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Sennheiser SDW 5000 Series

Change is as normal as the seasons. Headsets, like many products, continue to change and evolve and recently, Sennheiser, a world leader in audio technology, announced a new line of headsets aimed at the mobile and office worker. I’m referring to the SDW 5000 series. So, what is this product and how is it different or better from what Sennheiser has offered in the past from their SD or D10 models? Let’s have a look.

Over the past several years, Sennheiser has been at a competitive disadvantage because they didn’t offer a 3-in-1 connectivity headset. That is, a headset that connects to a desk phone, computer and Bluetooth. With the SDW series, that’s changed and in a big way.

The Sennheiser SDW 5000 is available in two variants.

SDW 5015. Connects to a desk phone and computer

SDW 5016. Connects to a desk phone, computer and Bluetooth

The 5015 doesn’t come with a Bluetooth Dongle, but this can be added later if needed.

Key Features:

Audio. A typical office wireless headset supports narrowband audio. More recently, wireless headsets have offered wideband, sometimes referred to as High Definition. The Sennheiser SDW 5015 and 5016 delivers Super wideband audio which is the best audio available in a Dect headset. The result is a richer, truer to lifelike voice experience far beyond business standards.

Microphone. The Sennheiser SDW 5000 headsets feature two noise canceling microphones. This assures you that the sound in your work environment will not find its way on to your call. Unlike other “noise canceling” microphones, this one truly gives you a clean, distraction free call. Combine this feature with Sennheiser’s exclusive voice detection technology and you’ll quickly hear the difference and so will your callers.

Security. Many headsets offer 64-bit digital encryption. The Sennheiser SDW 5000 headsets use 128-bit digital encryption. That alone provides you with more security, but it doesn’t end there. When a wireless headset is being paired, that’s when it’s most vulnerable to an intrusion because the pairing is done over the air, wirelessly. The Sennheiser SDW 5000 headsets pair to the base only when the headset is docked in the base station. This eliminates the risk of a security breach helping to keep your private information, private.

USB Port. The Sennheiser SDW 5015 and 5016 bases have a USB port. The 5016 comes with a USB Dongle for connecting Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets (up to 2 simultaneously). This USB port also allows you to plug in a Sennheiser wired USB headset or Sennheiser speakerphone such as the SP20. When compared to competitive triple connectivity wireless headsets, the SDW models offer you more ways to use your headset.

Visual call status. The headset has an LED busy light located on the side so others can see when you’re busy on a call. You can also get an optional busy light for the desk that lets others around you know when you’re on a call. Interruptions are kept to a minimum and you’ll get more done.

Battery. In narrowband mode, you get 10 hours of talk time, 8 hours in wideband and 6 hours in super wideband. When recharging the battery, you get 50% charge in a short 30 minutes and a full charge in an hour. With this rapid charge system, you should never experience a dead battery.

Connectivity. 5015 model connects to a desk phone and computer. The 5016 connects to desk phone, computer and Bluetooth. You can join up to 3 calls together such as a Bluetooth call, Softphone call and desk phone call. Additionally, you can conference up to 4 Sennheiser SDW 5000 headsets for a wireless, handsfree conference call.

Talk range. The SDW 5000 headsets provide the same talk range as the SD and DW models, up to 590 feet, line of sight so no talk distance change with this new model. Still, the Sennheiser wireless headsets provide some of the longest talk ranges if in an open area. In a typical office, up to 180 feet.

Wearing styles included. The SDW models include a headband, neckband and ear loop. This gives you several wearing options and they’re all included.

From all indications, it appears that Sennheiser has hit a homerun with the SDW 5000 headsets. They’re stylish, well made, versatile, fully featured, secure, comfortable and great sounding. When you think about it, what more do you really need in an office wireless headset?

Interested in trying one out? Contact us today and we’ll have you talking on the new SDW 5000 headset faster than you can say I love this headset.


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