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Poly Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth wireless headset is designed for working professional who use business communication software on their computers and mobile phones and need excellent audio quality.

In this blog we are going to provide a sound test to hear the sound quality and noise cancelling capabilities but we also will breakdown all of the different features of this headset like comfort, battery life, wireless range, and much more.



The Poly Voyager 8200 UC weighs in at 10oz which is about two times more than an iPhone 10. When wearing the headset though it feels comfortable as it has a good shape that it rests the weight on the top of your head with a cushion and not a ton of pressure on the side of your head where the speakers are.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth wireless headset with noise cancelling headphones

The design of the headset is meant for professionals who want excellent sound quality such as having loud volume, good range in audio including a good bass sound. It also has oversized ear cups so it fully encloses your ears to help block out even more ambient noise around you.

That being said, me personally, I don't find this headset comfortable for a full 8 hours of using them they end up causing discomfort and I find myself wanting to take them off after 3-4 hours of using them.

There is a cloth cushion at the top of the headband which helps to make it softer and more comfortable at the top of your head. The cloth material I wonder how long it will hold up as well as how easy it will be to keep clean but overall it has a nice feel and looks nice.

Poly 8200 UC Bluetooth wireless headset cloth headband image

These noise cancelling headphones have oversize ear cushions that fully cover your ears so it does a great job of blocking out ambient noise around you without putting pressure directly onto your ears.  

Poly 8200 Bluetooth wireless headset with large noise cancelling headphones


The noise cancelling headphone speakers rotate left and right as well the adjustable headband allows the headset to conform to many different shapes and sizes of heads. I found once putting it on my head it was easy to adjust it to fit properly the way I wanted it to.

Poly 8200 UC adjustable headband


Sound Quality

Noise Cancelling Microphone

The Poly 8200 UC headset has what we consider a boomless microphone which means that the microphones are built into the speakers kind of like noise cancelling headphones. Poly in general makes professional-grade products and always seem to do a great job with sound. We do a sound test with a noise-cancelling test on the video at the top of this blog fast forward to 8 minute mark for the sound test to hear for yourself.

If noise cancellation is a big concern then you should check out this video on a app you can get on your computer that uses artificial intelligence to remove unwanted noise for both your microphone and speakers. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/n6l431KSZt0


Stereo Audio Quality


The Poly 8200 UC is designed for working professional who want excellent sound quality. It has both ears covered and you get the full stereo sound as well the tone of the sound has a great range so you will get more highs and more bass sound out of these speakers.

Most headsets for professionals are lightweight and really lack in audio quality you usually get this lame bass sound that sounds like a paper milk carton deflating. You typically don't get a good rich deep bass and listening to music is just meh.

The Poly 8200 you definitely get that good rich bass and listening to music which sounds great! 


Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC)

The Poly 8200 UC noise cancelling headphones (headset) comes with the option to adjust 3 different levels of active noise cancelling. Slide the button for none, medium, or high levels of active noise cancelling. Typically this feature is for when you want to focus on your calls and if there is a lot of noise around you. If you are working in a coffee shop or at an airport you can turn the feature on and feel as if you were in a quite isolated room. 

Poly 8200 UC Bluetooth wireless headset with noise cancelling headphones with ANC

What is ANC (active noise cancelling)?

It is a feature on the headset that is using the microphone hardware built into the headset to electronically remove unwanted background noise. When you wear the headset and turn the ANC level to max you'll find that you feel like you're more isolated and can hear your music, phone calls, or just more silence.



The Poly Voyager 8200 UC is a Bluetooth wireless headset that comes included with a USB-A Dongle that connects to a computer. You can connect to both mobile phone vis Bluetooth and your computer through the USB dongle.

While both are connected you can take phone calls or listen to music on either device and switch back and forth.

When using the headset through the USB dongle you will have access to more optimized functionality for RingCentral, Cisco Jabber, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams and many more business communication devices.

You will need to download a software from Poly called the Plantronics HUB which will allow you to get advanced controls to be able to have features like answer and end phone calls directly from the headset.

Having a headset that is optimized is important because typically when a call comes in you would have to run back to your desk and press the button on the screen with a mouse. When it's optimized then you can just press a button on your headset so you can freely grab coffee or a snack and not miss a call.


Battery Life

The battery is rated up to 20 hours of continuous talk time which will give you the ability to use it all day long working or just for listening to music for as long as you need. It also has a one month standby time which means if you only use it occasionally likely your battery will still be ready to go if you don't use it or charge it regularly.



Wireless Range

With Bluetooth 5.0 Poly states a max range of 98 feet of wireless distance however, in most of my tests I was able to get about half of that range. Wireless range is always my biggest complaint when it comes to Bluetooth wireless headsets as there are many DECT 6.0 headsets that have up to 300 feet of wireless range.


If the distance is an issue for you but you still need your headset to connect to a computer, you may want to consider a DECT USB wireless headset such as the Poly 8220 UC headset here: https://youtu.be/Os_Vb05goxw




The Poly 8200 UC has been designed for working professionals that need good quality audio for their music and big ear cushions to help remove unwanted background noises to focus on calls and meetings.

Poly 8200 UC noise cancelling headphones

The headset has physical buttons on around it to provide different features.

  1. ANC switch (Adjust your active noise cancelling feature from none, mid, high levels)
  2. Volume +/-
  3. Mute
  4. Play/pause
  5.  Power on/off
  6. Bluetooth pairing



This 8200 UC noise cancelling headphone is priced as a high end headset because it provides great battery life, great sound quality with good bass and range, noise cancelling boomless microphone, and of course active noise cancelling feature.

MSRP = $379.95

This headset is comparable to other headsets in it's class such as the Bose 700 UC, Jabra Evolve 75, Sennheiser MB660.

What's nice is we offer this headset on a month-to-month no contract rental program where you can get it with an unlimited warranty for only $23.03/mo. you can learn by clicking here


Who is this made for?


The Poly 8200 UC is made for working professionals who want excellent sound quality to listen to music and other audio. Noises are one of the leading causes of distraction and stress so having a headset like the 8200 helps to really focus on your work, be more productive, and reduce stress levels.

This is for those that use computers and mobile phones for their business calls and meetings, this is not for those traditional VOIP desk phones (corded type).


Who is this NOT made for?

  1. Someone looking for the lowest price wireless headset.
  2. Someone who does not care about audio quality such as bass and depth of sound.
  3. Someone who still needs to hear what's going on around them.
  4. Someone who needs to connect to corded desk phones.
  5. Someone who needs longer wireless range.
  6. Someone who needs to wear their headset for a full day without many breaks.


Where to buy?

We hope you have found this in-depth review and sound test to be helpful in your journey to find your next headset. 

We are a provider of all the leading headset manufacturers and believe this is a great headset to consider purchasing we even have it available as a month-to-month rental for only $23.03 per month. You can learn more by clicking here.

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