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Jive began when six scrappy software entrepreneurs got fed up with the expensive and overly complicated phone system. They decided to build their own Hosted VoIP solution. With their system in the Cloud—and grounded by grit, hard work, and a shoestring budget—Jive created an affordable, innovative, and secure Unified Communication (UC) solution for businesses around the world.


With all the different information online, it can get confusing trying to find which headset is recommended or compatible. This guide will help explain the recommended and compatible headsets for various desk phones you'll choose from Jive or the Jive computer softphone application. If you use the Jive computer softphone application, keep in mind when connecting to your computer, you'll need a USB headset.

At this current point in time Jive doesn't offer the call control feature. Meaning, no matter which wireless headset you choose for the Jive softphone application will not allow you to answer/end calls when away from the computer. You'll need to answer calls at the computer, then you'll be able to walk and talk up to 350 feet, depending which wireless headset you choose.

Now you might be asking what's the purpose of having a wireless headset if you can't answer/end calls away from the computer? Although not ideal, you'll still have the freedom of a cord not being in the way, plus you can step away from the computer as you're on a phone call to multi task, and mute/unmute your calls as needed. Where as a wired headset is going to leave you tethered to the desk.


Headset Compatibility List For Jive Made Easy



cisco 8800 series


Cisco 6841, 6851, 7811, , 7821, 7841, 7861, 8811, 8841, 8851 and 8861 Recommended and compatible Cisco headsets for Jive

Wireless headsets:

Wired headsets: *D102 cord is required to go with either wired headset. >>Learn more about setting up your compatible Cisco headsets<<



polycom vvx series- jive


Polycom VVX 201, VVX 401, VVX 411, VVX 501, VVX 601 Recommended and compatible Polycom headsets for Jive

Wireless headsets:

Wired headsets: *D101 cord is required to go with either wired headset >>Learn more about setting up your compatible Polycom headsets<<



yealink desk phones


Yealink T40G, T41s, T42s, T46s, T48S, T58V Recommended and compatible Yealink headsets for Jive Wireless headsets:

Wired headsets: *D104 cord is required to go with either wired headset >>Learn more about setting up your compatible Yealink headsets<<


Jive Desktop Softphone

If you plan on using the Jive desktop softphone application, you'll need a USB or Bluetooth headset.

What is the Jive desktop softphone? Turns your desktop computer or laptop into a Unified Communications interface for phone calls and text messages without the need of a physical desk phone.


NOTE: At this time there's no wired or wireless headset that allows you to answer/end calls away from the computer, using the Jive softphone application on your computer. Recommended Jive headsets for mobile workers If you need a headset in the office and on the go here's a list of recommended headsets for Jive:

Recommended Jive headsets for office workers If you work in a high call environment and mainly answer/end calls in the office on your computer, these headsets will work great:


Why Discover Headsets?

With a flexible line of wired and wireless headsets, there's a perfect Discover headset for your office. Each model is designed with office professionals in mind for premium comfort, crystal clear sound quality, ease of use and warranties that are 3x most other brands.


Why you should trust us:

For almost 3 decades or equivalent to 262,800 hours (that's a lot of hours talking about headsets) Headset Advisor has specialized in providing headsets to offices and call centers of all sizes. With this information, we're able to get real feedback from customers in the office using headsets and the models they prefer based on their unique situation. In addition, any model that we recommend is rigorously tested in house to ensure you're getting a high quality headset for your office or call center that offers a noise canceling microphone, strong battery life (for wireless models), comfort and connectivity.


Why you should buy a professional grade headset

With many options available for you to purchase, be careful before thinking of buying a consumer grade headset for your office or call center. If you're on more than a few phone calls a day it makes sense investing in a professional grade headset you can expect to have for 2-5+ years. The advantages of purchasing a business grade headset is:
  • Much higher quality
  • Connectivity options compatible with your devices
  • More comfortable wearing choices available
  • Compatibility
  • Improved sound quality
  • Better noise cancellation in the microphone
  • Longer warranty
Comparing a consumer grade headset around $50 to a business grade wired or wireless headset from $100-300, even though you're spending 2-3x more, you'll find much more value and a better overall experience for a product you'll be using for many years. Why? Because you'll have a professional headset that's more comfortable, durable, connectivity options made for your devices, sounds better and covers you with a longer warranty.

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