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Something that’s been lacking in the headset space are headsets that are earbud style, able to connect to a computer via USB. Yes, there are earbud type models that have Bluetooth connectivity, but that’s hit or miss when it comes to being able to connect as not all computers have Bluetooth built in.

And of course there’s the matter of good, consistent sound quality, which is something you’ll probably not get when using most Bluetooth headsets with your computer. But what about a wired model?

Up until now, there hasn’t been a wired, earbud style headset capable of connecting via USB. 

That hole in the headset lineup has now been filled. Introducing the new Discover D714U earbud style headset for your computer or mobile devices. 

Introducing the Discover D714U Earbuds for Work

discover d714u work headset

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you to the features of the new Discover D714U. I’ll not only go over the features of this new wired USB headset, but I’ll show you the different connection options, and finally, I’ll do a microphone test. The microphone test will allow you to know how it sounds and how well it does to eliminate unwanted background noise. 

But, before I get started, I’d like to let you know that I recorded a Youtube video review on this new Discover D714U product. A lot of us prefer to watch video content over laboring over the written word.

So, if you’re one of those individuals, then make sure to watch my video.

You’ll not only be able to see this new headset, but you’ll have the added benefit of being able to actually hear how it sounds. You can then be the judge if this is a wired, earbud USB headset worth considering. I’ll insert the video below for easy access. 

To begin, what makes the new Discover D714U headset different from any other pair of earbuds you can get online or at your local retail store? Several things actually. Here are a few of them: 

USB Connectivity 

Browsing the aisles of your favorite electronics store, or clicking your way through many webpages of earbud headsets online won’t bring you to a solution that’s designed to plug into your computer via USB. Earbuds having USB connectivity, for some reason, have been overlooked by the many headset manufacturers. 

The Discover D714U changes that because it’s capable of connecting to computers via USB A, and with an optional adapter, USB C. 

USB Connection or 3.5mm, Comes With Both 

Headsets in general will typically give you a single connection choice, such as USB, 3.5mm, Bluetooth, DECT etc. The Discover D714U gives you both USB and 3.5mm. Here’s how that works: 

The D714U headset is wired with a 3.5mm plug on the end. That allows you to plug it into computers that have a 3.5mm jack. It can also be plugged into a tablet or mobile phone that has a 3.5mm port. 

The Discover D714U also comes with a USB cable with a controller on the end. On the end of the controller is a 3.5mm port where you can plug in the headset. This not only gives you a longer cable compared to the headset cable alone, but a connection to your computer via USB.

Though this doesn’t sound all that original or unique, it actually is. It’s a rarity to find an earbud style headset that’s capable of plugging into a computer via USB. 

When plugging into a computer directly through the 3.5mm cable, you’ll get about three feet of cord. When plugging into a computer using the included USB cable, that extends your cable length to approximately six feet. 

The Discover D714U Gives You 2 Microphone Choices 

Another unique feature of the Discover D714U is it has a removable microphone and boom. For those times where you’re on a Zoom call, Teams meeting, or RingCentral call for example, you’ll have a good quality microphone available for use. But for those times

when you’re kicking back and listening to some music, you won’t need the microphone. All that you need to do is unplug it from the body of the earbud. Once unplugged, you now have earbuds minus the external microphone. 

Though the microphone and boom assembly can be easily removed by simply unplugging it, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be left without a microphone. The Discover D714U also has a microphone built into the earpiece. This means that you have two sound options. One when you’re on business calls, and one when you’re not. 

The plug in microphone boom is bendable. Though this may seem fairly insignificant, it actually isn’t. Proper microphone placement is very important when it comes to obtaining optimum sound quality. If the microphone boom isn’t bendable, then the microphone may end up not aligning properly and as a result, you may end up sounding faint or unclear.

And, given the fact that all our heads are sized and shaped differently suggests that having an adjustable microphone is a help towards getting better sound. 


When you unplug the Discover D714U, you can do that by unplugging the USB connector, or the 3.5mm at the end of the headset cord. Rather than removing the headset, many people prefer to unplug instead. We’d suggest unplugging where the 3.5mm cable plugs into the inline controller.

This takes away the wear and tear from the USB port though you do have the option to unplug at either connection point. You can then leave your earbuds on, while you step away for a few minutes. Once you return, you simply, and easily plug back in. 

Single Ear, Double Ear, Your Choice 

The Discover D714U earbuds plug into both ears. Though it comes that way, you still have the option to remove one when you feel like it. There may be times when you want one ear open so you can hear what’s going on around you. Other times you might want to zone in on your work and not be distracted by sounds going on around you. With the D714U, you have the choice to wear both earbuds, or just one, whatever suits you. 

Sound Quality - How It Sounds 

I feel safe in saying that sound is subjective. What might sound great to one person, might not sound so great to another. We all have our opinion on what sounds good.

In my opinion, I think the Discover D714U sounds solid for an earbud style headset. I might even go so far as to say that it sounds pretty decent for any type of headset. Premium sound? I wouldn’t go that far, but decent and business acceptable for sure. 

I tested the D714U for microphone sound quality, but also against unwanted background noise. Specifically, your typical office noise like typing, talking etc. and of course, our signature blender test. Though running a blender three feet away on high doesn’t represent a typical real world working situation, it does challenge any microphone’s ability to eliminate distracting noise. 

How did the D714U do in my test? I’d say it performed well overall. It did well to pick up my voice, and it was clear. Personally, I’d have no hesitation in using it on a business call. 

Regarding removing the background office noise, I’d say it did better than what I expected. With the sounds being played in the background, my voice could be heard clearly, and little to no background noises were detectable. 

The Blender test was a little different though. The D714U did muffle the annoying blender sound for sure, but it didn’t eliminate it completely. Though I would have liked to hear more of that blender noise reduced, a lot of headsets that cost much more than the D714U performed the same on this blender test.

With that in mind, I feel the noise cancelling aspect of the D714U microphone was acceptable. 

If you’d like to hear how this headset sounds for yourself, make sure to check out my video so you can come to your own conclusion. 

Final Thoughts 

For anyone who prefers earbud style headphones, but needs a USB connection, the Discover D714U is a worthy consideration. 

You have versatile earbuds in the D714U. 

  • Plug in microphone - use it with, or without the plug in mic 
  • Noise canceling microphone to help remove unwanted noise 
  • Bendable microphone boom for optimizing sound 
  • USB connection 
  • 3.5mm connection
  • Inline controller for volume up, volume down, microphone mute, earspeakers mute 
  • Use the D714U as a single ear set, or double ear, your choice 
  • Comes with different sizes of ear gels for finding a comfortable fit 

If traditional headphones don’t appeal to you, but earbuds do, the Discover D714U is well worth your time to consider. Whether you’re doing your business on Zoom, Teams, Meet, RingCentral etc. the D714U will keep you connected and sounding great while giving you the wearing style you prefer. And, when you want to take a break from business, the D714U will keep you connected to your favorite entertainment.

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