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Most would agree that warranties are all pretty much the same. If you’re like most people, then you’ll likely agree with this. 

Though you’d be right in agreeing, there are differences in office headset warranties. But, before we can do any comparison, we would be right to take a look at the warranty offered by Plantronics, the industry leader. 

Below, you’ll find an overview of what you can expect from a Plantronics office headset warranty. This would apply to their products such as Plantronics wireless headset, Plantronics wired headset, Plantronics USB headset and others. 

Let’s jump into this and see what the warranty is all about. 

When does the warranty begin? 

The warranty commences on the date of purchase. Some warranties might vary from this, but commencement from the date of the order is pretty much standard practice. 

What is the length of the Plantronics headset warranty? 

The length of the Plantronics headset warranty varies by product. Some of their products carry a 1-year warranty, while others carry a 2 or 3-year warranty. To know how long your Plantronics headset warranty is, refer to the user guide included in your product box. 

Who pays for shipping if I need a warranty exchange? 

You, the customer, pays for the shipping costs to return the headset to Plantronics. Once your defective headset is received by Plantronics, and processed, they will pay for the shipping costs for the replacement. 

Do you get a new product when you submit an in-warranty claim?

At the discretion of Plantronics, you may receive a new product or refurbished product. If your product has been discontinued, and that model isn’t available to provide, you will receive a replacement headset deemed similar in scope and functionality. 

What happens if you have a problem after the warranty has expired?

In this case, you would either replace the product, or you can have it repaired.

Like any office headset warranty, not everything is covered. The manufacturers will all typically have exclusions to their warranty program. Plantronics also lists exclusions. 

Here’s a list of things that are not covered under the Plantronics warranty: 

- Products purchased from unauthorized sources are excluded from coverage - Products that are used in high volume call centers not designed for high volume, high traffic work environments, are excluded. 

- If you purchase a Plantronics headset product through an on-line auction, this will not be covered under the Plantronics headset warranty program. 

- If your Plantronics headset is being used in tandem with other hardware or software products not certified or authorized by Plantronics, then your headset will not be covered under the warranty. 

- Damage. If your headset becomes damaged due to things such as fire, misuse, neglect, physical abuse, electrical stress, modifications, improper or unauthorized wiring, repair, testing or used outside of the Plantronics use parameters, headsets modified by anyone other than Plantronics or Plantronics authorized service outlets, date code and/or serial numbers removed, headsets modified using non-Plantronics parts as well as routine, normal consumable spare parts (ear cushions, batteries, voice tubes etc), unless defective upon receipt. 

If I receive a warranty replacement, how long is the warranty on this product?

12 months, or the remainder of your original warranty, whichever is longer. 

If I need an in-warranty replacement, must my defective unit be received before I can get a replacement shipped? 

Yes. Plantronics must receive your defective headset (you pay the shipping) before you can get your replacement shipped out. Your headset must be received and then processed before a replacement can be shipped out. Years ago, Plantronics used to advance replace office headsets, but recently they changed their warranty policy. 

There are companies, such as Headset Advisor, www.headsetadvisor.com that do offer in-warranty advance replacements and shipping costs both ways. This is a faster and most cost effective warranty policy for the customer. 

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog, there are differences in warranties and what manufacturers and sellers offer.

Warranties in general are broken down into two broad categories: 

- Limited warranty 

- Unlimited warranty 

There are differences between these warranties, but there are a lot of similarities as well. 

For example, both warranties have limits on what things are covered under the warranty and what things are not. Transfer of ownership with warranty continuation is another difference between limited and unlimited. 

Is your warranty easy to use? 

Some companies, like Plantronics for example, make things pretty easy overall. A simple contact with the exchange of some basic information, and you’re in process. 

Other companies in the headset space don’t make it so easy. You might get a lot of questions about things you can try before a return is authorized. This process can get extensive and along the way, very frustrating and annoying. It is hard to know which you’re dealing with until you go down that path. But, once you do, you’ll have the information you need for any future transactions. 

Who pays for shipping?

In most cases, the customer will pay to ship the defective unit and then get free shipping on the return. The superior warranty is one that covers the shipping both ways. If you don’t know, just ask your office headset provider who pays the shipping. 

Advance replacements

Does the warranty allow for advance replacements? By this, I mean, can you receive a replacement prior to the seller/manufacturer receiving your defective unit?

This is an important point because it can make for a much faster exchange when compared to your vendor having to receive your product, and process the return before a replacement can be scheduled.

In those cases where you don’t have spare office headsets on hand, advance replacements can significantly cut down on the time you’re without a headset. 

The main point is to make sure that you understand what’s covered under your warranty and what’s excluded. Only then can you make a truly informed choice because a warranty is an important part of any office headset buying decision.

Lastly, there is a way that you can make the details of a warranty unimportant and instead have unlimited peace of mind. 

Consider renting your headsets

When you rent your Plantronics wired headsets or your Plantronics wireless headsets, your warranty never expires. Unlike a warranty, it does include consumable accessories like ear cushions, voice tubes, batteries that are excluded under normal warranties. 

You get the added benefits of a month-to-month program with no long term obligation. This gives you the flexibility to enter or exit the program as you like. Along the way, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel. 

You can see a sample of a headset rental program here.

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