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 Are you tired of NOISE distracting you?

This article is going to explain an app that will use AI (artificial intelligence) to remove background noise both from your microphone (what customers hear) and your speakers (what you hear). That's right you can eliminate dogs barking, babies crying, music, or loud noises so you can hear and be heard clearly on your phone calls and meetings!


Noise cancelling headphones are highly desired as many people understand that noise is the leading cause of distractions leading to being less productive or just causing more unnecessary frustration in your life.


So what is the best way to remove noise and improve your calls and meetings?


In the YouTube video above we do a live sound test of both noise cancelling headphones with and without AI as well as a regular microphone with and without AI so you can hear the difference for yourself.


Noise cancelling headphones are great because they help you stay focused on your work, allow you to listen to your music without hearing the noises around you however headphones can't remove noises from the callers your talking to such as babies crying in the background of a call your having with someone. Also the microphone on noise cancelling headphones usually only works just ok so that means whoever you are talking to will hear all the noise around you.


Now introducing noise cancelling Artificial Intelligence (AI)!


There is an application called Krisp you can download on your computer that filters both your microphone and speakers to be processed with AI to remove the unwanted background noise! 

You can download the app here and they even let you use it free for 160 minutes per week: Click here.

Imagine for a moment your talking to someone and you hear a screaming baby in the background it makes it very difficult to hear that person and it may cause you a headache.. Ok what if I told you with this app those loud noises were eliminated from what you hear? You would be able to hear the person and prevent a headache. Great right? Well that's what this app does, and it works.


Watch the video above as it does live sound tests for you to see for yourself!


This app works for your Windows or Mac computer simply download the program then select which microphone or speaker you want to start filtering out the background noises.


Then just choose if you want to remove the loud noises or not.


What you will find is that the loud noises will actually be removed from both what you hear and what other people hear from you.


What's great about this is that you can use it on any of your communication platforms such as RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Vonage, Etc. 


If you want to be more productive and less stressed you need to reduce background noise and I'd definitely recommend using a professional grade wireless headset so you are able to have the best sound possible but then you can add the Krisp AI application and have the best of both and truly remove a lot of distractions, improve performance, and reduce stress caused from noise.


Get your free trial of Krisp by clicking here.

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