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The list of popular headphones is pretty extensive. Some prefer the awesome sound of Bose headphones, while others might prefer the Sony brand. Many of these headphones deliver great audio quality when listening to music or watching a movie.

  • But what about when you’re wearing those same headphones and need to be on an important business call?
  • How’s the audio quality when on phone calls, or video conferencing meetings?

The short answer is, not that great. After all, these devices weren’t really made to provide exceptional audio quality for those applications. 

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you to a product that can transform your favorite pair of headphones into a great sounding headset for use on your business calls.

Specifically, I’ll be discussing the new ModMic that can attach to any headphones to provide exceptional voice audio quality. 

modmic wired attached to headphones

ModMic Review and Mic Test

Two versions 

First off, there are two versions of this ModMic available. You can get the ModMic as a USB wired device, or you can get it as a wireless Mic. Depending on your preference, and available budget, you have these choices. 

Two modes 

The ModMics come with the ability to select two different modes: 

  • Omni-directional mode 
  • Uni-directional Mode 

So what’s the difference, and why would you need to have these two microphone modes on this ModMic? 

The Omni-directional mode provides a wider frequency response range which gives a richer, more studio quality type of sound. The Uni-directional mode is designed to remove some of the unwanted background noise. 

modmic omni mode

We did live tests of the wired, and wireless models and we tested them in both of these modes. I have to say that when using the Omni-directional mode, the voice sound quality was superb.

And to me, that’s saying a lot considering we test all kinds of headsets from all the leading manufacturers. The ModMic in this setting provided an excellent, rich sound that would be great for anyone’s business calls whether on phone or on video. 

The Uni-directional setting was a different experience. According to Antlion, the manufacturer of the ModMic, when the mic is set in Uni-directional mode, it will remove some of the background noise.

modmic uni mode

In our tests, we were less than impressed with the level of noise reduction. Though it did dampen the background noise somewhat, the office noise, dogs barking and blender sounds were all easily heard. So from the standpoint of noise reduction,

I’d say that the ModMic has some work to do if it wants to claim the title of a true noise canceling microphone. In all fairness though, Antlion doesn’t really promote the ModMic as a noise killer, but they do promote it as a great sounding microphone, which it is.

With that said, if a ModMic is a product that has your interest, you’ll want to make sure that the environment you’ll use it in isn’t overrun with background noise.

For those who work in a fairly quiet environment, the ModMic would be an excellent choice to be sure. 

How do the ModMics connect? 

modmic wireless with usb dongle

The wired version connects to the computer via USB, so take it out of the box, plug it in, attach it to your headphones and you’re ready to begin communicating. 

The wireless model connects via the included USB receiver. This receiver processes audio five times faster than Bluetooth connections which gives you amazing audio sound quality. The wireless ModMic seamlessly connects to Mac, Linux, Windows and PS4/PS5 devices. 

What about the Battery 

modmic wireless attached to headphones

The wireless ModMic provides up to 12 hours of talk time, which is impressive for a product of this type. You can also continue using the ModMic even when it's plugged in for recharging.

Being able to use the ModMic even when it’s charging is not only useful, but it’s very practical and convenient. Believe it or not, a lot of wireless headsets can’t be used when the battery is being recharged, so it’s nice to see that this product isn’t restrictive in that sense. 

modmic wireless charging

While on the subject of battery, and recharging it, there’s a micro USB port that’s used for recharging the battery that’s located on the wireless ModMic. Something to keep in mind when installing / attaching the ModMic is making sure to install the device so that the micro USB port faces down and not up.

By doing this, you’ll have a much easier time with cord management when recharging the battery. 

Is the ModMic easy to install? 

The short and simple answer to this question is yes, it is easy to get set up and working. Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Unpack the ModMic and the package contents 
  2. Locate the alcohol wipe included in the package 
  3. Use the alcohol wipe to clean the headphone are where the mic will be installed
  4. Remove the paper covering on the double sided tape on the ModMic
  5. Select the area on the headphones where the ModMic will attach, and attach it. Apply light, but firm pressure to adhere the Mic to the headphones. 
  6. Plug it into the USB port (wired model), or the USB receiver (wireless model). turn it on (wireless model). 

Make sure to mount the ModMic so that any cables are pointing down, and out of the way for easier use. Also, when mounting the ModMic, make sure that the microphone is located approximately two fingers width away from the corner of your mouth.

This is the optimum location for a microphone. Placing it closer than this can result in distorted sound, and placing it too far away can cause your voice to be faint and hard to hear. 

Once the ModMic is installed/attached, it can now be magnetically attached, and detached easily. So when you have an important call to make, attach the ModMic, and when you’re not doing business, you can simply, and quickly remove it.

The ModMic gives you the best of both worlds in that you can use the headphones you love, and still have the same headphones serve as a high sound quality business headset. 

What’s my overall impression of the ModMic? 

drew at headset advisor wearing modmic

If you use a pair of headphones that you absolutely love, but you acknowledge that those same headphones don’t really deliver when it comes to microphone sound quality, and you work where there’s not a lot of noise, then the ModMic is a great solution. 

This product is able to be connected to any headphones and when attached, it gives those headphones microphone sound quality it cannot provide on its own. This is particularly useful when you’re on important business phone calls, or video meetings where being heard clearly is highly important. 

If you work where there’s a lot of noise, the ModMic isn’t the greatest choice honestly. Though it can reduce some background noise, it doesn’t remove enough of it to make it a viable option if you need that noise reduced significantly.

So keep your environment in mind before deciding on this product. One thing you could consider if this has really captured your interest is to use it in conjunction with an app called Krisp.

Krisp is a program that’s designed to remove unwanted background noise. So pairing Krisp with the ModMic may very well give you the results you need. 

I find the ModMic to be a clever, and unique product that certainly has its place in the market. The sound quality is truly impressive, especially given the fact that this is a stand alone, peripheral product. Based on what it’s designed to do, I think it does an amazingly good job, and the price of it is reasonable as well. 

Sounds good, but how much do they cost? 

Pricing is always the elephant in the room. A product can be greater than sliced bread, but it always comes down to how much does it cost? After all, there is a relationship between cost and benefit. Well, here’s the 411 on the ModMic pricing: 

ModMic USB Wired: $84.99 

ModMic USB Wireless: $139.99 

To me, this is a very fair and reasonable price because for $80 to $140.00 you can keep your favorite headphones, and adapt them for premium audio quality for all your important business needs. Use the mic when needed, and remove it when you don’t need it. 

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