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When working from home, there are a number of things to consider when selecting the best headset for your home office. For the sake of this blog, I’m going to focus on wireless headsets over wired. 

The unique challenges posed by working from home are best handled by using a wireless headset over a wired model for your business communications. A wireless office headset gives you the freedom to move around your home freely when on a call. 

Remote working can be challenging in a lot of ways. You want to project the most professional image possible, but that can be difficult when distractions and noise are both in ample supply.

This is especially true now with school closures. Here are just a few of the distractions that can work against you projecting that professional image that your customers expect and deserve. 


- Dogs barking 

- Children crying, fighting or rough housing 

- Lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, chain saws 

- A ringing doorbell for deliveries, visitors or solicitors 

- Kitchen sounds of dishes, pans, microwave ovens 

- Adult & children interruptions 

Noise is truly something you need to contend with when working from home. 

So how does noise at home relate to the subject of an office headset? The simple answer is noise reduction and how well an office headset works to reduce it. 

Some headsets have a noise cancelling microphone which helps to filter out unwanted background noise. You may hear all that noise around you, but the technology contained in the office headset microphone helps to remove most of what you are hearing. This means your customer gets a better sounding phone call without hearing all that sound going on around you. 

So, the first, and perhaps the most important feature to look for is a noise cancelling microphone on your office phone headset. 

Headset talk time is an important feature as well.

If your office headset offers limited talk time, you’ll be recharging during the day, as well as reverting to using a telephone handset receiver. In cases where you’re using a Softphone instead of a desk phone, you won’t be able to make calls until your headset is recharged. As you can see, having an office headset with a decent amount of talk time is important and worth knowing before making an office headset buying decision. 

How much talk time is acceptable? 

Most wireless headsets offer talk time of approximately 8 hours. Some may offer more, while others a bit less. If you plan to purchase a headset with less than 8 hours of talk time, remember, you can always place the headset back into the charging bay when you take a break or go to lunch. By doing this, your office headset should give you enough battery to make it through a full 8 hour day. 

One mistake made by a lot of people, is they forget to place their wireless headset into the charging cradle at the end of the day. This results in a dead battery in the morning and the need to wait for the headset to charge. And, if you’re using a Softphone vs. desk phone, you’ll be unable to make phone calls until your office headset is recharged. This makes recharging your office headset at night a very important thing not to forget. 

The good news is there are models available that include a spare battery that’s housed in a separate battery charging compartment. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your headset overnight. If that happens, simply remove the battery from the spare charge compartment and swap it out with the one that’s dead. This is a great feature and very helpful. 

On the subject of batteries, something worth noting is some wireless office headsets contain batteries that are customer replaceable, while other models have batteries that aren’t. The ideal situation is to have a battery that you can replace when it no longer will hold a charge. 

Models that do not have a replaceable battery require the headset to be replaced when the battery no longer holds a charge. 


Some office wireless headsets connect to one device, such as a desk phone or maybe to a computer. This can be limiting as these models cannot adapt to any change in your communications. For example, we’re seeing a migration away from traditional desk phones to Softphones. Softphones are phones via your computer.

In the case where someone has purchased office wireless headsets for their desk phones, those same wireless headsets would not be able to be used on the new Softphones. This means that the company would have to shell out additional monies to replace the office wireless headsets to a model capable of working with a computer. 

The solution 

The way to get around this costly and disruptive problem would be to purchase an office wireless headset that can connect to a desk phone AND to a computer (laptop or desktop). This way, should your needs change, you won’t find yourself replacing perfectly functioning wireless headsets for a compatible model. 

Consider an office wireless headset that has dual connectivity capabilities.

Wearing styles 

headset wearing styles

When considering an office wireless headset for your home office, you have choices in the wearing styles. 

- Over the head covering one ear (mono) 

- Over the head cover two ears (duo) 

- Over the ear 

- Convertible (can be worn over the ear or over the head) 

A lot of people like the options a convertible headset offers. These models come with the pieces needed to wear it over the head, or over the ear. If you want to change up your wearing style, a convertible office headset gives you that choice and ability. 

Wear it over the head or wear it over the ear, your choice. Or, if your headband breaks, you’re not left without a headset. You can switch over to an over the ear wearing style and not experience any headset downtime. 


It’s been said that with warranties, longer is better. And though there’s truth to that, some of this depends on the warranty itself and what it includes or excludes.

What also matters is the vendor that’s behind the warranty. Are they responsive? Are they easy to work with? Are they helpful? The length of a warranty is only part of the picture. 

Advance replacements?

Does the vendor offer advance replacements during the warranty period? In other words, can you get a replacement sent before the defective unit is received by the vendor?

This matters because advance replacements can significantly reduce the time needed to receive a replacement office headset. Most do not offer advance replacements, and require that your defective headset is received prior to the exchange. Given the choice, advance replacements are your better option. 


Who pays for shipping? Do you, the customer, pay to ship your defective office headset or does the company pay for it? The better warranties will include shipping both ways. 

Length of warranty

Office wireless headsets typically come with a 1-year warranty. Some models will offer a longer warranty. If the longer warranty also includes advance replacements and covers the shipping costs, it’s likely your better choice. 


If everything aligns with a headset you’re considering, but it’s uncomfortable, the selection isn’t really your best choice. A headset is worn up close and personal and for a lengthy amount of time. It’s therefore important that the headset is comfortable for 

all day use. What’s comfortable to one person isn’t comfortable to another. So the matter of comfort is subjective and personal. Convertible headsets have an advantage in the comfort department because they offer you two included wearing options. If one isn’t comfortable, you have the included second option. 

Sound quality

Sound is broken up into two areas; the sound you hear and the sound that your callers hear. Both are important if you’re to have a good quality phone conversation.

Make sure your office wireless headset has a noise cancelling microphone and an ear speaker that allows you to hear well. With an office wireless headset, you’ll have the ability to adjust both volumes (hearing and speaking), which will allow you to fine tune your volumes for optimum sound quality. 

How can you know if a headset sounds good and is comfortable? Aside from reading reviews, you can’t, unless you ask your vendor for a demo. This should be a free, no cost or obligation product evaluation.

There’s no better way to know if a product is right for you than to try it out in your workplace. If your vendor won’t offer you a free trial, then you should seek out another vendor.

The key parameters we’ve discussed about selecting the best office headset for working at home include: 

- A wireless headset over a wired model 

- Noise cancelling office headset 

- An office wireless headset that can connect to a phone and computer - A wireless headset that has a good battery and talk time 

- An office headset that’s comfortable 

- An office headset that has good sound quality 

- A headset that comes with a good warranty including advance replacements 

Based on the areas above, there is a wireless headset that stands out among the crowd. 

The Discover D904 office wireless headset

discover d904 lifestyle

The Discover D904 office wireless headset checks the boxes above. 

It’s a wireless headset 

It features good sound quality and a noise cancelling microphone 

It’s convertible and includes an over the ear wearing option and over the head It comes with two (2) batteries and a built in spare charging bay 

The Discover D904 includes connections for a desk phone or computer It comes with a full 3-year advance replacement warranty with free shipping 

If you want a solid office wireless headset for working from home, you can’t go wrong with the Discover D904. It’s extremely versatile as well as comfortable with great sound quality. And, the 3-year warranty with free shipping and advance replacements can’t be beat.

The Discover D904 includes a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have peace of mind knowing that if you’re not satisfied, you can return the headset for a full refund. 

Click here for a short video overview of the Discover D904 for your reference. 

Noise cancelling office headsetOffice phone headsetOver ear office headset

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