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Yealink is fast becoming a brand that’s capturing a lot of attention in the business headset space. Though they’re one of the newest brands to enter the business headset market, it’s been getting noticed through their product sound quality, comfort and unique features. 

Yealink is now adding to their already popular line of wireless headsets. We’re pleased and excited to introduce the new Yealink BH72 Bluetooth wireless headsets. 

yealink bh72 black

Yealink’s first entry into the business headset market was with their WH6x DECT wireless headsets. models capable of operating with Yealink desk phones, and computers. The new BH72 line are Bluetooth models capable of being used with computers, and mobile devices. 

Just like their earlier models, the new BH72 has some things that help to make them unique when compared to other makes and models in the marketplace. In this blog, I’ll introduce you to some of these unique features, and talk about these new headsets overall.

I’ll then test the microphone to see how well it performs in terms of voice quality, and I’ll test the microphone further by exposing it to distracting background noises such as office noise, dogs barking, wind, and no sound test would be complete unless I subjected it to our signature blender test. 

But, before I begin with my Yealink BH72 review, I wanted to let you know that I recorded a Youtube review video that you might want to check out below. I know there are a lot of people who prefer to watch video content rather than reading content. 

Yealink BH72 wireless headset review + mic test

If you’re still reading, then join me as I dig into the details of this new Yealink BH72 Bluetooth wireless headset. 

Tech Specs

yealink bh72 tech specs

Two versions 

yealink bh72 black and grey

The new Yealink BH72 comes in two versions, and two colors.

  1. BH72 Lite doesn’t come with a charging stand 
  2. BH72 with charging stand 

Depending on your needs, you’re able to select either of these versions of the BH72. Some will find the charging stand very convenient in a couple of ways. First, it gives you a place to hang the headset.

Most of the time a headset will end up on the desktop, or in a desk drawer. Having it loosely placed makes it vulnerable to damage. The stand helps to keep the headset off the tabletop, and out of harm's way. 

The second thing that makes the headset stand useful is the top portion of the stand wirelessly recharges the headset. Simply place the earcup against the surface of the stand, and the headset will get recharged.

Even better, if your headset battery isn’t in need of recharging, you can hang the headset on the stand, and use the wireless charger in the base to recharge your mobile phone.

That’s a unique feature that you won’t see on any other brand of headset. And who wouldn’t benefit from a convenient way to recharge their mobile phone? I know I would. This feature is one example of how the new Yealink BH72 is a great product to give serious consideration. 

The BH72 Lite headset doesn’t come with a stand and charger. It does however share the same specifications as the model with the stand, with the exception of the wireless range. But I’ll talk about this a little later on. 

Lastly, these headsets are available in Black or light Gray. I know people do have preferences when it comes to color. Most business grade wireless headsets only come in darker shades of gray, or black. So, it’s nice to have a choice. 

Monster Battery 

The Yealink BH72 comes with a battery that’s rated to provide you with up to 40 hours of talk time. Depending on how much you talk during the day, you may very well not need to charge this headset all business week.

This is a big advantage when you compare it to DECT wireless headsets for example. DECT headsets are normally required to be recharged every night. If they’re not, you would probably find the battery fully discharged when coming to work the next day. The battery in the Yealink BH72 solves that problem. 

Light and Comfortable 

david wearing yealink bh72

The BH72 has nicely padded ear cushions that are wrapped in a soft leather like material. They rest softly against the ear and are perforated to allow sound to pass and to help keep air flow into the ear for better ventilation.

The headband is generously padded not only along the top of the band, but along the sides as well. Like the ear cushions, the headband is also wrapped in the same soft material. 

When you take into consideration the weight of the headset, at a light 6.6 ounces, along with the soft ear cushions, and padded, adjustable headband, you have the makings of an all day wearable headset. 

Wireless Range 

Let’s face it, anyone who uses a wireless headset wants as much wireless range as they can get. The more the better, really. 

The Yealink BH72 Lite provides a wireless talk range of up to 100 feet, and the model that comes with the charging stand provides even more at up to 150 feet. Either of these range estimates are quite good, and the 150 foot range is among the best. Many Bluetooth wireless headsets still provide up to 33 feet of wireless range. So, you can easily see that providing 100 - 150 feet of wireless talk range is much longer, and far better. 

USB Dongle/Adapter 

yealink bh72 usb adapter connecting to computer

The Yealink BH72 comes with a USB dongle which is often referred to as an adapter. This small device may seem somewhat insignificant, but in the bigger picture, it actually plays a key role. 

If you were given a choice between two identical headsets, one with a USB Adapter, and the other without, you would be smart to choose the one with it. These tiny devices allow for a better headset experience when connected to a computer.

Proprietary USB Adapters help to provide not only better audio quality, but a more stable connection and in many cases, longer wireless range. Connecting to a computer without one of these Adapters, can result in inconsistent sound quality, limited range and limitations on devices you can connect to. 

In my opinion, it was a good call for Yealink to release this new product with a USB Dongle/Adapter included. The Adapter arrives pre-paired to the headset, so all that’s required is to plug it into the USB port on the computer, and rest is done automatically. No complicated process to go through, no wasted time or motion either. Keeping things simple is always a good idea. 

Easy pairing to your mobile phone

pairing yealink bh72 to mobile phone


The buttons on the Yealink BH72 are located on the right side, and include:

  • Volume up 
  • Volume down 
  • Multi-Function (to answer/end calls, reject calls etc) 
  • Power 
  • Mute 

If you order the Microsoft Teams version, the Team's button is located on the left side. The Team’s button allows the application to launch automatically which makes it faster and more convenient. 

Sound Quality 

Sound quality is one of those things that most people find to be highly important. We all want to sound crystal clear and professional in any headset that we use, especially when conducting business. 

The challenging aspect for me to comment on sound quality is that it’s so subjective. People have preferences in what sounds good to them, and variations also exist in how, and how well people hear. In the end, what sounds good to you, might sound bad to someone else.

With that said, I tested the microphone on the BH72 for quality of voice, and I also tested it against some annoying, unwanted background noise. If you’d like to hear how this headset performed when faced with these different sound challenges, make sure to watch my video.

If the microphone test is your main interest, make sure to fast forward to the 6:23 point in the video here. That will take you directly to the microphone tests in the video. 

To me, I thought the audio quality of the BH72 was very good. The voice quality was clear, crisp and sounded very professional. And, when I put it up against the different background noise challenges, I thought it did a decent job to eliminate most of the sound.

I wouldn’t say it was as good as some of the Yealink headsets we tested in the past, but the sound quality overall was better than many we’ve tested in the past. Perhaps this is partially due to the use of Yealink’s patented Acoustic Shield Technology that’s designed to take noise cancellation to a higher level. 

Yealink has stated that an update is planned for February of 2022 that will further improve the microphone qualities. Given it already sounds good, I’ll be very interested to hear these improvements that will be available very shortly.

Download the App 

Yealink offers an app called Yealink USB Connect. Like many apps of this type, it allows you to not only perform firmware updates, but you can customize the audio settings as well as make other adjustments to tailor it to your personal preferences. 

Cool factor

The Yealink BH72 has a touch of that cool factor. What I mean by this is the retractable microphone boom that magically disappears by applying light pressure to the end of it, makes for a cool feature.

And, when the boom is retracted, it transforms what would otherwise be a business looking headset into one more identifiable as an entertainment model. So whether you need a headset for business, or one for listening to your favorite tunes, podcast, or movie, the Yealink BH72 has you covered. 

Though headsets in general come in darker colors such as dark shades of gray, or black, the BH72 in the light gray gives it a lighter, fresher look. That too, in my opinion, adds to the cool factor, especially when most models don’t give you that color option. 


As I mentioned early on in this blog, the Yealink BH72 comes in two configurations. Below are the prices for both. 

BH72 without the wireless charging base/stand 


BH72 with the wireless charging base/stand 


The warranty on both headsets is 2 years. In a headset of this type, designed for business, a 2-year warranty, to me, would be expected. Anything longer would be even better, and anything shorter than 2 years would be insufficient. 

Final thoughts 

Yealink is aggressively going after market share in the business headset space. It’s very clear based on their approach to this market segment. They’re releasing new products that contain features that are unique in business headsets, engineering technology into them that’s designed to deliver excellent sound, and then making them affordable. I think they might be onto something. And, the BH72 models fit this roadmap perfectly.


I like how they designed the microphone to easily slide out of sight into the ear cup. This makes it easy to have a boom microphone available when needed for Softphone or Zoom calls for example, but remove it from sight when listening to media. That’s a microphone magic act I’ve not seen before, and I’m a fan. But, there are other reasons besides this visual disappearing trick that has me liking this new headset. 

Headset Stand

Headset stands in general aren’t new. That idea has been around for a long time. But, a headset stand that doubles as a wireless charger, not only for the headset, but doubles as a wireless charger for your mobile phone is, well, just plain cool, not to mention useful. Bravo to Yealink for thinking outside the box on seeing something as simple as a headset stand, and transforming it into something more. 


Having a choice of colors is a nice touch, as is the attention to detail in comfort. The ear cushions are soft with a good amount of cushioning, and the padding on the top, and sides of the headband help to assure a comfortable wearing experience, even for long stretches of time. Comfort ranks right up there with sound quality, so it’s importance can’t be understated. 

Acoustic Shield

Speaking of sound quality, Yealink has this patented noise canceling feature called Acoustic Shield, which is designed to remove a high degree of unwanted background noise. In our past tests with Yealink headsets that contain this feature, it performed perhaps best of all headsets we’ve tested to date.

And, given that the new BH72 has this technology, it says that it will do a great job for you in eliminating that annoying noise going on around you. Combine this with the fact that further improvements and refinements are forthcoming says that a good sounding headset promises to be even better. What’s not to like about that? 

Last but not least, I’d say when you stop to consider all the different aspects of this new Yealink headset, you can’t help but be left with the feeling that you’re getting a lot of bang for the buck.

This headset is reasonably priced and the value is enhanced with the solid 2-year warranty. If a Bluetooth wireless headset is on your list for yourself, or for your team, this is one model that should be a serious consideration. 


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