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The Plantronics WO2 series of wireless headsets (W740, W745, W730, W720 and W710) allow you to pair your headset to a mobile phone for phone calls.

Step 1

Press straight down and hold the Bluetooth pairing button on your Plantronics WO2 charging base until the red and blue LED light start flashing. plantronics wo2 pairing

Step 2

Go into your mobile phone settings, click Bluetooth and wait for your device to be recognized. You'll see something like "Headset" Or "Savi 7xx", once you click the device to be paired, the blue LED light will go solid on your Plantronics WO2 charging base if pairing is successful. plantronics wo2 pairing That's it your Plantronics WO2 wireless headset is now paired! No more speakerphone or cradling your mobile phone to your neck.

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