't cause you to pause and give thought, then just think about the poor sound your callers are getting. The simple truth is the audio quality you get from most computers blows, and I'm talking whale size..

My advice is to skip even considering the idea of using your computer audio. It's simply not up to the task of delivering professional grade sound that you really need when you're on important business calls.

This blog is all about Jabra's new line of speakerphones that replace those popular models I just mentioned. And I sure wouldn't be surprised if someone was wondering; why would Jabra replace those speakerphones if they're that popular?  It's a reasonable question. 

But think about this for a moment; with any product there's always a life expectancy. And when a product reaches that point, it's design probably looks dated, and the technology could probably use a major refresh..

Even the most iconic models get replaced by those having fresher designs, newer features and the latest tech. Without this natural evolution we’d still be driving around in old cars, and hanging out at the local Soda Fountain. 

A collage of images of 1950's and 1960's cars and people at old Soda Fountain

And though that thought might be a nostalgic walk down memory lane for some people, it’s not progressive. The old always gives way to the new.

So there lies the answer to that question about why Jabra decided to ditch the Speak line and replace it with the new Speak2. The Speak2 series is designed to simply make what has been a great line of speakerphones in the Speak 410, 510 and 710 better. But are these new speakerphones better? Just because they're new, that doesn't always mean better. 

Here’s a quick look at the different Speak models, and their direct replacements:

Speak 410 - replaced by the Speak2 40 

Jabra Speak 410 and Jabra Speak2 40 images side by side

This is a hard wired USB speakerphone for use with computers


Speak 510 - replaced by the Speak2 55  

Jabra Speak 510 and Jabra Speak2 55 side by side

This is a hard wired USB speakerphone for use with computers, and Bluetooth enabled for use with your mobile devices. There’s no USB Adapter available for the Speak2 55, so you'll want to keep this in mind if wireless USB connectivity is what you want.


Speak 710 and Speak 750 - replaced by the Speak2 75 

Image of Jabra Speak 710 and Jabra Speak2 75

Wireless connectivity to computers via the available USB Adapter, and Bluetooth ready for use with mobile devices. You can also connect to a computer with the USB cable which gives you several ways to connect

And in the future, it would make sense if we see another model in the line, the Speak2 85 to replace the current Speak 810. Maybe Jabra's working on that.


Let’s break down these new models to see if they're an improvement over those they’re replacing, starting with the Speak2 40.

Speak2 40


MSRP $169.00 - 2-year warranty - Buy HERE at Headset Advisor          Use COUPON  CODE BLOG for a nice discount

This model is designed to replace the current Speak 410, and it connects to a computer through its hardwired USB cable.


When you buy the new Speak2 40 here’s what you get:

    • Touch sensitive buttons
    • Large LED circular status light that’s bright, and easy to see - Not available on the Speak 410
    • 50mm speaker with wideband audio - same on Speak 410
    • 4 beamforming microphones for optimum sound, and noise reduction. The 410 uses a single, Omni directional mic.
    • Mic pickup range to 7.5 feet (2.3 meters) - Speak 410 mic range is 4.9 feet (1.5 meters)
    • USB-A, and USB-C connectors - 410 models comes with USB-A only.
    • Voice level normalization (Automatic Gain Control) - not available on the Speak 410
    • Fabric speaker cover for better sound, and softer aesthetics - hard plastic exterior on the 410
    • IP64 rated dust and water resistant - same as Speak 410
    • Updated design, color and carry case - 410 includes travel pouch

The Speak2 40 includes both USB-A, and USB-C connectors.

The cable length is 80 cm / 31.5 inches, so there’s plenty of cable to allow you to move it around.  And because it comes with both USB connections (A & C), it doesn’t matter which one your computer has. Older computer models typically came with USB-A, while the newer generation computers use USB-C ports. Either way, you can get connected, and you won't need to buy an adapter separately which is nice.

Battery not required

Graphic of a digitized battery and circuits with a red circle and diagonal line through it

There’s no battery or Bluetooth on the Speak2 40 because as I just mentioned, it’s designed to be a wired, plug and play computer speakerphone solution. So there’s no using it with your mobile phone or tablet. If you want wireless connectivity, or the ability to use it with your other devices, then you’ll want to move up to the Speak2 55 or 75 models.

The Speak2 40 is a handy, portable, great sounding speakerphone that’s easy to use. The audio sounds fantastic and when you compare the sound to the former 410 model, it’s easy to hear the sound quality improvements that Jabra engineered into this new model..

And one of the other technical improvements Jabra includes on the Speak2 40 is a feature they call Voice Level Normalization, sometimes referred to as Automatic Gain Control.. This feature is designed to automatically adjust the microphone gain levels so that a soft spoken person, just like one who’s louder, can both be heard at a normal level without the need to adjust the volume. This avoids having one person being hard to hear, and the louder talker needing to be turned down. It’s all handled automatically so the far end gets a more consistent, professional sound. Voice Level Normalization is a feature you’ll find on all of the new Speak2 models, and a feature not found on the current 410.

Noise Reduction

Person talking into a Jabra Speak2 speakerphone with animated sound waves, and colorful background behind the person

Jabra references noise reduction as a standard feature in the Speak2 line. Personally, I wouldn’t use any of the Speak2 speakerphones in an environment where noise is high because in our tests, the Speak2 40, 55 and 75 weren’t able to remove much of the sounds we put them up against. These sounds included:

Office noise - which most of us experience if we work around others

Dogs barking - not an uncommon sound for those working from home because many of us, myself included, have found ourselves as the proud new owners of what’s being referred to as a “pandemic dog” That is, a new four legged friend acquired during the days of the pandemic. Here's a pic of ours.

picture of a white and gray Schnauzer being carried with a chew stick in its mouth.

Babies crying - This is a good test for those with little ones at home.

In each test, the background noise could be easily heard, which left me less than impressed. But if you work in a private office, or in a reasonably quiet environment, any of the Speak2 models should work fine for you. Otherwise, this is something you should keep in mind when considering these models if you have noise going on around you.

If you’d like to hear the sound tests I’m referring to, I’ll include the clip that was taken from the video we recorded. It starts out with the sound you get from a typical Laptop to help give you a baseline comparison.

Have a listen, and decide for yourself. 


Speak2 55


MSRP $189.00 - 2-year warranty - Buy HERE at Headset Advisor - Use COUPON CODE BLOG for a nice discount

This is a direct replacement for the Jabra Speak 510 

The Speak2 55 gives you everything the Speak2 40 offers, such as

  • Four beamforming microphones,
  • Voice Level Normalization,
  • USB-A, USB-C connectivity, 
  • LED status ring
  • Full duplex audio among other things. 

Essentially, the Speak2 55 allows you to plug into a computer via USB just like the Speak2 40 does, but unlike the Speak2 40, it also gives you the ability to connect it to your mobile devices, or a Bluetooth enabled computer through Bluetooth. The Speak2 55 uses Bluetooth version 5.1, which is among the newest releases. The Speak 510, which this model is replacing,  uses Bluetooth version 3.0. Whenever Bluetooth versions advance by a full point, such as from 3.0 to 4.0  for example, that's normally seen as significant. Here we see over a 2 point jump which is notable, and means the Speak2 has a far newer Bluetooth version.

The dual connectivity you get with the Speak2 55 allows you to toggle your audio between a mobile phone and your computer. And when you do, you should expect about a three to five second delay for the audio to transfer. At least that’s the amount of time needed when I tested it. This isn’t an abnormal amount of time for that audio handoff, but I bring it up so you don’t expect the handoff to be instant. Handoff time aside, switching between devices was simple and seamless. 

Below is a 13 second video clip that shows this audio handoff.

Speak2 55 Battery

The battery in the Speak2 55 provides up to 12 hours of talk time, where the Speak 510 provides up to 15 hours. Both batteries are rechargeable. For the majority of us, 12 hours of talk time should be plenty. But if you feel that’s not enough battery life, or you want to charge less often, you can always move up to the Speak2 75 which delivers up to 32 hours of talk time. Otherwise, you can plug the Speak2 55 in for recharging anytime you take a break or go to lunch. Doing that will help to refresh the battery and give you some additional talk time. And when you do that, it may be enough to hold off any battery anxiety you might be feeling, and even help to avoid the need for an overnight charge.

Simple Pairing (no really, it's simple)

A close up of a man holding a mobile phone and pressing a button with a Jabra Speak2 75 in foreground, and the words let's connect

Getting your Jabra Speak2 55, and Speak2 75 paired up to your computer or mobile device is super simple. In fact, as simple  as 1,2,3.

Here's all you need to do:

    1. Put your computer or mobile device into the Bluetooth discover mode
    2. Press and hold the pairing button on the Speak2 for 3 to 5 seconds
    3. Select the Speak2 device when it's discovered and displays on your mobile device

Bingo, Bango, Bongo! It doesn't get much easier than that.

Here's a short 14 second video clip that shows David pairing up a Speak2 55 to a mobile phone. When you watch this, you'll see what I mean.

    Which Speak2 is right for you? 

    The Speak2 55 adds Bluetooth connectivity which isn't available on the Speak2 40. So choosing between the Speak2 40 and the 55 really comes down to what you want to connect to. 

    Computer only? The Speak2 40 is your solution. 

    Computers and mobile devices? Speak2 55 will get the job done.

    That leads me to the Speak2 75, which is next up.

    Speak2 75


    MSRP $389.00, or $369.00 without the USB adapter - 2-year warranty - Buy HERE at Headset Advisor - Use COUPON  CODE BLOG for a nice discount

    The Speak2 75 speakerphone is a direct replacement for the Speak 710 and 750.

    The Speak2 75 is the premier model from within the line.This speakerphone delivers impressive audio quality that you can really hear because it uses a 65mm loudspeaker and combines that with super wideband audio.

    Exploded view of the Jabra Speak2 75 showing internal components and outer pieces

    By comparison, the Speak2 40, and 55 use 50mm speakers and wideband audio. And I have to say, the sound you hear from the Speak2 75 is more than just about numbers on a piece of paper. You can really hear the sound quality improvement. You get a deeper, richer, full sound that you can't help but notice. So whether you’re on an audio call, video call or just kicking back to some of your favorite tunes, the Speak2 75 provides a level of sound quality that I think you'll like.

    Like the other models in this line, the Speak2 75 comes with the same updates:

    • Updated design
    • New color
    • Fabric speaker cover
    • Voice Level Normalization
    • Full Duplex audio with noise reduction
    • USB A and USB C connectors included
    • Color-coded light ring

    But there are a couple of things you get on the Speak2 75 that you won't find on the 40 and 55 models besides the upgraded audio.

    The first has to do with the buttons on the top of the speakerphone. 

    The buttons disappear

    When the LED lighted buttons on the Speak2 75 are not being used, they fade out of view. This gives the Speak2 75 a more sleek, stealthy, blacked out look. And though some might see this as not worthy of mentioning, I, on the other hand, see this as Jabra paying attention to details. And when you add up a lot of small details, it can really make a big difference overall. 


    Of course Jabra could have just made the buttons on the Speak2 75 to be lighted, and that would be fine. But instead, they went further by adding that dimming feature to add something different to it. Personally, I like it when manufacturers engineer unique features into their products that help it to stand out in a crowd.

    The other thing available on the Speak2 75 besides the 65mm loudspeaker and super wideband audio and fadiing buttons is an available USB adapter.

    Have it your way - The USB way

    The Speak2 40 connects to the computer via a USB cable. The 55 connects to a computer via the USB cable, or via Bluetooth to mobile devices or computers that are Bluetooth enabled. The Speak2 75 allows you to connect to a computer via a hard wired USB cable that's included, or you can select these options when ordering. 

      • USB-A adapter (adds $20.00 to the price)
      • USB-C adapter (adds $20.00 to the price)
      • No USB adapter (saves you $20.00, but costs you over $100.00 if you purchase an adapter later on).
    So with this speakerphone you can connect to a computer through the USB cable, wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection, or by using the optional USB adapter. 

      The Speak2 75 is the model to choose if you want:

      1. Wireless connectivity to your laptop or computer because of those USB A, or USB C adapters. By the way, you can get the adapter at time of purchase, which adds a modest $20.00 to the price. Or, you can opt to purchase one at a later date which will set you back over $100.00. To me, it’s better to get the USB adapter up front for $20.00, than later for over $100.00. What value is there in having a USB adapter? Keeping reading to find out.
      2. Wireless connectivity to your mobile devices. The Speak2 75 is Bluetooth ready, and uses Bluetooth version 5.2 which is one of the newest releases of Bluetooth. If you purchase the Speak2 75 without the USB adapter, you can still connect to Bluetooth enabled computers, but when you do, you won’t get the same performance, and you won’t have the same functionality when using applications like Microsoft Teams.
      3. The option to connect to your computer using a cable. The Speak2 75 gives you the best of both worlds because you can connect to a computer via Bluetooth, via the USB adapter, or through a hardwire USB connection. So if you forgot to charge your device, you can still use your Speak2 75. You have more ways to connect, and that means better value.
      4. Great audio. The 65mm speaker and super wideband audio work well together to give you the full spectrum of sound including that highly desireable low end bump. Whether you use the 75 for work or for leisure, you'll be treated to some really pleasing rich sound that promises to satisfy.


      Image of a USB adapter and a woman with both palms facing up, and the words if your computer is bluetooth enbaled, why order a USB adapter?

      There actually are several benefits you get by using the USB adapter compared to connecting to a computer via Bluetooth. Here’s some things to consider:

        1. A more stable wireless connection. When you connect via Bluetooth, you can experience cutting in, and cutting out kind of audio. At the very least, it won’t be steady. And if you happen to be on important calls, the last thing you need is audio issues.
        2. Better sound quality. When your signal is uncompromised, you get better sound. And I’m pretty sure we all want that when we’re talking to just about anyone, business or personal.
        3. Access to App features. When you use a USB adapter, you have the ability to access features offered by that application. For example, many UC applications allow you to control features from the device rather than mousing your way around the application from the computer. An example of features I’m referring to include things like taking an incoming call, or muting a call right from the device. Actions like these aren’t available to you if you’re connecting via Bluetooth. 
        4. Longer wireless range. When you compare the range between Bluetooth and a USB adapter, you’ll find that you get more wireless range when using an adapter. So if you want to take your calls further away from your computer, say to a different room, you’ll go further, and sound better when using that USB adapter. 

      Spending an extra $20.00 up front to get the USB adapter seems like a no brainer to me, not to mention a real bargain.

      Superior sound, Voice Level Normalization, wired and wireless connectivity, stealthy, disappearing buttons, and the latest technology packed into this awesome sounding puck makes the Speak2 75 one great value in my opinion. 

      Image of Jabra Speak2 75 speakerphone with the words don't forget to use  coupon code  Blog when ordering on our website which is www.headsetadvisor.com


      One of the nice things about using any of the new Speak2 speakerphones is you get to take advantage of plug and play simplicity. No complicated things to know, and no downloads required. Plug it in, and get to doing what you do best which is informing, educating and closing deals. You spend more time doing your job, and less time with a fussy device. We found it easy to unpack and get using. 

      The Speak2 line of speakerphones work with all the major UC platforms. So whether you're using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, RingCentral, Zoom, or other popular Apps, just plug it in, and you're ready to rock and roll.

      Image of man's torso sitting at office desk talking on a Jabra Speak speakerphone with logos of Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom

      Device software

      Technology image of computer data, with Jabra speakerphone ghost image, and the words Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress

      Devices are normally really good right out of the box. But, if you want to get the most out of your tech gear it's helpful to have compatible software. Software allows you to update the firmware, and have one place to go to personalize or customize your devices whether for yourself, or across your entire enterprise. Convenience, visibility and control all from the desktop is what you have available from Jabra for the Speak2.

      Jabra offers two different software downloads.

      1. Jabra Direct


      Keeping devices updated is important if you want them operating at peak efficiency. Using the free to download Jabra Direct software, you have instant  access to firmware updates, bug fixes as well as the ability to personalize, or customize your device.

      Downloads are available for Windows, and MacOS.

      2. Jabra Xpress


      Jabra Xpress is free to download, and is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you have the responsibility of managing your company’s devices, that can be challenging, and eat up a lot of time with support tickets, time to resolve, and in some cases, onsite visits. With Jabra Xpress, you have a window into your entire enterprise of Jabra devices, and you can manage them right from your desktop. 

      You can update firmware across your entire population, and receive performance related data. You can customize settings and do a lot more. Xpress gives you a tool to see, and manage your Jabra devices like never before. And you have to admit, it’s well worth the price of admission.

      Not all tech products have available software. So I see this as another reason to consider Jabra products. Clearly software won't turn a bad product into a good one, but it is nice to have the access to additional features, and desktop controls.

      A collage of images showing different locations where people work.  At the beach, at home, in an office

      So wherever you work, whether that's at home, in an office, or on the go, the Speak2 75 makes for a great travel companion, and it even comes with a travel case for convenience, and to help keep it protected.

      Final Thoughts

      The Jabra line of Speak speakerphones are often compared to a hockey puck.

      Picture of a Jabra Speak speakerphone sitting next to a hockey puck

      This is probably due to its small, round shape, but you could probably add durability as another thing they both have in common. Though it wouldn't be a advisable to use one as a puck on the ice because durability does have its limits.

      So when designing the Speak2 series, Jabra made the decision to keep that round puck shape. In fact, they’ve embraced that idea by having a little fun with it, because in their marketing material they say “Chuck us a puck” which I think is funny.

      It's always good to see someone with a sense of humor, especially when that humor is coming from a corporation, which is not something you see every day. So I’m glad that Jabra kept that same round shape in this new gen Speak2.

      Sound was top of mind

      Graphic of audio mixing board with ghost image of a Jabra Speak2 75 speakerphone overlayed on top of that image

      It’s also evident that Jabra wanted to enhance the sound quality in these next gen speakerphones, because these new models really up the game on sound. We did some audio tests, and the Speak2 really delivered. The audio was full and bright, and compared to the earlier generation, the bass is significantly better with a very pleasing bottom end bump.Especially on the 75.

      Watch this short, 37 second video clip that compares the Speak 750 to the new Speak2 75. Once you hear the difference, I think you'll really appreciate the sound improvements on this new model.

      I like the new color combination, the cloth speaker cover, and the arrangement of the buttons on the top, especially on the 75 where its buttons fade out of sight when not in use. That’s a nice touch that helps to give it that wow factor. And to help add to that wow factor, Jabra includes that large intuitive color-coded LED light ring that changes color for different things such as being on a call (green), mute (red), or different stages of color based on how well your voice is being picked up.Even the Voice Level Normalization is pretty cool. All in all, Jabra engineered a nice array of cool features into the Speak2’s. 

      And speaking of Voice Level Normalization, if that leaves you scratching your head in wonder, here’s a straightforward article written by Ken Theriot from Home Brew Audio where he breaks this down into simple, easy to understand terms. So check it out if you’d like to learn more.

      Nothing is perfect

      Image of interlocking gears with the words the best keep getting better, and continuous improvement

      So with all that the Speak2 family is, and there’s a lot, where do I think there’s room for improvement? Because as we all know, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. 

      • The design is great
      • The speaker sounds awesome
      • Voice Level Normalization, and that LED light ring are cool features
      • The prices are in line with the quality of what you get
      • The 2-year warranty is solid
      • There’s software for updating and managing
      • The four beamforming mics provide excellent voice quality

      But where I’d like to see improvement is simply in noise reduction.

      Though there’s tech built into the Speak2 to help eliminate background noise, these speakerphones come up really short in that area. When using a speakerphone for business calls, you really need good noise reduction because you don't want your callers hearing the noise going on around you. It simply is a distraction, and when distracted, everyone is less productive.

      Jabra has the technological know how to engineer noise reduction, because they do a good job at this in their headset line. Whether there's some technical reason why this isn't better, I can't say. But what I do know is the Speak2 speakerphones would be better if they were better are removing noise.

      Daisychain anyone?

      Also, if the Speak2 75 could be connected to a second, or even a third unit, that would provide greater flexibility. You could accommodate more people for your voice or video calls for example while still having a small, portable, convenient conferencing solution. This is really more of a wish list item rather than something on the Speak2 that needs improving.

      but if a Speak2 85 is on the drawing board, maybe that model will have this capability. Otherwise, it would be great to see this on future versions of the 75.  

      Is this nitpicking? Perhaps. But whether it is, or whether it isn't, I’d say Jabra has a winner in this new line of 21st century hockey pucks. And as a Buyer, the Speak2 is a safe purchase because it's professiional grade and backed by a reputable company. So if a personal speakerphone is on your buying list for yourself, or for your team, this is a very worthwhile product to consider..


      We're here to help

      Image of a male customer service agent in a home office on a call with the words Have questions? We  have answers! imprinted on the image

      If you have questions, or find yourself in need of an audio upgrade, gives us a call here at Headset Advisor, and just say "chuck me a puck", and we'll know exactly what you need to talk about.

      Man hand holding a hockey puck with the words power to the puck written on the puck



      Q. What variants are available with the new Speak2 series speakerphones?

      A. The Speak2 series can be purchased in either of two variants. There's the Microsoft Teams version, and UC. If you use Teams exclusively, or as your main communications platform, then the Teams version would be your best choice. If  you use Teams, but  you also use other communications platforms, such as RingCentral, Dialpad, Zoom etc., then then UC version would be the way to go. Additionally, with the Speak2 75, you have the option to purchase it with, or without a USB adapter. 

      Q. What is the wireless range on the Speak2 55, and Speak2 75?

      A. Both models use Bluetooth, with the 55 that uses version 5.1, and the 75 uses version 5.2. Both are designed to give you up to 30 feet of wireless range.  This  means you can connect to your device, and relocate it up to 30 feet away. Obstructions, and signal strength both play an important role in range, so your range will depend on these things.

      Q. How much do the new Jabra Speak2 speakerphones cost?

      A. The Speak2 40 has an MSRP of $169.99. The Speak2 55 sells for $189.00, and the Speak2 75 can be purchased for $369.99 without the USB adapter, or $389.00 with one. Use coupon code BLOG for a nice discount on any of these speakerphones when shopping on our website at www.headsetadvisor.com

      Q. How do I pair a Speak2 75 to my mobile phone?

      A. 1. Get your mobile phone into Bluetooth discovery so it's looking for Bluetooth devices. 2. Press and hold the pairing button on the Speak2 75 for 3-5 seconds. 3. Look for Jabra Speak2 75 as a selectable device on the list of Bluetooth devices recognized by your mobile phone. 4. Select the Speak2 75, and you're all set. This is the same process you'd use to pair a Speak2 55 to a mobile phone as well.

      Q. What's the difference between the Speak2 75 MS and UC?

      A. The Speak2 75 MS version is designed to enhance your experience when Microsoft Teams is your primary UC platform. If you use MS Teams heavily, or even exclusively, having the MS version will give you control of things like call activation and mute for example, right from the speakerphone rather than having to access those same features from within the application. In short, it provides you with a better device to app interface.

      The UC version can still be used with Microsoft Teams without any issues, but when you select the UC variant, you won't have the device controls for use within MS Teams as I noted earlier. The UC model is geared for used for those who use different applications such as Teams along with say, RingCentral, Zoom etc.

      Q. Where can I find a Jabra Speak2 75 manual?

      A. Here's a link to Jabra where you can find a manual for the Speak2 75. 


      Q. Where can I find a Jabra Speak2 55 manual?

      A. Here's a link to Jabra for a manual for the Speak2 55


      Q. Where can I find a Jabra Speak2 40 manual?

      A. Here's a link to Jabra for a manual for the Speak2 40


      Q. Where can I find a Jabra Speak2 75 driver?

      A. If you're needing a driver for your Speak2 75, or any other Speak2 speakerphone, you'll need to download the Jabra Direct software. This download will provide you with all the drivers, and firmware updates you might need. Here's a link for that download:


      Q. How do I charge my Speak2 75 speakerphone?

      A. The Speak2 75, like the Speak2 40, and Speak2 55, comes with a USB cord that contains a USB-A, and USB-C connector. Select the plug that matches the USB port on your computer, and plug the Speak2 75 in. USB-C will give you faster charging, and you can also opt to use AC charging with a power plug (not included).

      Q. How far away from the Speak2 75 can I be away and be heard?

      A. The Jabra Speak2 75 microphones are rated to pick up your voice up to 8.2 feet away from the speakerphone, which differs slightly from the mic distance for the Speak2 40, and 55 models. For the Speak2 40 and 55, the microphones are rated to pick up voice to 7.5 feet.

      Q. What is the battery life of the Jabra Speak2 75?

      A. The Speak2 75 has a battery that's rated up to 32 hours. To check the battery level, just tap the battery status button, and the LED light ring will flash your battery condition. When the battery in the Speak2 75 gets low, the battery status light will begin to flash red.

      To help conserve battery power, the unit will power down after 15 minutes of non-use when unplugged, and not connected to a Bluetooth device. Also, if the unit is connected to a Bluetooth device, but not connected to a power source, it will power down after 8 hours of non-interaction. 

      Power settings can be adjusted in the Jabra Direct, and Jabra+ software.

      Q. How do I make the Jabra Speak2 75 my default audio device?

      A. Go into your computer settings under audio devices, and  select the Jabra Speak2 as your default audio device.

      Q. How do I connect the Jabra Speak2 75 using the cable?

      A. Plug the cable into your computer USB port, and then go into your computer settings to make sure that the Jabra Speak2 75 (or 40 or 55) are set as the default audio device. If not, you will not get audio from the speakerphone.

      Q. How do I set my Jabra Speak2 as my default device on my Mac computer?

      A. 1. Click the Apple Icon in the top left. 2. System preferences. 3. Sound  4. On the Output tab, select your device. If using a wireless adapter, select that.  5. On the Input tab, same as #4.  

      Q. How do I set my Jabra Speak2 as my default device on my Windows computer?

      A. Right click the sound icon in the lower right tray. From the input and output menu, select the Jabra device you want to set as your default device.If you're using a wireless device, select the USB adapter such as Link 370, 380 etc

      Q. How do I get my new Jabra Speak2 75 set up to work with Microsoft Teams?

      A. 1. Click on your profile picture from within the Teams app. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Click on Devices 4. From within Devices, select your Jabra Speak2. If you're making a wireless connection, select the USB adapter, such as the Link 370/380 etc..

      Q. How do I get my new Jabra Speak2 75 set up to work with Zoom?

      A. 1. Click on the settings icon at the top right side of the Zoom  window. 2. Click on Audio. 3. From within Audio, select your Jabra device under speaker and microphone. NOTE: if your device is wireless, and you're using a USB adapter, such as the Link 370 or 380, select that.

      Q. What do the different colors mean on the LED light ring when someone is talking?

      A. Flashing green n the direction of the speaker says optimum voice quality.  Amber colored ring indicates poor voice audio, and requires the speaker to move closer to the speakerphone, and/or speak louder and clearer. Flashing amber means very poor audio quality, and also requires closer proximity, and increased volume and clarity.









      Best speakerphoneBest speakerphone for microsoft teamsBest speakerphone for video callsBest speakerphone for zoomJabra personal speakerphoneJabra speak2Jabra speak2 40Jabra speak2 55Jabra speak2 75Jabra speakerphoneSpeak2 speakerphone

      Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

      Eliminate background noises for your microphone with Neep's AI-powered noise cancellation.

      Try neep Free

      Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

      Eliminate background noises for your microphone with Neep's AI-powered noise cancellation.

      Try neep Free

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