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Step 1

Included with your Discover D904 wireless headset is an RJ9 cable. Plug one end of this cable into the telephone icon where the purple arrow is pointing.

Discover D904 Yealink Installation


Step 2

Plug the other end of your RJ9 cable into the HEADSET port of your Yealink desk phone, where the purple arrow is pointing.

Yealink EHS36 Installation


Step 3

Included with your Yealink EHS36 is an RJ12 cord. Plug one end into the small port of the Yealink EHS36.

Yealink EHS36 Installation



Step 4

Plug the other end of the RJ12 cord into the back of your Yealink office phone, labeled with EHS or EXT.


Step 5

On the other end of your Yealink EHS36 is a RJ45 plug. Connect the included RJ45 plug into the EHS36, then plug the other end into your Discover D904 charging base as shown.

Step 5 Yealink EHS36 Installation


Using your headset

Adding the Yealink EHS36 to go with your Discover D904 wireless headset enables two features.

  1. Remote call answering- You can answer/end calls away from your phone up to 350 feet
  2. Ring detection- when a call comes in you'll get a beep tone in the headset



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