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Panasonic Phone Compatible Headsets

Before choosing a wired or wireless headset to go with your Panasonic corded or cordless phone, you'll want to know the best headsets that are compatible. For more headsets compatible with office phones, visit the

office headset compatibility guide: compatibility made easy

How to use the Panasonic headset compatibility guide:

  1. Find the make/model of your phone
  2. Choose if you prefer a wired or wireless headset
  3. If choosing a wired headset, you'll see the compatible adapter that will also be needed. For wireless, you can add the optional compatible accessory (DHS12 or DHL110) to enable remote call answering (most customers add this accessory)



Q: Why do I have to purchase a separate adapter to go with a wired headset for my Panasonic phone?


A: Being that there's so many different phones available, headset manufacturers have to make various different cables, depending which model of phone you're connecting to.

Q: How come I have to purchase a separate accessory to answer/end calls away from my Panasonic phone with a wireless headset?

A: Out of the box either wireless headset is compatible, but in order to answer/end calls away from your desk, the recommended accessory will be required.

Q: How do I find compatibility for other desk phone brands?

A: Visit the office headset compatibility guide: compatibility made easy


Understanding Headset Terminology

Quick Disconnect: Out of the box this is the name of the cord that's on your Panasonic compatible headset that connects to the direct connect cable.


Direct Connect Cable: This cable connects from your Panasonic headset to the headset port of your Panasonic phone.

Electronic Hook Switch: Otherwise known as an EHS cable, this accessory connects from a wireless headset charging base to your Panasonic phone. Allowing you to answer/end calls when away from your phone.

Handset Lifter: Like an EHS cable, a Handset Lifter also allows you to answer/end calls away from the phone, but physically picks up and hangs up your handset.


Compatible Panasonic Wired Headsets Compared

How To Use Your Panasonic Wired Headset

Simply plug the D200 headset amplifier into your compatible Discover D700 series wired headset, then plug the D200 into the Handset port of your Panasonic desk phone. Lastly, plug the Panasonic Handset into the back of your D200 amplifier as shown in the image. To use your Discover headset, you'll need to remove the handset and set it on your desk to answer a call. Hang up the handset when done with the call. panasonic headset

How To Use Your Panasonic Wireless Headset

panasonic headset Option 1- WITHOUT EHS cable or Lifter
  1. Remove your headset from the charging base and it will auto turn on
  2. To answer/end calls, remove your Panasonic handset to answer calls and hang your handset back up to the base of your phone to end calls.
Option 2- WITH EHS Cable or Lifter
  1. When a call comes in, simply remove your headset from the charging base and you'll be on the call
  2. OR leave your headset on throughout the day and press the on/off button on your D904 or Adapt 30 headset to answer/end calls up to 350 feet away from your desk


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