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Anyone who works in a Contact Center, or manages one, knows the importance of having a good headset. After all, Agents do spend their day talking to people, so it stands to reason that a headset plays an important role. 

But the truth is, there are a ton of headset options available these days. Far more than you had just ten or twenty years ago. So what are the most important things to look for when choosing a new headset for your Call Center?

Here are the things that I think are important, and good points for you to consider. 

  1. Comfort 
  2. Sound quality 
  3. Versatility 
  4. Reliability 
  5. Overall value 

You might be thinking that the things I just listed are things that any headset could provide, but that wouldn’t be correct. The truth is, headsets vary more than you think, and not all of them can provide everything on this short list. But in this blog, I’d like to introduce you to one headset that does check all these boxes, and gives you an incredible value.

The headset that I’m referring to is the Discover Adapt 30, and here’s why I say this is a headset well worth your time to consider. 


Not all headsets are comfortable. Some tend to press too hard against the head, while others seem to fit too loosely. There’s also a big difference in how much headsets weigh. For example, a few weigh two ounces or less, with others weighing in the six ounce range all the way to ten plus ounces.

The Discover Adapt 30 isn’t heavy at all, in fact, it’s one of the lightest wireless headsets on the market, and when it comes to all day comfort, weight matters. 

So if you, or your team, spends the day on calls, then you’ll find the Discover Adapt 30 to be light and comfortable so you’re not going home at the end of the day looking for that bottle of pain reliever. 

Sound Quality 

We test a lot of headsets here at Headset Advisor, and the Discover Adapt 30 is one of the more solid sounding headsets we’ve tested. 

You get a professional sound that won’t have your callers struggling to hear you, and you won’t have static, clipping or inconsistency. And your background noise will be suppressed too thanks to the high quality noise canceling microphone that keeps noise where it belongs; off your calls. 

So if it’s a professional sound that you’re looking for, then this is a headset you really should consider. 

Customer Testimonials

This has been a great headset. It blocks out other noises in the office and the mic works great. Definitely would buy again” 

“I am using it with an AT&T Bluetooth office phone. I love that I can answer both the landline and my cell phone with this headset and keep working hands free! It works great and I switch between the single & the double headset band depending on how I am wearing my hair that day. (it makes a difference in how well it stays on my head). I will recommend it to anyone who asks me about headsets. I work from home now, and with the range that this headset works in, I can go anywhere in my home and still be connected, (main floor or basement, where my office is, even outside if I don't go too far)”. 

I Love it, Thank You

“Wow! That is all I can say about this headset. I don't think I could ever switch back to the Plantronics I was using before. 

This makes work so much easier. If I need to zone in and focus I use the dual ear headband, and if I need to talk to patients then I use the single ear. Plus, I don't have to worry about anything with the 3 year warranty. This was well worth the money. Plus, you can't beat the customer service! 

I will be recommending this headset to everyone I know who works with phones. 

PS: Josh in Customer Service got me up and running in a jiffy, if you need help, ask for him!!”

“Great wireless headset for the office. We have several of them in our call center and our team really likes them. We have replaced some name brand headsets and they like the Discover much better. It seems to be more sturdy as well.” 


The Discover Adapt 30 is perhaps one of the most versatile headsets out there. Here’s why I say that: 

First, it’s unique, modular design allows you to switch between a single ear wearing style, to a double ear configuration. That’s something you just can’t find in any other headset. 

So, for those who want to hear what’s going on around them, they’d use the single ear model. But, for the other people who want to block out the background noise so they can concentrate better, then they’d select the 

double ear headband. Best of all, both headbands are included so you don’t have to choose between one or the other. This alone makes deploying headsets to a team a simple task because each person can choose which style they prefer.

So whether you like having one ear open, or both ears covered, the Discover Adapt 30 lets you decide. 

The other thing that makes the Discover Adapt 30 versatile is its ability to connect to a desk phone and to a computer. A lot of companies use desk phones, but they also use computer based applications. With the Adapt 30 you can toggle between both with a simple press of a button.

So if you need to make a phone call, and then jump onto a video call, the Adapt 30 has you covered. Even if you’re not using computer based communications at this time, the Adapt 30’s ability to connect to a computer means you won’t be buying new headsets when you do migrate to using softphones, or Zoom for example. 


We service what we sell, so if a headset is problematic, we’ll know. And problems aren’t what you’ll get with the Discover Adapt 30. This is a lightweight, great sounding reliable headset that provides consistent service. And to go along with that, the Discover Adapt 30 comes with an industry leading 3-year warranty. 

Many headsets offer a 1-year warranty, and others offer a 2-year warranty. But with the Adapt 30 you get a longer warranty which means you’ll have longer peace of mind, and when managing a team of people that use headsets, peace of mind, and minimizing problems really goes a long way. 

Overall Value 

So when it comes to delivering good value, what makes the Discover Adapt 30 one of your better choices? 

For starters, having the ability to interchange the headset from a single to a double ear wearing style on the fly makes for an enormous value. Without this kind of flexibility, you’d literally need to have two headsets, because when you get an Adapt 30, it’s like getting two headsets in one. And in my book, that’s not a good value, that’s a great value.

The other thing that makes this headset a good overall value is in the dual connectivity. Out of the box, you can connect it to your desk phone, and also to your computer. This gives you the flexibility to toggle between both of these devices. So if you have some phone calls planned, well, you can plan on sounding good, and being comfortable.

But, if your day takes you in front of the camera for an important video call, your Discover Adapt 30 doesn’t miss a beat because you can use it for those calls too. There’s even an option that allows you to connect the Adapt 30 to a mobile phone. So the versatility that this headset offers translates into real world meaningful value. 

And when considering the points of this headset that make it a great value, you can’t ignore the long warranty. Having a longer warranty is clearly a better value when compared to other headset warranties that drop off after a year or two, where the Adapt 30 keeps you covered. You get longer peace of mind, and you avoid unexpected headset expenses like repairs or replacements. 

Bottom line 

The bottom line is the Discover Adapt 30 is a highly versatile, great sounding, comfortable headset that gives you a longer warranty, and a price that’s affordable. 

The next time you’re in need of a headset for yourself, or your Contact Center, make sure you take a good look at the Discover Adapt 30. Because this is one headset that will make deploying headsets extremely easy for you with the included two wearing styles. No more having to decide which wearing style to get because both are included. Your Agents pick the style they prefer. It couldn’t be easier. 

And if the budget is a bit tight, no worries because we have a unique, and affordable, headset lease program. One low rate includes your headsets, replacement accessories and a warranty that never expires. And with headsets starting as low as $2.00, well, you can see how affordable they are on this program. 

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