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Some might be reading this blog out of curiosity as to what sidetone is. Others might be reading to learn more about it, or to find out which headsets allow for activating, and/or adjusting the amount of sidetone a headset is capable of providing. 

5 Best Sidetone Headsets

If you’re still reading, then that tells me that you probably did well in High School. That, or you just like reading. In either case, let’s check out these 5 sidetone headsets to learn more about them. 

It makes sense to begin this blog by answering this question:

What is sidetone? 

Sidetone is particularly important for those who wear a headset that covers both ears. When both ears are covered, it’s hard to hear your voice making it difficult to know the correct volume to speak at. Sidetone is a feature that allows a person who’s wearing a headset to hear their voice so that they can speak at a normal volume level. 

Now that you have a sense of what sidetone is, it would be logical to be asking yourself this question: 

Why is sidetone important, and for whom? 

Sidetone is important for three types of people: 

  1. The person who is wearing the headset 
  2. The person the headset wearer is talking to 
  3. The people in the work environment of the person wearing the headset. 

For the person who’s wearing the headset, sidetone allows that person to speak in a normal tone, and at a normal volume. The absence of being able to hear your voice well forces you to raise

your voice volume in order to compensate for what you perceive as low volume. 

For the person on the other end of the phone call, sidetone allows the caller to speak normally, and not end up coming across with an abnormal volume and tone. In other words, have a normal sounding phone call. 

Last, but certainly not least, coworkers will appreciate this sidetone feature because they won’t have to hear you yelling unnecessarily into your headset. And, in the interest of helping to keep ambient office noise down, sidetone helps. 

Orosound Tilde Pro

    The Orosound brand is a newcomer to the headset space here in North America. It’s designed as well as manufactured in France. That alone makes it a bit unique as headsets across the board are most commonly manufactured in Asia. 

    Besides being designed and manufactured in France, the Tilde Pro has some unique features that helps to set it apart from others in this class.

    Tilde pro gif showing modular design

    • Modular design. The Tilde Pro allows you to exchange ear cushions that rest against the ear for those that fully encircle them, or vice versa. This versatility allows you to precisely match the appropriate ear cushions that are right for your specific needs. 
    • Removable Microphone boom. Staying with the idea of modularity, the Tilde Pro has a boom microphone that can be easily removed. When on business calls, the boom arm would typically be used. When using the Tilde Pro for more casual activities such as listening to music, podcasts, movies etc. The microphone can be easily removed and stowed away in the included carry pouch. The microphone takes but a moment to attach or remove because it fastens to the headset magnetically. Easy on, easy off. 

    In terms of the sidetone adjustment, simply download the Orosound Link application, and from there, you’ll have sidetone adjustment options available to you. Surprisingly, a lot of headsets don’t offer sidetone. We here at Headset Advisor are getting an increasing number of inquiries about it, which tells us this is a feature that’s on the minds of our customers. 

    One last thing about the Tilde Pro that’s handy is it can be used as a wired headset if the battery is being charged. Though this may sound common, it’s actually not. But I will say that it’s convenient especially if you have a dead battery, and in need of your headset. Something to consider when shopping for a new headset. 

    Jabra Evolve2 40 

      The Jabra Evolve2 40 is one of the new members of the Evolve headset family. Unlike the Tilde Pro noted above that’s a wireless Bluetooth headset, the Evolve2 40 is a wired USB model. 

      This wired USB headset connects to computers via USB C, or USB A which gives you some versatility in connectivity.

      Additionally, the Evolve2 40 comes in two variants

      The UC version for those who need a standard USB wired headset, and a Microsoft Teams version for access to features unique to the Teams platform. 

      In terms of sidetone, users of this headset will need to download the Jabra Direct software which gives you the ability to make instant adjustments to the level of sidetone for the headset. The download is quick, and accessing sidetone is easy and intuitive. 

      Jabra Evolve2 75 

        Like the Evolve2 40, the 75 model is part of the new generation of headsets from Jabra. I have to admit that the Evolve2 line is solid all the way around. Not only from the look of the products, but the features, sound quality and fair and reasonable pricing. Some might even say that Jabra knocked it out of the park with this new headset line. 

        Not only does the Evolve2 75 look great finished in that cool looking matt black, but it’s lightweight, comfortable and it sounds great too. And, if there’s untamed background noise, the Evolve2 75 can put it in its place as it does a wonderful job to eliminate unwanted background noise.

        The Evolve2 75 also features Active Noise Cancellation which helps to eliminate environmental room noise for the person wearing the headset. This allows that person to stay focused and not get distracted by the sounds going on in the background. 

        In order to access sidetone, and the subsequent adjustments to it, Evolve2 75 users need to download the Jabra Direct software. Once downloaded, it’s easy to navigate to sidetone and adjust it to your desired level. 

        Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC 

          This is one of my favorite Poly (formerly Plantronics) headsets. It has a very nice overall design and appearance, but besides that, it’s full of technology features. 

          Like the other headsets being discussed in this blog, the Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC wireless headset also enables you to access sidetone. This feature is available to you once you download the Poly Hub software.

          Within this application you have options for activating and adjusting sidetone. This is one of the many great features you’ll find on the Voyager Focus 2 UC. 

          This headset is designed for use with computers, tablets and mobile phones. It allows you to connect to a computer via USB A or USB C, and it comes in two variants; 

          • Voyager Focus 2 UC 
          • Voyager Focus 2 UC - Microsoft Teams version 

          One thing that you’ll notice right away when taking your first look at this headset is the unusual headband cushion. The Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC features a suspended headband cushion that moves which allows for a tailored, personalized fit. This is one of the features that helps to make this headset very comfortable and a pleasure to wear. 

          Discover D722U Wired USB Headset 

            Great features aren’t reserved for those brands that are most recognizable. Case in point is the Discover D722U wired USB headset. 

            This is a headset that can surprise you a bit with the many standard features it comes with. For example: 

            • Ear cushions that fully surround the ears, and are made from memory foam and unique cooling gel for helping to keep your ears from overheating when wearing the headset for long periods of time. 
            • Speaker built into the inline controller which you can turn on, or off. Not all computers have built-in speakers. This feature addresses that problem and solves it. 
            • Noise canceling microphone to help lower unwanted background noise. 
            • Inline controller has a built-in busy light to let others know you’re on a call. 
            • USB-A and USB-C connectors are both included 

            As for sidetone, the Discover D722U approaches this differently from the other headsets in this blog. Other headsets require that you download software in order to get access to the sidetone feature. The problem here is some organizations don’t allow employees to download software. 

            The Discover D722U allows you to access sidetone through the inline controller. No software download required. In order to use sidetone simply press and hold the mute button located on the inline controller for 5 seconds. That’s all you need to do. 

            So, for those who want sidetone, but aren’t able to download software, the Discover D722U is a great headset to consider. And, even better, the D722U is extremely affordable with a price well below $100.00. 

            There you have it, 5 headsets that provide sidetone. If you’d like to learn more about these models, contact us today or feel free to reference the videos on each model above. 

            Best headsets with sidetoneHeadset with sidetoneSidetoneWhat is sidetone

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