2 Step Plantronics CS50 and CS55 Pairing Guide (Video) | Headset Advisor

If you're hearing a triple beep tone when you try to turn on your Plantronics CS50 or CS55 wireless headset, follow this quick pairing process.

Step 1

Turn your Plantronics charging base around and press and hold the "+" "-" sign at the same time, until the red LED light starts flashing in the front of the charging base, then release. cs55 pairing

Step 2

Press straight down and hold the mute button on your Plantronics CS50 or CS55 earpiece, until a solid green LED light appears, then release. cs55 pairing-2

Step 3

When the red LED light goes solid and the green light disappears on your Plantronics earpiece, your headset is now synced! plantronics cs55 pairing

plantronics cs55 pairing

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