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My battery is no longer holding a charge

1. On the back of the charging base, there's a switch for narrowband and wideband. Change this setting to the opposite side for narrowband mode and see if that helps.

2. If you've had your headset 2+ years you'll want a replacement battery. Click here for the Plantronics C052 battery replacement guide.


I can't hear a dial tone in the headset

1. Make sure your headset is setup correct depending on the desk phone you're connecting with.

Plantronics C052 setup guide WITH headset port

Plantronics C052 setup guide WITHOUT headset port

2. On the bottom of your charging base there's an A-G switch. In 9 out of 10 cases, setting A is the correct setting. For Cisco phones connecting to the headset port you'll select setting D.


I can hear but can't be heard

  • Make sure you have your headset setup in the proper configuration (Follow either guide above based on your desk phone.
  • If you're heard but it's very faint, adjust your microphone on the bottom of the C052 charging base


I can only hear static

1. Move your charging base a few inches away from your desk phone.

2. Go through a full reset (Full reset guide for C052)


I have an echo in my C052 headset

Echo is highly common in a wireless headset and can be resolved with a few adjustments. 

1. On the bottom of your charging base set the A-G switch on A

2. Set the microphone and speaker switch to setting 2

3. Turn your desk phone volume down to 50-70% volume

4. If the echo is gone but now you need to hear louder, adjust your volume controls one at a time. On the bottom of the base set the speaker to 3, and click your headset up a couple levels and see if that's better. If not, contact us.


The sound is distorted

1. Turn your desk phone volume down to 50-70% (max volume will cause distortion)

2. Click the volume minus button on your headset 2-3 clicks

3. On the bottom of the charging base, set your mic and speaker volumes to setting 2 and see if that helps


I'm not able to answer/end calls away from the phone

Investing in a wireless headset you would think your C052 headset has this feature built in, but it doesn't because of all the different phones available. That being said, depending on the make/model of your phone will require a Lifter or EHS cable accessory to go with your C052 for this feature.

Contact us to verify the compatible accessory for your phone.


Callers can hear everything in my background

1. On the bottom of the charging base, turn your microphone down 1-2 levels and see if this helps

2. Bend the microphone boom so it's closer to the corner of your mouth

*If neither of these steps work, you may need an upgraded headset with a better noise canceling mic*


Plantronics CS520 manual

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