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Because of CV19 you may have a Plantronics CS540 and find yourself working from home now and need the ability to use your exsting Plantronics CS540 on your computer.

Being that the Plantronics CS540 isn't Bluetooth and doesn't connect with your computer, there's a simple fix! 

You can purchase a USB wireless headset if you choose or you can get the accessory below which will connect your cs540 to a computer.

Discover D315 Adapter

Discover d315 adapter


How does the CS540 connect to a computer?

1. Included with your CS540 is a phone cord, plug this cord into the square box of the D315.

2. Plug the other end of the D315 adapter into your computer, wait for the drivers to download and you'll now be able to use your Plantronics CS540 on your computer.


Before your decision, consider this

The future of communications will be done on a number of devices like desk phones and computers. You can get the D315 adapter to go with your CS540. Or you may want to consider upgrading your headset with one like the Discover D904 that connects to both devices out of the box to keep you protected for your needs today and in the future.


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