3 NEW Orosound Tilde Pro Updates: The Noise Canceling Mic That Shocked The World - Headset Advisor

Not long ago, we created content around the new Orosound Tilde Pro and in that content we boasted how good the microphone sounded. And you know, it really did sound fantastic. 

When you compare the sound of the Orosound Tilde Pro to other business grade headsets, it was easy to get behind that message. 

That being said, there's a trade-off headset manufactures have to make. Either they create their microphone with the best voice quality possible, with little to no mic noise cancellation, OR they have to balance between keeping good voice quality while having mic noise cancellation. 

Based on customer feedback, mic noise cancellation was lacking and this was a big improvement clients wanted. In our opinion, Orosound delivered.

There’s a saying that goes along the lines of the best just keep getting better. Well that saying sure holds true with the Orosound Tilde Pro because there’s been three new updates that I’d like to let you know about. 

orosound tilde pro

Before I get into those three new updates, I’d like to give a quick overview of the Tilde Pro for anyone who’s not familiar with this high quality Bluetooth headset. Once I wrap that up, I’ll jump over to the three new updates. 

Here’s a quick overview:

The Tilde Pro is an over the head, double ear headset by a company from France, called Orosound. And not only is the company that manufactures it from France, but that’s where their products are designed, and manufactured. Headsets are normally manufactured in China, but not this one. 

The Tilde Pro is modular, which means there's elements to it that allow for customization.

Replacement parts are extremely affordable as well!

orosound tilde pro with over-ear and on-ear cushions

For example, the ear cups come in two variants: 

  • Over the ear - these are those people who want to block out as much of the background noise as possible. 
  • On the ear - this is for those who don’t like having their entire ears covered.

Besides having the choice to interchange these different ear cups, you can also choose to use a boom microphone, or the ones housed in the headset body. 

If you use a headset primarily for business purposes, then you’ll want to use the boom microphone because it gives you the best sound, and noise reduction. 

But, for those times that you’re not on a call, simply remove the boom mic so it’s not in the way. That essentially gives you two headsets in one; a business grade headset, and a pair of headphones for all your music, podcasts and more.

Oh, and that boom mic removes super easily, because it’s magnetic. Simply place it near the home position, and the magnet pulls the mic into position. To remove it, apply a light amount of pressure, and it comes off easily. It then stores away in the included carry case. 


orosound tilde pro connectivity

It seamlessly connects from one device to the other without difficulty. So, if you’re using it on your computer, and want to use it with your mobile device, it hands off without issue. 

Talk Time

orosound tilde pro battery talk time

The Tilde Pro comes with a battery that pumps out 28 hours of talk time. That guarantees you’ll get through your busiest day with ease. In fact, you may even get through your week before a recharge is needed. And speaking of recharging, you can still use the Tilde Pro even when the battery is getting recharged. That’s something a lot of headsets are incapable of doing. 

Wireless Range

The wireless distance is about what you’d expect for a Bluetooth headset. It provides up to 100 feet of wireless range, which means you should expect to get around 50 feet, because headsets generally give you about half the distance stated in the datasheet. 

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)

orosound tilde pro anc

The Tilde Pro comes with Active Noise Cancelation which dampens the noise around you. ANC is meant to give the person who’s wearing the headset a quieter experience so they can stay focused, and not be distracted. Many headsets don’t have this feature, while others may give you just ANC on and off. The Tilde Pro gives you 10 adjustable steps of ANC so you can adjust noise removal to the level you prefer. 

Hear through mode

The Tilde Pro comes with a handy feature called Aware+. When activated, this feature dampens the room noise, allowing you to have a face-to-face conversation without taking the headphones off. It’s estimated that the need to remove headphones for face to face conversations occurs on average, 10 times per day. That’s 200 times per month, and 2,400 times per year. The Tilde Pro, with the Aware+ feature, helps to eliminate the frustration and the inconvenience of taking the headset off and on repeatedly. 

Microphone quality

Lastly, the Orosound Tilde Pro comes with amazing voice fidelity that’s clearly richer than just about every headset we’ve tested, and we test a lot. The noise reduction is top notch as well, and with the updates in this blog, that noise reduction has been taken to a higher level. 

Hopefully this has given you a sense of the Orosound Tilde Pro, and what it’s about. With that as the backdrop, as of 9/2/22 let’s find out what the three new updates to this premium Bluetooth headset are all about. 

Update #1- Corded USB Connectivity

orosound tilde pro usb cable

USB-A and USB-C connections are both now included. 

Although USB C is the new standard, there are a ton of computers still using USB A ports. With that in mind, you don’t have to concern yourself with the matter of which type of connection the Orosound Tilde Pro comes with, because it now comes with both. 

Is this a minor thing? Perhaps, but it is an update that’s worth mentioning.


USB-A connectivity


usb-c connectivity

Update #2- USB Dongle

orosound tilde pro with usb dongle

The initial version of the Tilde Pro didn’t have a USB Adapter available which meant that your computer needed to have built in Bluetooth capability, or you were required to connect to your computer using the included USB cable. 

Now, the Orosound Tilde Pro includes a USB Adapter for more convenience and improved performance. 

  • Now you can use the Tilde Pro with your computer, even if it’s not Bluetooth enabled. 
  • You’ll have a more steady, reliable wireless connection
  • You’ll have better sound quality 
  • And, you’ll likely have a longer wireless range. 

This new USB Adapter helps to make the Tilde Pro compatible with the leading UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Dialpad, Zoom and others. And, if you’re using RingCentral, you’ll also have a feature called remote call answering (not all headsets offer this feature).

If you’re unfamiliar with remote answering, here’s the long and short of it: 

If you are wearing your headset and you step away from your desk, and receive an incoming call, you’ll hear a quiet beep sound in your headset earpiece. This tone is to alert you of an incoming call. Once notified, you can press the call control button on your headset to take the call, and press the call control button a second time to end it. 

This feature allows you to be far more reachable to your callers and customers, which gives them better service. You avoid having a mountain of voice messages to wade through, and a boatload of calls to return. Whenever possible, remote call answering is a feature you should always be using.

Update #3- Mic Noise Cancellation

orosound tilde pro microphone

The original version of the Orosound Tilde Pro came with a microphone that provided a very professional, rich sound, and the noise canceling ability was superb as well. Orosound actually improved on this through this new update. 

So when you buy a new Orosound Tilde Pro it will come with these new updates. And for those who already own this headset, make sure to download Orosound Link and update your software so you can take advantage of these new audio enhancements. 

orosound tilde pro mic position

I guess it’s fair to say that a good product can always be better. Perfection is something to strive for, but something that’s never really attained. But I have to say, Orosound is closing in and narrowing that gap because this truly is a world class, professional grade headset that’s excellent for use on your voice and video calls, as well as for entertainment. 

Need some help, or have a question? 

If the Tilde Pro isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then make sure to contact us. We have a team of Advisors that are ready to assist you. So if you have a quick headset question, need some help finding a compatible headset, or just some help getting your new headsets installed, we’re here to help make things easy for you. 

    And no, we don’t use phone trees, or chatbots because the truth is, nobody likes those things, and we don’t either. We do it old school by giving you someone to talk to one-on-one. Hey, some things never go out of style, and being able to talk to someone just happens to be one of them. 

    Bulk pricing, coupon code and monthly pay as you go program

    david wearing orosound tilde pro

    If you’re in the market for a lot of new headsets, make sure to ask us about a quantity discount. We all like saving money, so make sure to inquire about a discount for your order. And if you’re not looking for a batch of new headsets, then make sure to use coupon code BLOG to get a discount on your order.

    We also offer a very affordable, and flexible lease program for those who qualify. Your monthly plan is not only affordable, but it includes replacement accessories like wireless headset batteries, foam and leatherette ear cushions, microphone wind screens and more.

    The warranty never expires too so you won’t be spending more money on repairs or replacements. It’s a great program that you should really ask us about. 

    HeadphonesMic noise cancellationOrosoundOrosound tilde proWireless headset

    Unheard of Noise Cancellation

    The best-selling Orosound Tilde Pro is made in France, has an innovative magnetic noise cancelling microphone and ANC speakers to allow maximum concentration.

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