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Being productive in the workplace is important. After all, you want to do your best and make a contribution to the success of your company, right? Of course! 

There are a multitude of ways someone could enhance their work productivity. This could include things like improving one's attitude and outlook. It might include making sure you get enough sleep at night.

It could even be as simple as making sure you have a good breakfast so that you’re fueled up and ready to concentrate on your work instead of your stomach growling. 

For the purposes of this blog, we won’t be talking about any of those things. Instead, we’ll be discussing how a commonly overlooked piece of technology can help you to be more productive.

What is this technology you ask? 

A Discover headset for use with your desk phone or computer. 

What is a Discover headset and why do you need one? Great question. Allow me to expand on that question for a bit. In the process, you should have a greater understanding as well as a greater appreciation of what a Discover headset can do for you. 

This would be a perfect time to grab your favorite beverage as you ponder the thoughts and ideas that will be covered here. 

I’ll cover why you need a headset overall, and then follow that up with why you need a Discover headset. 

Ok, let’s get started! 

Before you can fully appreciate the true value of a headset in the business workspace, you have to consider for a moment the alternative. What is the alternative? It’s the evil and often dreaded telephone handset receiver. Why is this evil and dreaded? Consider these seldom considered, and often unknown facts about using a telephone receiver.

Inefficiency defined

Using a telephone handset isn’t the most efficient tool available today. Most applications require the use of a computer. Whether you’re looking up a customer record, opening up a video application, checking messages and the list goes on. While accessing these applications,you may need to have a conversation with someone.

So, how do you have a conversation with someone while using your hands to type on your computer keyboard? One hand is devoted to holding the phone, while the other is pecking the keyboard like a lost chicken. Not the most efficient way to set an office productivity land speed record. 

Cradling should be for babies

The act of placing the phone receiver on your shoulder is a bad idea, a very bad idea. Though it does help to free up both of your hands to avoid the keyboard chicken dance, it places your health and wellbeing in harm's way.

That is, unless you like numbness in your neck, shoulder, back or arm. Maybe pinched nerves in your back is more to your liking. Or, perhaps cradling that phone receiver to bring on a mini stroke is more your cup of tea. That’s right, mini strokes. Check out this article that discusses how cradling a phone receiver can put you at risk for this condition. 

Held back by a cord

chained to desk

As we all know, phone receivers have a cord, and the length of this cord will dictate how much freedom you’ll have to move around your workspace. If you need to grab a document from a file, a fresh cup of Joe, ask your Supervisor a quick question all while on a call, you’ll need to place the caller on hold, set the receiver down and complete the task.

Not the most efficient method. Headsets offer a far better experience, especially a wireless model, but we’ll cover that here shortly. 

Noise, noise, it’s everywhere

When you use a telephone handset, you need to know that this device does NOT have the ability to reduce surrounding room noise. It cannot enhance or improve the audio quality of your phone call either.

Instead, it generously shares the sound you hear in your office with your valued customer. Also, this same sound is the culprit for causing you to lose focus and struggle to do your best work. Not exactly a productivity enhancer.

Distractive sound in an office workspace is the leading cause of poor productivity and elevated worker stress. Have a look at this article that discusses this.

Ok, so you have a few ideas why using a telephone handset isn’t your best option. Now would be a good time to go over why a Discover headset can help you to be more productive and maybe even help you to get that big fat raise you’ve been hoping for. 

Ways a Discover Headset Can Help You To Be More Productive 

discover d722u

Discover headsets are professional grade

This means that you can expect to have a headset that will hold up to the rigors of daily office use. This is important because you want a headset that’s reliable and ready to go to work when you are. 

Discover headsets keep you hands free

Forget using that telephone handset receiver. It will only lead to issues that you really don’t want or need. Keeping both hands free to type and do your work is important. Actually, it’s far more important than most people realize. Do yourself a favor, and do your body a favor, get a Discover headset and keep your hands free and liberated.. 

Discover headsets have longer warranties

Hey, all warranties are pretty much the same, right? Woa, woa, slow down there speed racer. No, actually they aren’t. The first, and most obvious difference is how long the warranty lasts. That’s important for sure. When shopping for a professional quality headset, you should expect to receive at least a 2-year warranty. If longer, as is the case with Discover headsets, all the better. 

The second key difference that exists between warranties is the detail in what happens once you need a replacement. Does your defective unit need to be received by the vendor prior to a replacement being shipped to you? Or, does the vendor (like Headset Advisor), ship your replacement in advance?

This matters because it shortens the amount of time you’re without a headset. And, as we all now know, you don’t want to be without your headset. 

Discover headsets sound great

We all want great sound quality when speaking with our clients and customers. Depending on the make and model of headset, you may get it, and you may not. Having great sound quality involves you being able to hear well, and it also involves your customer hearing well too. 

Discover headsets have excellent microphones and speakers. Our microphones are noise cancelling, which means they help to remove much of that unwanted background noise in your office. Noisy co-workers, noise from office machines, Landscapers,

Janitors, AC noise, fans to name a few. All these noises can be significantly reduced or eliminated when you use a Discover headset. Your customers will thank you because they won’t have to struggle to hear you over that distracting background noise. 

Discover headset ear speakers are robust

They allow you to hear your callers well and, in the case of the Discover D722 model, you’ll have great audio quality when listening to music too. If you struggle to hear your callers, it makes for a long and frustrating day that can leave you exhausted and looking for the bottle of Tylenol.

You won’t have to worry about these things when you use a Discover headset. Headsets aren’t a product that people commonly give a lot of thought, time and attention to. This is understandable as it’s a device that flies under most people’s radar. That is, until you need one.Then, things like sound quality come into focus and elevate in importance. 

Having great sound enhances worker performance because you avoid distractions, and in doing so, you remain focused. Studies have shown that distractions are real productivity killers.

By some estimates, it can take an office worker up to 20 minutes to regain their focus once they’ve been distracted when focused on a task. So, it stands to reason that if you can avoid distractions, you’ll improve work performance. For the ultimate in focus, check out the Discover D722 

Discover headsets allow you to go wireless

discover wireless headset

Want more freedom and flexibility to move around your workspace?

Consider cutting the cord and going full on wireless. Take the Discover Adapt 30, or Discover D904 for example. These reliable workhorses keep you connected with your customers while you grab that file, consult with a co-worker or grab that much needed second cup of coffee. Get more done while staying connected. 

Cutting the cord and going wireless is a liberating experience

Once you use a wired headset and then move to wireless, you’ll quickly see the value and productivity benefits a wireless headset offers. 

The Discover Adapt 30 is unique among all wireless headsets in that it switches from a single ear model to a double in a matter of seconds. No other headset has this capability. If the office gets noisy, just snap on the double ear headband and you’ll see noise melt away like butter on that freshly toasted slice of Sourdough.

If, on the other hand, you want to hear what’s going on around you, snap on the single ear headband and you can now hear your callers as well as sounds around you. Discover Adapt 30, your headset, your way!

If your company eliminates use of desk phones and migrates to Softphones, your Discover Adapt 30 keeps pace. Rather than replacing the headset with a Softphone compatible model, you simply purchase a small, inexpensive cartridge and your Adapt 30 is now Softphone compatible. Easy as eating Mom's apple pie. 

If you’re someone who works a shift longer than 8 hours, you’ll struggle to keep enough battery if using a wireless model. Most wireless headsets won’t provide more than 8 hours of talk time, with many models offering 4-6 hours. 

The Discover D904 keeps you talking well beyond 8 hours. It comes standard with two batteries and a built in spare battery charger. This allows you to use the first battery until depleted, then you can swap it out (even in the middle of a call), to the spare.

This essentially gives you unlimited talk time. Even if you forgot to place your headset in the charger the night before, you won’t come to work facing a dead battery. This is truly a useful feature that comes with every Discover D904. 

While on the subject of the Discover D904, you don’t have to decide on a preferred wearing style because it comes with a headband for over the head wearing, and it also comes with 3 sizes of ear loops for those who prefer to wear their headset over their ear vs. over the head.

Freedom to move around the office, unlimited talk time, multiple wearing options and of course a full 3-year warranty with advance replacements, all standard with the Discover D904 wireless headset. 

Value packed

discover d904 wireless headset

The Discover line of headsets offer the best value going.Period. You get great sound quality in a professional grade headset, you get a very comfortable headset, you get a longer warranty, and you get a price that fits with anyone’s budget. 

So, whether you’re looking for a wired headset or a productivity enhancing wireless model, rest assured that there’s a Discover headset available that’s just right for you. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Discover line of productivity enhancing headsets, visit the Discover Headsets website.

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