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With the various different Plantronics wireless office headsets, at some point there will come a time (about 2 years) where your battery needs to be replaced. Scroll down below and click the image that best describes which Plantronics wireless headset you have and follow your tailored battery replacement guide.
  1. Battery replacement guide for Plantronics C052, CS510, CS351n, CS361n, CS520, W710, W720 and WO2 headsets
  2. Battery replacement guide for Plantronics W740, W745, W440 and W445
  3. Battery replacement guide for Plantronics CS540 (C054)
  4. Battery replacement guide for Plantronics CS50 and CS55 headset
cs55 battery replacement c054 battery replacement w740 battery c052 battery replacement
C052 batteryC054 batteryCategory_setup guidesCs351n batteryCs361n batteryCs50 batteryCs510 batteryCs520 batteryCs55 batteryPlantronics c054 batteryPlantronics cs351n batteryPlantronics cs510 batteryPlantronics cs520 batteryPlantronics cs540 batteryPlantronics cs55 batteryPlantronics w7340 batterySavi w740 batteryW710 batteryW720 batteryW740 battery

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