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Yealink, most known for producing quality video and voice communication products, has recently introduced a line of office headsets to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Today, we’ll be reviewing one of these new models, the Yealink WH66 Dect, Bluetooth office wireless headset. 

We’ll cover some of the features of the WH66 and we’ll provide you with a microphone and wireless range test we did recently. In order to hear the sound of this wireless headset, and to see our range test, you’ll need to check out the video above.

I do recommend that you watch this video as it goes over the content you’ll read here in this blog, but it also provides you with a sound test and wireless range test, which are important points when considering a new office wireless headset. 

Without question, Plantronics, now Poly, has been, and remains the undisputed global leader for wired and wireless communication headsets. However, we’re seeing more products coming out from a variety of sources to meet the increased demand for hands free communication.

Much of this demand has been brought on by the Covid pandemic which abruptly saw people working from home. Many of these work from home warriors migrated to computer based Softphones and video conferencing as their go to daily communications platform.

Being that these applications require the use of a headset this only added fuel to a fire that was already lit prior to the pandemic. 

What is the Yealink WH66? 

The WH66 is a premium Dect and Bluetooth wireless headset that comes with two ear speakers and is packed with features.

Check out the full Yealink WH6x series here

What are the key features of the Yealink WH66? 

Built in headset stand. The WH66 allows you to dock the headset into the built in stand. This is a little different from most other wireless headsets that require the headset to be docked into the charging base station. This helps to get the headset up and out of the way, while giving it a modern look, and charges the battery at the same time. 

Touchscreen. The WH66 has a unique 4 inch touchscreen that’s intuitive and makes navigating simple and easy. The display is very adequate in size and it’s easy to read and understand. 

Speaker in base. The WH66 has a speaker in the base to alert you when an incoming call is detected. This speaker also allows you to use it as you would an ordinary speakerphone. You can make calls from the headset base, which is unique. 

Microphone. The microphone on the WH66 is in actuality two microphones. This is designed to deliver better sound quality not only how your voice is heard, but to help reduce more of that unwanted, distracting background noise. Everyone wants excellent sound quality and the WH66 does a great job in reducing that noise.

We did find the voice quality to be middle of the pack in spite of Yealink claiming HD audio. In our test, we weren’t able to hear HD audio. Was it good enough for a professional office environment? Yes. 

Microphone auto mute. The WH66 has a microphone that automatically mutes once the microphone boom has been raised at least 30 degrees. Though the boom can move up to 320 degrees, it only takes it moving 30 to activate the auto mute feature.

The microphone is turned back on once the boom goes beneath 30 degrees. This is a nice feature as it makes it quick and easy to mute the microphone for a quick side conversation. No trying to locate a small button that’s hard to find. Swing the boom arm up and you’re muted. 

Wireless range. The Yealink WH66 claims wireless range up to 525 feet. In our test, this headset performed well. Though we didn’t measure out the exact distance, we would estimate that it tracks pretty true to the stated wireless range claim. The industry standard for wireless range has been for a very long time, up to 350 feet.

Many of the models now emerging are touting ranges up to 525 feet. The WH66 performed well. You can see our test by viewing our video. The link is above in this blog.

Battery. The battery is rated to deliver up to 14 hours of talk time. This is longer than many on the market, so you should find ample battery to power you through a busy work day. The standby time on the WH66 is 125 hours with a recharge time of 2.5 hours. 

USB hub. The Yealink WH66 has a USB hub built into the charging base. This is convenient because so many things today use USB, and we can never have enough USB ports, right? This is another one of those features not commonly found on a wireless office headset. Nice touch Yealink. 

Comfort. The WH66 comes in weighing 4.4 ounces. For a double ear wireless headset, this is on the light side. Comfort starts with how heavy a device is, and this device is light which is good. Add to that, a soft cushioned headband, combined with ear cushions that are leather and doughnut shaped not only aides in the comfort, but the doughnut shaped cushions allow you to hear better.

All in all, we found the WH66 to be light, comfortable and certainly able to be worn all day without a problem. The ear speakers themselves didn’t quite rotate to a full 180 degrees, but enough to allow you to find the right fit. 

Warranty. 2-years. Most wireless headsets offer a 1-year warranty. That makes this warranty a bit more attractive when compared to other brands. Though you can find 2 and even 3 year warranties on office wireless headsets, like the Discover Adapt 30, for example, but the WH66 comes with a solid warranty. 

Options. The WH66 offers two useful options. The first is an external busy light. Though the headset has a busy light built into it, there is a configurable busy light that comes with a cord that’s approximately 7 feet in length. Once you go live on a call, the busy light turns red to alert those around you that you’re on a call and not to be disturbed. This external busy light is item number BLT 60. 

The other optional accessory that’s available is a wireless charger. This is a module that plugs into the side of the charging base and allows you to place a mobile phone into it for wireless charging. This accessory is item WHC60. 

Cost. The Yealink WH66 has a suggested price of $339.00 that puts it in line with other wireless headsets in the premium category. If you add the optional accessories (busy light and wireless charging plug in), you’re flirting with a $400 bill. Still, you’ll likely have this headset for many years, so breaking the price down to an annual cost, or even monthly, makes it affordable by most anyone’s budget. 

Any downside to the WH66? 

If the Yealink WH66 is on your short list, and you plan on using this tech rich wireless headset with a desk phone, be aware that there are limitations as to the telephone models it connects to. This is unlike most all other office wireless headsets that have the ability to connect to about 98% of all desk phones. 

Here’s a list of what desk phones the WH66 connects to according to Yealink as of this date: 

Yealink phone models: 

T4XS,T4XU, T5XW,T58, VP59, T48S, T56A, T55A 

Polycom phone models: 

VVX 350, VVX 350, VVX 310, VVX 410, VVX 401, VVX 501 

Snom phone model


On the other hand

If your intent is to use this Yealink wireless headset for computer applications with no need for a phone connection, then you should be good to go. 

Helpful resources

Yealink WH66 Product Sheet

Yealink WH6 Series Flyer

Overall impression 

Overall, we found the Yealink WH66 to be a modern, lightweight, technology rich office wireless headset well worth considering. Even though it doesn’t carry a more recognizable headset name like Plantronics or Jabra, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a

wireless headset that deserves to be on your short list. The WH66 has a robust battery that will give you hours of available talk time. Weighing in at 4.4 ounces makes it one of the lightest dual ear headsets on the market today. The 4 inch touch screen is modern, 

and a technological step up from other products you might compare it against. It slays background noise with reckless abandon, though the overall sound quality could be improved a bit.

The wireless talk range is on the upper reaches of comparable models making it more versatile when it comes to freedom of movement. The built in busy light is a nice touch and a useful feature as well with busy notifications being expandable through the optional external busy lamp accessory. 

All things considered, this is a wireless headset you should add to your list of headsets to consider. Look at the top 3 on your list carefully, then make your choice. In doing so, we do believe that you’ll be impressed with the Yealink WH66. 

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I hope you found this blog helpful in learning more about the new Yealink WH66 office wireless headset. You might want to consider subscribing to our Youtube channel because we’re adding videos daily. Informative and sometimes quirky, but always good content.

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