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Posted by Drew Merritt on January 7, 2020

As of 2019 the Plantronics CS520 has been discontinued and replaced by the Plantronics Savi 7220 office. Although the Plantronics CS520 is highly popular, it’s been available for many years so it looks like Plantronics decided it was time for an update to the CS520.


At some point there won’t be any stock left of the Plantronics CS520 wireless headsets, so you’ll be required to switch to the new Savi 7220 Office. It would make sense to start the migration now if you’re ordering more headsets and prefer the CS520.


Use the comparison guide below to compare the different specifications

Tech Specs

Talk time

Up to 12 hours

Up to 12 hours


Up to 400 feet

Up to 350 feet




Audio Performance

Narrowband and Wideband

Narrowband and Wideband


Noise canceling

Noise canceling

Headset Weight



Conference Feature




Desk Phone

Desk Phone

Wearing Style

Dual Speakers

Dual Speakers


1 Year

1 Year

Whats in the box?

CS520 headset, charging base, AC power, phone cord, battery

Savi 7220 headset, charging base, AC power, phone cord, battery


Longer wireless Range

The Plantronics CS520 is rated up to 350 feet of range, where as the Savi 7220 Office is rated up to 400 feet of wireless range. Not a huge difference, but nonetheless more is better in this case.


Updated design

From the Savi 7220 Office charging base to the headset, you’ll notice overall the headset looks more sleek and modern. That says a lot because the Plantronics CS520 is not a bad looking design by any means!


Improved comfort

One of the major improvements I noticed on the Plantronics Savi 7220 Office that customers will appreciate, is a more cushioned headband and ear cushions. The portion of the headband that rests on top of your head is leatherette with some sort of memory foam. Where as the Plantronics CS520 has a hard rubber that rests at the top of the head, and can sometimes be uncomfortable. In addition, there’s at least 2-3x more cushion on the Savi 7220 ear cushions compared to the CS520.


plantronics cs520 headset vs savi 7200 office headset


Better button placements

On the Plantronics CS520 where the volume controls and mute switch are located, sometimes customers wouldn’t know what the different buttons do. Where as the Plantronics Savi 7220 Office, clearly labels a PLUS and MINUS sign for volume up/down and there’s a red button on the side of the speaker for your microphone mute/unmute.


plantronics savi 7200 office headset



The Plantronics Savi 7220 Office in action!

Compliments to David Merritt for modeling the new Savi 7220 Office headset

plantronics savi 7220 office lifestyle



The accessories currently being used with your Plantronics CS520 are cross compatible with the Savi 7200 Office as well. So, there’s no need to purchase any additional Lifters, EHS cables or busy lights, if you’re already using those accessories with your CS520. Sometimes manufacturers will create a new model and change up compatibility with certain accessories, so it’s nice Plantronics from a customer perspective made things easy.


Purchase options to consider for Savi 7220 Office:

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Click here to rent (month to month, no contract, warranty that never expires)



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