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Are you looking for the best wireless office phone headset?


Meet Discover D904


Discover D904 is one of the most comfortable wireless headsets as its convertible and can be worn over the ear or over-the-head. It's versatile as it can connect to your office phone and computers with DECT 6.0 wireless technology giving you 10x the wireless freedom as Bluetooth headsets. Top that off with UNLIMITED talk-time, so you always  have a headset and never have to worry about running out of battery life.


In this blog, we cover all the details, including a microphone sound test so you can hear the quality and noise-cancelling technology for yourself.


Let's get started!




Wearing style - Convertible

The Discover D904 wireless office phone headset includes 3 ear loops and 1 headband giving you the ability to find a fit that is comfortable for you.

Wireless office phone headset

The headband is adjustable as everyone has different size head. Finding that perfect fit is easy. The headband also has a soft leatherette ear cushion that makes the earpiece feel like a cloud resting on your ear.


Headset Weight - 0.9oz

wireless headset lightweight for all-day comfort

The headset's weight is surprisingly light as many of the headset options out there can weigh 10oz plus, meaning it's 90% lighter than some headset options.

Searching for a wireless office phone headset probably means you or your employees are quite a bit on the office phone.


On the phone a lot?


In my opinion, you MUST have a headset that is comfortable for all-day use. Since the D904 weighs less than an ounce, you'll find that when wearing the earpiece over-the-ear or over-the-head, it won't cause discomfort when wearing for a full 8-hour shift like other headsets on the market.


Earpiece Style - On Ear


When wearing the earpiece with the included ear loops, you'll notice that the speaker rests on top of the ear. The speaker does not go in the ear canal as apple earbuds do. Some customers tell us they prefer not to have something go inside the ear. The D904 will rest on top of the ear.


Sound Quality

Speaker Sound Quality - Good

The speaker size allows the headset's volume to be loud enough to hear callers clearly, even if there is some noise around you. Other models have better sound, but those headset's size and weight are up to 10 times more, leaving them not comfortable for a long time.

When listening to meetings, callers, or music, the sound quality is good enough to be enjoyable, but you'll be disappointed with the bass and range of sound if you are an audiophile. If you want the best audio quality for music, check out the Bose 700 UC here. However, most of us working professionals would rather have a headset comfortable for all-day use that still has a good sound, which the Discover D904 has.

Professional Noise Cancelling Microphone - Yes

Having your customer say something like...

Can you hear me now?


Please repeat what you said, I can't hear you.

Low microphone sound leads to both you and the caller being frustrated and increases stress on everyone. The simple fix is having a professional-grade noise cancelling microphone. The Discover D904 has a powerful microphone that allows your voice to be heard clearly, as pictured below.


Wireless office phone headset with noise-cancelling microphone

Wireless Office Phone Headset Microphone TEST

In the video below, we do a full noise cancelling microphone test to hear for yourself how well the sound quality is. We plugged the office phone headset directly into the computer and recorded the sound without modification.

Check it out in the video below.


Want even more noise cancelling?

We recently did an in-depth review of a software application that you can download onto your computer that uses artificial intelligence to remove most unwanted background noise for both your microphone and speaker.

View the video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/n6l431KSZt0

 Connectivity - Desk phone & Computer

Wireless office phone headset connects to office phone and computer

Office phone

If your office uses corded office phones, either VOIP or analog, from brands such as Yealink, Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, and more, this Discover D904 is 100% compatible with your office phone.

Included in the box is an RJ9 connector cable that plugs directly into the back of your office phone. Connecting the headset to the office phone gives you the ability to be entirely wireless for up to 300 feet away from the phone. 

Not using a headset can lead to what the great Shaq calls the taco neck syndrome.

Not using a wireless office headset can lead to taco neck syndrome


A simple cure is to buy a wireless office phone headset.

All jokes aside, adding a wireless headset to your office phone is a simple solution to be more productive, cause less strain on your neck, and reduce stress.


The Discover D904 connects to your office phone, but it also connects to your computer via USB. Many business communication software now runs directly through the computer requiring a headset even to use it.

How does it work?

Plug the USB cable into the computer.

Press the computer button on the charging base.

Take your Zoom meetings, business calls, or your music with you wirelessly up to 300 feet away with full professional sound.

Stuck on a Zoom meeting but need coffee?

No worries, you have the freedom to do so with the Discover D904.

Will it work on your software?

Yes, it will work with any of your software such as RingCentral, YouTube, Google Meet, Zoom, Jabber, BlueJeans, and any other software on your computer.


 Wireless Technology - DECT 6.0

The Discover D904 uses a highly efficient DECT 6.0 wireless chipset to give you a secure wireless range of up to 350 feet of wireless range.

What I like about DECT 6.0 is that it provides a wireless range of up to 10x that of most Bluetooth headsets, so you'll be able to roam around your house and office and not be trapped nearby your desk.

What is DECT 6.0? Check out the in-depth article we did here.


Battery life - UNLIMITED

Have you ever left your wireless headset on your desk without plugging it into the charger?


Sadly, that's happened to me more than on a few occasions. That happened to me just today, leaving me with only 1 hour of battery life when I started the day.

It leaves me to sit and wait hours before I can utilize my headset again.


With the Discover D904 it has a secondary battery in a slot on the charging base. So if that unfortunate situation happens, you can swap out the battery and never have a dead headset. 

Wireless office phone headset secondary battery


If you are a phone warrior and are on the phone for longer than 6+ hours straight, what you'll find is that your headset battery will die before the end of the day. With this wireless office headset, you'll never worry about your battery dying again!

 Technical Specs

For those that want to see all the technical details here's a breakdown of all the features of this headset.

 Headset Weight 0.9oz
Convertible Yes - Headband & 3 Ear loops
Earpiece type On-ear design (not in ear canal)
Sound quality Good
Noise cancelling microphone Yes 
Wireless Technology DECT 6.0
Connectivity Office phone (RJ9) & Computer (USB)
Battery life Unlimited (With 2 on board batteries)
Wireless range 350 feet
MSRP $279.99
Monthly rental price $15/mo


The Discover D904 is designed for working professionals. It has a slim charging base to take up the least amount of space on the desk while giving you the ability to connect to office phones and computers.

Wireless office headset close up

The earpiece is shaped to have a battery that can be swapped out and give you unlimited battery life while still maintaining a weight below one ounce to be comfortable for all-day use.

Physical Buttons

The headset has physical buttons around it to give you quick access to adjusting your headset.


  1. Volume +/- (Rotate the dial on the earpiece to increase/decrease volume)
  2. Mute (Press the volume dial inward to mute the microphone)
  3.  Power on/off

Charging base

  1. Office phone (Button to activate the office phone)
  2. Computer (Button to activate the computer)
  3. Microphone volume +/- (Make your voice louder or quieter to your callers)
  4. Compatibility switch (Allows the headset to be compatible with 99% of office phones)


Price - $279.99

The Discover D904 wireless office phone headset is one of the most affordable headsets that can connect to your phone and computers while giving you unlimited talk-time, all backed with a 3-year warranty.

What you get:

  • Professional quality sound with noise cancelling microphone
  • Connect to both your office phone and computer
  • Unlimited battery life (Both batteries included)
  • Convertible wearing styles (over-the-head or 3 over-the-ear loops)
  • Lightweight headset at less than an ounce for all-day comfort
  • Wireless freedom of up to 350feet at home or in the office
  • 3-year warranty for 3x the warranty and peace of mind compared to other brands

If needing a wireless office phone headset that is the best overall value and will last you for many years, this headset is a excellent choice as it is one of our most popular headsets.

    MSRP = $279.99

    What's nice is we offer this headset on a month-to-month no contract rental program where you can get it with an unlimited warranty for only $15/mo. you can learn by clicking here.

    Wireless office headset - Discover D904


    Who is this made for?

    The Discover D904 is made for working professionals working from home or who work in the office and need a headset that will be a workhorse. It is durable and lasts a long time and comfortable when you need to use a headset for long periods for calls, meetings, or music.


    Who is this NOT made for?

    1. Someone who wants the best audio quality for music.
    2. Someone who needs to connect to a mobile phone or take the headset with them on the go.
    3. Someone who wants to cover both ears for more concentration and focus.


    Where to buy it?

    We hope you have found this in-depth review and sound test to help your journey find your next headset. 

    We are a provider of all the leading headset manufacturers since 1994 and believe this is a great headset to consider purchasing. We even have it available as a month-to-month rental for only $15 per month. You can learn more by clicking here.

    D904Discover d904Wireless office headsetWireless office headset for pcWireless phone headset for officeWreless office phone headset

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    Need help finding the best headset for your situation?

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