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Logitech has become active recently in the business communication headset space. Recently, they introduced several headset models that included the Zone Wireless targeted for business professionals. 

Clearly Logitech is listening to what customers want, because it appears that their new products are being shaped around the wearing styles, and features most popular today. The most recent example is the newly released Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds which I’ll be reviewing today. 

logitech zone wired earbuds with purple background

But, before I get into this review, I wanted to let you know that I recorded a Youtube video where I review the Zone Wired Earbuds. In that video, I not only discuss the features, but I also do a microphone test so you can hear how it sounds including when unwanted background noise is present. 

So, if you’d rather watch the video instead of reading this blog, make sure to check it out. I’ll include it below for easy access. 

For everyone else, read along to find out more about the brand new Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds headset. 

To begin, the new Zone Wired Earbuds are designed for the business professional who doesn’t want to wear a bulky, traditional type headset.

Some of the issues with those include: 

  • Headaches. Headsets worn over the head can give some people migraine headaches. Nobody wants to grind out a work day fighting off an ever increasing headache. And, you don’t want to go home with one either. 
  • Instability. Over the ear style headsets, that are pretty common for business use, don’t always fit everyone. These can end up being unstable on the ear and always bordering on wanting to fall off, and in some cases, they do. Life throws enough at us without adding the challenge of trying to keep a headset on. 
  • Unfamiliarity. Another business headset wearing option is to wear it behind the neck. This wearing style is foreign to most people who are familiar with headsets.

By far, the most common styles are over the head, and on the ear, which makes the thought of wearing a neckband headset undesirable to many. To find one of these headsets you have to do some research as the choices aren’t plentiful. 

Earbud style headsets, on the other hand, are very well known, and familiar. Most of us at one time or another have used earbuds to listen to music on a portable device or mobile phone.

So, it makes a lot of sense to make this headset style available to those wanting that type of headset for business purposes. This is exactly what the Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds were designed for. 


The Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds are designed to be used with: 

  1. Computers 
  2. Mobile Devices 

Having the ability to connect to these devices isn’t anything new. In fact, pretty common by today’s standards. However, there are some things that make these earbuds versatile. For example, there are a few different connectors included in the box that allow you to connect to a variety of devices. 

The Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds are hardwired with a 3.5mm pin connector. This pin connector can be used with mobile phones and other devices that support a 3.5mm connection. There are also adapters available that allow these earbuds to connect to iPhones, and Android phones. 

The Zone Wired Earbuds come with an inline controller that has a USB C connector on one side, and a female 3.5mm port on the other. This allows the earbuds 3.5mm pin connector to attach to the inline controller for controlling: 

  • Microphone mute 
  • Answer/End of calls 
  • Pause/Play of media 
  • Volume up/Volume down 

If you use a computer that has USB A ports, the Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds also come with a USB C to USB A adapter. So, between the USB C, USB A and the 3.5mm pin connector, the Zone Wired Earbuds give you a lot of connection options. So if you need to connect to a Zoom, Teams, RingCentral, MAC, Chromebook, Android or iOS, the Zone Wired Earbuds have you covered.


A lot of people express concern over fitment when it comes to earbud style headsets. After all, if the device won’t stay in your ear, it’s not only a frustration, but not sensible as a wearing style. This is why Logitech includes four different sizes of silicone eargels so you can find the right size for you. 

Included are XS, S, M and L eargels. And, unlike traditional ear tips, these cover not only the tip on the end of the earbuds, but also cover a good portion of the inside area of the earbud itself. This allows the earbud to be more secure and not fall off like so many of the typical earbuds do when removing them. One less thing to get annoyed about. 


Using the Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds is super simple. Just take them out of the box, select the eargel size that’s right for you, and plug them in. When connecting to a computer, it will automatically be recognized with nothing additional required from you. 

It’s recommended that you download the Logitech Logi Tune Software. This will allow you to receive firmware updates so that your device is up to date at all times. Additionally, you will be able to make audio adjustments as well as sidetone adjustments so that your earbuds are set up and sounding the way you want. 

Earbuds magnetically attach 

One of the things I like about the Zone Wired Earbuds is that both earbuds magnetically attach to each other. On the surface this may sound gimmicky, but in a practical sense, it’s actually not. Earbuds are typically a mobile device. By this I mean it’s transported around a lot.

So, you’re either throwing them into your pocket, or placing them in a carry pouch. In either case, it’s nice to have a small footprint. The Zone Wired Earbuds attach to each other which makes them easier to stow, and lessens the chances of tangled cords. 


The microphones on the Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds are only found on the left earbud, rather than on both. The left side microphones consist of two MEMS noise canceling mics with Digital Signal Processing for a great sound. 

In my sound tests, which can be heard on my video, I found the voice quality to be surprisingly good and admittedly better than I expected. The sound was rich and

honestly didn’t sound like it was coming from earbuds, but from a much more expensive headset instead. 

Though Logitech says that the microphones are noise canceling, I found them to struggle a lot to not only reduce the different sounds I threw at it, which included people talking, dogs barking and of course a noisy blender, but to maintain good voice audio with the presence of that noise. I detected a fair amount of audio clipping as the microphones wrestled with the background noise. 

Is this noise canceling shortcoming a deal breaker for these earbuds? I’d say not. The positives far outweigh the negatives. 

In terms of the speakers, I personally found them lacking a bit. I would have liked more bass and just a better sound overall. Still, when you stop to consider that these are designed for business purposes, they’re certainly good enough for anyone wanting to listen to music while at work. 

drew pointing at coupon code

Price and warranty 

The Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds come with a 2-year warranty, and are priced at $99.00. 

Having a 2-year warranty puts these earbuds right in line with other business grade headsets. If the warranty was 90 days, or 1-year, that would suggest it’s more of a consumer product rather than one designed for business use. 

At $99.00, I’d say that this is a fair and reasonable price when you consider the different value points. To me, this headset carries a consumer type price with a business grade warranty. Not a bad combination when you think about it. 

Final thoughts 

All in all, I’d say that the new Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds represent a smashingly good value for the money. 

For a mere $99.00, you get: 

  • A full 2-year warranty 
  • Excellent voice audio 
  • Secure, comfortable fit via variable sizes of silicone eargels 
  • USB A, USB C, and 3.5mm connectivity 
  • Magnetic earbud attachment for easy storing and transporting
  • UC or Microsoft Teams versions available 
  • Device software download for customization 

Are the Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds perfect? Absolutely not. They could provide better audio for music, they could give microphones to both earbuds rather than just the left bud, they could do a better job at removing unwanted background noise, and the wires could be a smidge longer too.

But, when you take into account the other positives about these new earbuds, it’s hard not to come away with a sense that these are very solid earbuds that are reasonably priced and backed by a solid warranty and company. 


You might also be interested in checking out the Logitech Zone Wireless headset with Active Noise Cancellation. That review video can be seen below.

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