3 Step Plantronics CS70n Pairing Guide (Video) | Headset Advisor

If your Plantronics CS70n headset is giving you a triple beep tone and not turning on, follow this quick pairing process and your headset will be working like new again!

Step 1

Press and hold the "+" and "-" sign at the same time (located in the back of the charging base) until the red LED light starts flashing, then release.

Step 2

Press straight down and hold the "+" button on your CS70n earpiece until a solid orange LED light appears, then release. plantronics cs70n pairing

Step 3

When the red LED light goes solid and the orange LED light disappears, your Plantronics CS70n earpiece is now synced to the charging base. That's it! Your headset is now paired to the base and is ready to be used.
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