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  1. AC Power Adapter
  2. Wireless Headset Top
  3. Wireless Headset Base
  4. Telephone Interface Cable
  5. Mono, Single Ear Headband
  6. Duo, Double Ear Headband


discover adapt 30 base

discover adapt 30 headset controls



STEP 1 Locate the AC Power Adapter and plug it into your wall power outlet. Plug the other end into the back of your Adapt 30 charging base.

Included in the box is a phone cord. Plug one end into the back of the charging base as shown.

adapt 30 setup


STEP 2 Place the wireless headset earpiece into the charging cradle and allow it to charge for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes.

adapt 30 charging


STEP 4 Unplug your telephone handset from the base of your phone.

unplug handset


STEP 5 Plug the telephone interface cable into the telephone HANDSET port.  Make sure to insert the clear plastic clip into the handset port fully. You should hear a click.

adapt 30 plugin


STEP 6 Plug the telephone handset coil cord into the back of the headset charge base where you see an icon of a telephone handset.

adapt 30 handset plugin-2


STEP 8 Place the telephone handset into the cradle of the telephone, (hang up the phone).


NOTE: If you would like to answer your phone calls when away from your desk, you’ll need an optional Handset Lifter or Electronic Hookswitch Cable (EHS Cable). Contact us today for assistance in locating the compatible remote call answer device.


Now that your headset is setup, here are some step-by-step instructions on how to use it to make a phone call.

STEP 1. Select a single ear or double ear headband and snap it on to the earpiece.

STEP 2 Put the headset on and press the call control button located on the side of the earpiece. This is a round black button on the side of the earpiece that has a small dot in the center.. Press it once to turn on the headset.

STEP 3 Take the telephone handset out of the cradle and place it on the desktop.

remove handset


STEP 4 At this time, you should hear a dial tone in the headset earpiece

STEP 5 Dial the desired phone number and have a conversation as normal. Make sure that the microphone tip is located approximately two fingers width from the corner of your mouth.

STEP 5 When you finish your phone call, take the telephone handset receiver and hang it up.

hangup handset


STEP 6 If you have additional calls to make, return to step 2 and continue through step 5.

STEP 7 If you don't have any further calls to make, make sure the telephone handset is hung up and then return your headset earpiece to the headset charging cradle, or leave it on so you’re ready for your next call.


Contact us today for any further help with setup.

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